Application of Habitat Suitability Models in Boreal Forest Reclamation

Mining operations in the Oil Sands area can affect extensive areas of boreal forest. Those forested areas affected by mining are expected to be reclaimed by mining companies to reestablish their natural conditions after the exploitation ends. The long-term success of reclamation plans can be assessed with ecological models that simulate how different environmental factors affect tree growth and development, and how changes in forest structure through time will affect boreal wildlife.

Investigation of the role of macrophage and smooth muscle cell sub-phenotypes in human atherosclerosis

Providence Healthcare has established a reputation as one of the leading centres for cardiovascular research and treatment in Canada. Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals Canada is a major provider of pharmaceuticals used in cardiovascular treatment, and has an active research agenda aimed at improving the effectiveness of non]invasive diagnosis and treatment in this field. Pfizer and Providence Healthcare are collaborating on this research in order to develop more effective pharmacological treatments for atherosclerosis.

Left Ventricular Septal Pacing Through Trans-Ventricular Septal Approach - A Feasibility Study

It is well known in Cardiology that chronic right ventricular apex (RVA) pacing (using a pacemaker to regulate heart rhythm by pacing the lower chamber of the heart near the base) might be detrimental to heart function. Right Ventricular Apex (RVA) pacing is the most commonly used for patients. Alternate sites such as right ventricular (RV) pacing, including right ventricular septum and right ventricular outflow tract (RVOT), have not been shown to be definitely superior over RVA pacing.

CO2 sequestration potential of the igneous rocks found at the Turnagain Nickel Project, BC; The possibility of CO2 emission neutral mining?

Recent breakthroughs in carbon sequestration research have shown that mineral carbonation is a realistically feasible practice that may have the potential to sequester large amounts of CO2 in stable carbonate minerals. This research aims to generate sequestration potential (SP) values for the igneous rocks found at the Turnagain Nickel Prospect, northern BC. In order to achieve this, drill core at the site will be laboratory tested to generate SP values. These values will then be analyzed using a geological modeling software package to assess how these values behave geostatistically.

The Local Food Economy: Economics and Significant Gaps

Vancouver is a city that is rich in history and is recognized not only as a premiere city, it continually ranks among the worlds best. The city’s diverse breadth of employment, activities and people has vastly influenced the way food is grown, consumed and celebrated. Strategic infrastructure investment, one of the guiding principles championed by the Vancouver Economic Development Commission, has inspired the development of this study. It is crucial that the food industry maintains its integrity given the importance to other related industries in the Lower Mainland.

Southlands Development Pre-Feasibility Energy Study

This project involves the pre]feasibility assessment of a geothermal-based district heating system for the Southlands Development Project being conducted by Century Group in Tsawwassen, British Columbia.

Identifying and resolving issues when applying work system modeling on a large scale

The project involves applying a conceptual modeling method called R2M, Role and Request Modeling. The innovative method, and its supporting software (R2M]ST), was developed at the University of British Columbia. R2M assists business analysts to accurately capture organizational roles, interactions, services and IT resources as described by business process owners and abstract the information that can be used by decision makers. Although there has been significant industry interest, the method has not been tested in more complex small to medium sized enterprises (SME).

Building a Service Model for a Successful Adjustment of Refugee Youth

The internship intends to build a service model for a successful adjustment of refugee youth through a systematic multi-method evaluation of a demonstration project delivered by MOSAIC. A total of forty youth (in four groups) will be recruited to a three]month program from July 2009 to June 2010. This internship offers a third]party evidence]based opinion of the effectiveness of MOSAICfs demonstration project.

Optimization of Road Alignment Design

In the road construction process, a civil engineer commonly uses software to outline the horizontal and vertical road alignment on a topographical map. The software then calculates the amount of earth that needs to be excavated, or filled, at certain points of the alignment as well as pavement costs, land costs and other expenses. Softree, the partner company, provides such software. There is currently no commercial software that offers the user an automated optimization of the alignment based on the total cost.

Starworks (Developing Disability Association) New Market Potential

The intern will conduct literature review and database queries to locate new industries for Starworks (social enterprise of the Developmental Disabilities Association) to target marketing of their assembly services (tradeshow bag stuffing, test kit assembly, product re]labeling, etc). The intern will then conduct email and telephone surveys to measure willingness to pay and fit with Starworks abilities. Two industries will be selected and local firms selected for in]depth interviews to understand potential customer specific needs and barriers to use.