Modeling and control of CPP's proprietary Mighty Dredge & Bypass Pump Technologies

Canada Pump & Power (CPP) is an Alberta specialized industrial marine company. CPP has a novel proprietary dredge propulsion method based on a set of winch-driven cables: the patented Autonomous Mighty Dredge. Control strategies to date have delivered adequate performance in some operating conditions; the goal is to have the dredge capable of performing to a slurry rate specification under automatic control in a wide range of operating conditions (variable deposits, density, obstacles).

Modelling the Dependence between Loss Frequency and Loss Rate

Lending to various companies and individuals is a core business of banks. This lending activity comes with credit risk, namely the risk that some borrowers default and fail to make required payments. Estimating credit risk accurately is important for banks’ risk management. In this project, we analyze and model the dependence between loss frequency and loss rate of defaulting customers. The reason for the dependence comes from the underlying economic cycle: in an economic downturn, losses occur both more frequently and more severely than in an economic boom.

The Leisure, Sport, And Recreation Labor Market In Alberta: History And Current Trends

The project looks to explore the trends and directions of the labor market in the recreation, sport, and leisure industry for the Province of Alberta. Within this 6-month project, a review of the current literature in the human resource area of the field will be undertaken along with look at the current and past trends of the labor market within the province.

Evaluating the effectiveness of a multimodal intensive episodic treatment centre for youth Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) victims: The Be Brave Ranch

Child sexual abuse (CSA) is an all too prevalent form of childhood trauma worldwide. Nearly 1 in 5 women and 1 in 10 men experience some form of abuse in their childhood. CSA has been linked to numerous long-term effects: PTSD, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, eating disorders, sexual dysfunction, suicidal ideation, and cognitive impairment. Growing awareness of the problem has led more individuals to seek professional treatment. At present, there is no gold-standard for CSA treatment, particularly in youth.

Brazing Metallurgies and Processes for Attaching Sintered Carbide Tiles

A two-year study on brazing technologies used for sintered tungsten carbide tiles is proposed to address the following technical objectives: 1) brazing metallurgy for sintered tungsten carbide and substrate high strength steel, 2) adherence mechanisms between different braze compositions and carbide tiles, 3) brazing parameters for optimized brazed joint performance, and 4) the mechanical stresses developed through the brazing process.

Process Development of Atomic Layer Deposition Cobalt and Ruthenium Metal Films

Next-generation integrated circuits require the innovation of new interconnect materials in order to maintain the performance improvements of Moore’s Law scaling. Cobalt (Co) and ruthenium (Ru) are two specific metals that are garnering strong interest for use in the filling of interconnects because of their better electrical performance and reliability at the extremely scaled dimensions required by sub-10 nm technology nodes.

Femme Fit-All

That’s why Jess is on a mission to develop first-of-its-kind active workwear for women, creating an innovative, fire-retardant fabric with stretch that will form the basis for her first clothing line, set to launch in spring 2020 under her textile and clothing start-up, Jess Black Inc. Her target audience is the growing number of women choosing to work in the trades, currently pegged at four percent according to Statistics Canada’s most recent Labour Force Survey, accounting for 34,800 women.

Une équipe de recherche en performance sportive repêche du talent international pour un lancement commercial

Un laboratoire de recherche à Edmonton tire parti du talent international afin d’aider à faire passer leurs solutions de haute technologie pour les sportifs du laboratoire au terrain de football. 

Sports performance research team drafts international talent for commercial kick-off

An Edmonton research lab is tapping into some international talent to help bring their high-tech solutions for athletes out of the lab and onto the football field. 

Shengjie Xiu, a 20-year-old undergraduate student from China, spent his summer working in professor Hossein Rouhani’s neuromuscular control and biomechanics laboratory at the University of Alberta. There, he’s been tasked with helping to develop a custom software application designed to pair to a set of augmented-reality (AR) goggles and biofeedback sensors that help athletes assess their performance.

Advancing Human Performance in the Canadian Football League

North American professional football players struggle with mental health challenges such as addiction and depression during and following their athletics careers. Despite the fact that these athletes value positive emotional, psychological, and social mental health, little is known about ways organisations can protect and promote these parts of athletes’ mental health. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to explore challenges and opportunities CFL players face to experiencing positive mental health during a professional season.