Methodology Research on Business Process Reengineering with a Neutral Information Model of ERPs

McCoy recognizes U of A’s capability in engineering informatics and has approached U of A to conduct a joint research program to investigate a methodology applicable to McCoy’s unique business practice nature for implementing a new enterprise resources planning system. The most challenging research aspect of novelty is the requirement of a neutral information model that is to be developed in support of the transition from the existing ERP to the future system with the minimum data reengineering effort.

Physical and Virtual Simulation and Learning Management System

By studying and modeling of current production process, a physical training assembly system is built in a small scale with the exact same process, tooling as the full scale one. Along with leaning management system constructed, which includes a set of multi-media training materials, new employees can get familiarized with the manufacturing process in a shorter frame compared to traditional training. Also, by implementing what-if analysis,  results from this physical simulation can be used to study and improve current full size production process.

A gut reaction that’s creating opportunities

Thanks to a Mitacs Accelerate partnership with industry, researchers have discovered how a type of dietary fat can provide relief for this disease, and create business opportunities for the treatment of other conditions.

John Miklavcic was working on his PhD at the university’s Alberta Institute for Human Nutrition when he began an Accelerate internship with Biolipids Inc. The goal was to look into whether gangliosides — special kinds of dietary fat that help prevent infection and regulate the immune system — could be used to treat IBD.

Protecting children and teenagers from cyberbullying

Although their filtering system is able to find malicious chat messages with high accuracy, Two Hat Security was interested in applying machine learning algorithms to automatically detect negative content. To help solve their research challenge, they turned to a Mitacs Accelerate internship with University of Alberta Computer Science PhD candidate Ken Dwyer.

Robots in the oil sands

“The system that BMI was using required a lot of manual intervention,” explained Stephen Dwyer, an engineering graduate student from the University of Alberta.

Dwyer and two fellow UAlberta graduate students, Jamie Yuen and Nicolas Olmedo, took up the research challenge through the Mitacs Accelerate program under the supervision of their supervisor, Dr. Mike Lipsett.  By the end of the internship, the team had a working alpha prototype.

Purple Martin Conservation in Central Alberta

Purple Martins, the largest species of swallow in North America, are mostly dependent on humans for nesting structures. Martin populations have been declining across the continent for the past 20 years. I am investigating ways to engage the public in martin conservation, through appropriate nest box provision and management, support for caretakers of these nest boxes, research on martin migration, the role of citizen scientists in martin research, and promoting a public festival for Purple Martins.

2015 Mitacs Undergraduate Award for Outstanding Innovation: Alberto Solis Serrano

Alberto Solis Serrano, from Mexico’s Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León is the recipient of the Mitacs Undergraduate Award for Outstanding Innovation for his research at the University of Alberta in summer 2015 under supervison of Professor Patricio Mendez in the Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering.

Watch Alberto's acceptance speech below.

Reduced-Complexity Radio Resource Management Algorithms for Heterogeneous MIMO Cellular Networks

Future broadband cellular systems will require very high throughput data transmission to satisfy ever increasing demands of mobile users for high speed multimedia services. Using innovative approaches to multiantenna transmission/reception and to cooperation of network nodes the achievable data rates can be greatly increased. Two significant obstacles to achieving very high data rates are interference and network latency. In this project, we shall attempt to reduce interference by introducing novel methods and algorithms to coordinate
transmissions from clusters of network nodes.

Mathematical Models of cell invasion types emerging from phenotypic and environmental heterogene

The building blocks of multicellular organisms such as humans are cells, vessels and protein fibers. Cell migrations are instrumental in the development and maintenance of multicellular organisms (such as wound healing). Aberrant cellular migrations are important in many
pathological conditions, for instance in cancer. The majority of cancer related deaths (80-90%) are caused by spread of cancer cells to distant organs. This is called metastasis.

Optimization Techniques for Automatic Assessment of Manually Drawn Diagrams in Educational Problem Sets

In STEM education, many problem sets require a student to answer a question with a drawing. For example, kinematic physics or statics/dynamics engineering problems often require the student to construct a free-body diagram as a necessary step in the solution. However, when such subjects are taught through online education (such as though a MOOC), most automatic assessment is only done through the constraints of multi-choice answers.