Evaluating International Recruiters in the Context of Temporary Foreign Worker

Levels of temporary migration to Canada have increased steadily and continue to do so, because temporary foreign workers (TFWs) are seen as one solution to labour shortages in certain sectors. Private international labour brokers play an integral role in recruiting workers and facilitating TFW migration, and this project will examine the characteristics and role of these agencies operating in British Columbia.

Modeling a Wireless Network Emulator

As mobile users are becoming more demanding and mobile devices are becoming more advanced, end to‐end Quality of Service (QoS) and improvement of user experience becomes an important issue. Traffic management plays a major role in mobility management. Previously proposed solutions for mobility management generally do not address the variability of the wireless link which leads to less optimized and less efficient use of network resources.

Aerosol Transport in Rooms with Displacement Ventilation

Ventilation design can influence the transport of infectious aerosols in buildings as well as the energy consumption of the building. Displacement ventilation (DV) holds the promise of reducing aerosol transmission and energy consumption. Stantec, a provider of professional design and consulting services in planning, engineering, architecture, surveying, and project management, has already investigated DV in hospital rooms, but that work did not consider the transient nature of aerosol sources (coughs and sneezes), or the physics of transportation and transformation of moist aerosols.

Web Page Recommender System

The internship involves research into technology that can recommend web sites to a user. The user indicates web sites they like, and the recommender engine suggests pages with related content, or which people similar to the user liked. A recommender technology has been in development at Worio, a search engine company. What is proposed here are three machine learning projects that extend the recommender technology. First, learning a more sophisticated model of each user, by looking at all activity a user does, rather than just indicating preference.

Robust Efficient Estimation of Energy Use

Predicting hourly building energy use from environmental input variables can help to increase energy efficiency of buildings, and so contribute to global sustainability. Small Energy Group, a Vancouver-based energy management software company has been working on this challenging prediction problem. Small Energy Group has collected energy data on particular buildings so that the building owners and managers can identify ways to lower their energy consumption.

Animal Feed Quality at the Vancouver Aquarium – Optimization of Incoming Feed Quality and Maintenance of Feed Quality throughout Storage

The project will be focusing on the safety issues and quality control of the feed in Vancouver Aquarium. By applying a survey at the very beginning, a general knowledge of the whole handling chain procedure will be generated. The survey will be carried out by means of questionnaire, field investigation and sampling and will be concentrated on feed purchasing, receiving, handling, preparing through to feeding the animal.

New Business Development: Food Service Applications for Earthcycle Packaging

Market segmentation, research and analysis for a potentially significant new product line to be developed by Earthcycle Packaging. An opportunity exists to market and distribute compostable/biodegradable plates to certain food service segments such as airlines, hospitals and other institutions, and restaurants. The internship will focus on dissecting these markets to evaluate the business decision and establish metrics for competing products moving forward.

Measuring the Value of eHealth

Technology in today’s healthcare system. eHealth is the term used to describe this technology. The research performed will build a model to help determine the value of financial savings and customer service that can be attained by implementing eHealth within varying regions with varying degrees of existing information technology. The information for this model will come from existing financial data and by surveying users of the healthcare system, patients. This study will assist in deciding whether eHealth is a worth while investment in a particular region and if so, what its value is.

Development and Pharmacological Evaluation of Novel Oral Amphotericin B Formulations for the Treatment of Experimental Systemic Fungal Infections: Providing New Therapeutic Approach for an Unmet Medical Need in First and Third World Countries

Amphotericin B is the most effective, and frequently the only treatment available for a number of life-threatening diseases, including systemic fungal infections and visceral leishmaniasis. The drawbacks of today’s amphotericin B treatment are toxicity and the need to administer the drug intravenously in hospital settings. The need for intravenous administration is due to poor absorption of the drug following oral administration and greatly increases the costs of the therapy and complications associated with intravenous admnistration.

Comparison of Scalable Analytics Correlation and Classical Correlation in High-Frequency Finance

Measures of covariance and correlation between returns of different financial assets are of great interest in the finance industry. In the high-frequency domain, raw price data is filled with numerous bad data points to which traditional definitions of correlation by Pearson are very sensitive to these outliers, and thus should not be directly applied to raw high-frequency data. Robust measures of correlation less sensitive to outliers can be used to improve the performance of popular financial methods.