Clinical Assessement Tool of Surgical Procedure Effectiveness in Treating Urinary Incontinence

This research project aims to develop a clinical assessment tool that can aid physicians to predict or improve surgical procedure effectiveness for women who suffer from Urinary Incontinence (UI). UI is an epidemic disease that involves loss of bladder and urethral sphincter control to hold urine. It is mainly due to factors including aging, obesity, nervous failure, muscle relaxation due to childbirth or medications intake, pelvic floor muscle dysfunction, failing urethral sphincter and smoking.


This internship with AMSSA, an affiliation of agencies providing immigrant settlement and multicultural services to communities, will survey and analyze all types of services for immigrants already being offered by AMSSA’s member agencies across BC through their broad-ranging service funder relationships. Generally speaking, each BC immigrant-serving agency holds a small number of “core” BC Ministry of Attorney General Settlement and Adaptation Program service contracts which allow for a basic range of information and referral, volunteer matching and ESL services.

Risk Rating Enhancement for Vancity

Vancouver City Savings Credit Union (Vancity) and its subsidiary, Citizens Bank of Canada, is looking to improve its current commercial mortgage risk rating systems to better predict the default possibility of commercial mortgage loan customers. In this project, the intern will begin with familiarizing herself with the principles, processes and operation of the existing rating model and applications as well as understating the risk profile and loan performance data.

Platform Prototyping for Haptic Steering Research

In “shared control” of a machine, a user works cooperatively with an intelligent system to continuously direct or steer the machine’s operation. In this project with Spark Robotics Technology Inc., a provider of products and services for the defense and security industry, the research team will apply this concept to the problem of navigating or searching information streams.

Network Architecture for the Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking Array

Kintama Research Corporation is the developer of the Pacific Ocean Shelf Tracking (POST) acoustic tracking array, which monitors the continental shelf and major river systems in the west coast of North America. This array provides measurements on the marine movements and survival of Pacific salmon and other fish. Kintama is interested in the design of a network architecture to allow near real-time remote access to the underwater hydrophones sited on bridges or other fixed structures along the rivers.

Development of Oral Appliance Technology for the Treatment of Sleep Disordered Breathing in Children

The overall objective of this pilot study is to develop design, manufacturing and clinical protocols for the application of Klearway’s oral appliance therapy to a child population. By evaluating orthodontic records (questionnaires, x-rays and dental study models) together with blood oxygen levels before and after treatment, new applications for Klearway’s oral appliance use and new protocols in children may be defined. Five to ten children enrolled in the undergraduate orthodontic clinical program at the University of British Columbia will be recruited.

Development and evaluation of an integrated modeling approach for a risk analysis of alternative Oil Sands reclamation strategies

Considerable information has been acquired on soil dynamics in areas under oil sands reclamation and a variety of models have been developed that simulate moisture dynamics and ecosystem productivity. However, to date, nutrient and moisture dynamics have been considered largely in isolation; for models to be useful in reclamation, they need to be capable of representing how soil moisture influences nutrient cycling, how available moisture limits vegetation growth and how ecosystem development can change nutrient cycles and moisture dynamics.

Datapath Modeling of a Network Element

Zeugma Systems is currently developing the next generation wireline networking equipment which allows the telecommunication service providers to deliver multimedia services over bandwidth constrained infrastructure. The platform of this equipment contains various 3rd party, off-the-shelf, packet switching and processing devices. In this project, queuing models and network simulators will be used to analyze the system level behaviour of this platform. The simulation model includes various traffic management and scheduling algorithms.

The Health and Safety of Children Living in Marijuana Grow-Operations

Marijuana grow-operations are an increasing phenomenon in BC and of concern are the children who are found to be living in these dangerous and toxic environments. This study, in partnership with the BC Mental Health and Addictions Research Network and the BC Child and Youth Health Research Network as well as the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development, will build upon the intern’s extensive experience in the field of child protection and her decade-long commitment to working with these children to ensure their safety from the hazards that indoor marijuana grow-operations present.

Numerical Simulation of Fluid-Structure Interaction in Liquid Metals

General Fusion is currently working to develop a relatively small, low-cost fusion reactor; work has reached the proof-of-concept stage. The reactor consists of an enclosure filled with molten lead, spun about one axis to create a plasma-filled cavity. A mechanically-induced shock wave travels radially inwards, focusing as it propagates and collapses the plasma cavity. This collapse heats and pressurizes the plasma and initiates a fusion reaction that releases energy, re-expanding the cavity and causing another shock to propagate radially outwards through the lead.