Development of a robust SPR system for the detection of growth factors in an insect-based expression platform

Growth factors are signaling molecules used in cell culture that provide cues to cells. They are one of the key inputs and main consumables in lab growth meat production. Because of this, they are the main driver of production costs. Future Fields is a Canadian biotechnology company that has developed a more cost-effective and scalable platform for producing key growth factors for lab grown meat production; however, analysis of growth factors produced in Future Fields’ system is costly and time consuming.

Automated Scanning Probe Fabrication for Atomic Scale Devices

With our increasing dependence on technology, the total energy consumption from electronic devices for computation is projected to surpass all other contributions. By creating atomic-scale devices at the fundamental limits in size and energy cost, we can reduce their overall energy consumption while increasing computational power. While proof of concept devices are already routinely created, a fully automated fabrication procedure is necessary to successfully merge this technology with current electronic manufacturing processes.

Towards improved fittings, better outcomes and increased cognitive capacity with bone conduction devices

It is well known that ‘better’ hearing aid fittings lead to ‘better’ outcomes. In recent years, ‘better’ hearing aid fittings, particularly in the bone conduction space, have benefitted from advancements in verification tools, for example the skull simulator and surface microphone. In turn, these verification tools have aided in the development of individualized prescription algorithms, namely Desired Sensation Level (DSL-BC).

Towards an Understanding of Best Practices in Goal Attainment Scaling Implementation and Feasibility

When a patient seeks treatment, it is crucial to involve them in the decision-making process. One way to do this is to have a scale/measure that allows for the patient's input on the goals that are most relevant to them. Goal attainment scaling is one measure that involves patients by including a collaborative goalsetting process between the physician and patient. However, this scale is rarely used in clinical practice settings as there are no published clear guidelines to apply the scale.

PATH: Program to Accelerate Technologies for Homecare – Edmonton site

The intern will undertake research to develop and provide a testing and optimization platform that will accelerate the availability of smart systems for home healthcare for seniors’ and for people with disabilities. The research will contribute to more successful outcomes and useful products from early-stage innovation activities that lead to social, public and private good benefits. The partner organization will benefit through access to novel application programming interfaces and homecare devices that will be developed by leading Canadian scientists, fellows and highly qualified students.

A Hybrid Photogrammetric/Tacheometric Device for Measuring Planar Building Facades

This project aims to produce a prototype low-cost device and accompanying software for taking many measurements of buildings quickly and easily. It is anticipated to have accuracy similar to an expensive surveying tool, but with less possibility of being thrown out of alignment in such a way that it will produce inaccurate measurements. It should also be a fraction of the cost. This device will help make it possible to manufacture energy-efficiency retrofits for buildings in a factory, meaning that they will be cheaper and have less impact on the building’s inhabitants.

Supercritical water gasification of bio-oils for synthetic jet fuel - Year two

Greenfield Global is currently developing a conversion process to produce jet fuel from renewable feedstocks. Collection and densification of different biomass waste materials and municipal waste at satellite facilities to produce bio-oils, which are then processed at a central facility, is expected. The first processing step at the central facility is supercritical water gasification and it is the focus of this project. The bio-oils are converted by supercritical water gasification to produce synthesis gas.

Dual-language development of minority speakers from face-to-face to remote delivery

The rapid shutting down of daycares and schools due to COVID-19 have left many new Canadian families isolated due to limited proficiency in English and small social networks. In regular school programs, teachers have expressed that reaching families who do not speak the language of schooling has been particularly challenging due to the language barrier. On the other hand, families have reported that being at home has strengthened their child's minority language, suggesting a silver lining to these difficult times.

Zipstall – On-line and Off-line Parking Availability Prediction

Searching for parking has many terrible impacts, such as wasted time, fuel, and emissions, overpaying for parking etc.

Autotaxin inhibition as a novel treatment to improve outcomes from chemotherapy and radiotherapy for cancer patients

We will investigate a new approach to improving the treatment of cancer patients. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy lose effectiveness and produce side-effects that are deleterious. For example, the development of scar tissue restricts the use of radiotherapy for several types of cancer. We will study a new type of drug, which will be supplied by our partner, that should decrease the formation of scar tissue after radiotherapy and also improve the effectiveness of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.