Towards a patient-centered eHealth system through the integration of cloud services into OpenEMR

Healthcare organizations in British Columbia currently lack an eHealth system as a network of multiple data sources to manage EMRs in meaningful ways. To support clinician decision in operational needs, this project will research the usability of a GUI as an EMR summary view in the Canadian healthcare context for both providers and patients and investigate integrate data from provincial EMRs information systems.

Supporting adaptive grizzly bear population management in British Columbia using dietary profiles

Stable isotope analysis is an important tool for identifying the primary foods present in wildlife diets. This project will use stable isotopes, collected from approximately 1000 hair samples, to develop dietary profiles of grizzly bears in British Columbia, Canada. The dietary profiles, representing the proportion of meat, fish, other marine fods, and vegetation in an individual bear’s diet, will be used to understand how the availability and quality of different foods, topography, climate and human pressures combine to influence bear diet throughout the province.

Further on the design and fabrication of a novel and passive hand tremor attenuator

Parkinson’s disease is most highly recognized by tremors of the hands that occur in those afflicted with the disease. Though the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease involving motor function begin with very slight tremors of the hands, they further develop into issues such as difficulty swallowing, severe postural problems and extremely limited mobility. In this proposal, a method of reducing these tremors that appear during the early stages of the disease is developed by creating a wearable passive device that reduces vibrations of the hand and arm through the use of magnetic actuators.

Assessing cumulative hydrological impacts from forest disturbance and climate change in Duteau Creek community watershed

There are growing concerns over the cumulative hydrological effects of forest disturbance on hydrology in the Duteau Creek community watershed. The objectives of this proposed study are: 1) to calibrate and validate the hydrological model SWAT; 2) to assess the cumulative hydrological effects of proposed forest harvesting under future climate change impacts; and 3) to evaluate possible hydrological impacts of spatial arrangements (or patterns) of forest disturbance or harvesting.

AI-powered Wearable Health Patch for Non-Invasive Respiratory Illness and Infection Symptom Detection

XCO is a local company that specializes in wearable devices designed to improve health and human performance. The influenza, COVID-19, and other respiratory illnesses such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease require a unique need for constant monitoring of patient symptoms temperature while reserving hospital space for critically ill patients. XCO will design and produce a wearable health patch capable of detecting changes in symptoms associated with respiratory illness and infection including oxygen saturation and temperature that can be monitored remotely by health care professionals.

Multi-Season Assessment of Indoor Microbiome and infectious agents to Manual Shading and Dynamic Glass in a Healthcare Environment

Humans innately understand the concept of comfort. Depending on where you are reading this, in a bright ventilated room with a nice view or a dark office without windows, what you are wearing and how stressful your day has been, you surely have an answer to the question, “Are you comfortable?”. Physical spaces can have meaningful effects on how we feel, how we interact with others, and how we perceive our experiences. Comfort in physical spaces encompasses different facets including thermal comfort, visual comfort, noise nuisance, as well as indoor air quality.

High-throughput linguistic content comparison and sentiment analysis

Scrawlr is a platform for unconstrained, global interaction with all internet content and users. Scrawlr allows for user evaluation and unconstrained classification of any Scrawlr-hosted or non-Scrawlr content. For non-Scrawlr content, this evaluation and classification allowance will be first at the URL level but will subsequently be provided at the individual content component level. Scrawlr will require the capacity to, in multiple languages, identify equivalent and similar content.

Towards development of a biodegradable polymer for use in single-use surgical gloves

The proposed university-industry research aims to develop a biodegradable polymer with a target application in personal protective equipment (PPE), aligned with the ongoing global research efforts towards Next Generation Plastics (NGPs). The new NGP is expected to fully degrade within 2-5 years when disposed in soil and exposed to a combination of water, UV and thermal-based biodegradation mechanisms.

Health Records over Blockchains - Year Two

It is hard to understate the critical role access to a patient's comprehensive medical history plays in diagnosing (and treating) patient illness. For a doctor, knowing the latest prescribed drugs of his patient might, for example, point directly to the cause of an illness -- which might be just a drug side effect. Yet patients often do not know the names of the drugs they take or even the dates of surgeries and other medical procedures.

A Health register covers the entire log of patient medical treatments, from surgeries through periodic health check-ups and other medical interventions.

Electronic Data Capture in the Care of Chronic Pain: Identifying Barriers and Improving Usability

Chronic pain is a widespread disorder, leading to devastating personal and financial costs for patients and the Canadian healthcare system. As such, there is a need to identify factors associated with improved pain care. Previous research suggests that, although limited in practice, the use of technology to electronically collect patient data may allow for more effective and complete patient care. The purpose of this project is to evaluate a newly developed electronic platform (i.e., Thrive Health) for the assessment of chronic pain.