A database management for developing an environmental management system for a mining project.

The economic benefits of mining can be offset by potential damages of environmental degradation and contamination if proper mitigation measures are not implemented. Prior to mining activities, there is a need to perform meticulous comprehensive environment risk assessment. The environment risk assessment is a process for organizing and analyzing data, assumptions and uncertainties to evaluate the probability of adverse ecological effects that may occur as a result of exposure to contaminants.

Understanding fundamental processes in Dielectric Barrier Discharge Devices used in air quality improvement.

Air Phaser is a proprietary product produced by Air Phaser Environmental and designed to oxidize and/or reduce air-borne pollutants that need to be transformed to environmentally benign forms. The Air Phaser uses electrical discharges to destroy and break down the VOC’s present in the contaminated air. Although, the technology is effective for many VOC’s, some classes of compounds, specifically aromatic species, are not degraded enough to completely eliminate odor or potential adverse health impacts.

Development of new analytical methods for Nutraceutical and Functional food industry

A series of rapid and cost effective analytical methods will be developed to enable routine screening of feedstock material and products.  These techniques include sampling with lasers so that the need for digestion with highly corrisive acids is effectively eliminated.  These techniques will have less waste and use less hazardous materials than traditional methods and this will reduce the environmental impact of critical analytical testing.   Developing these technologies will ensure that Natural Factors continues to be an industrial leader in quality assurance and control.  The new techno