Developing Secure and Resilient Data Analytics Platform for Reciprocating Compressors in Oil and Gas Industry

This research project aims to address the current cyber security shortcomings in the Oil and Gas (O&G) industry by proposing a comprehensive solution for secure and resilient condition monitoring in this sector. The objective is to integrate cybersecurity modules into the existing condition-monitoring tool developed by Cyber pattern Inc.. The proposed solution comprises two distinct pillars: a data analytics platform and a cyber defence mechanism.

Electrolyte Optimization for the ElectroKinetic Soil Treatment (EKST) Process

Soil contaminated with organic and inorganic contaminants represents the largest waste stream in Alberta’s landfills. Electro-Kinetic Solutions Inc. (EKS) has developed the Electrokinetic Soil Treatment (EKST) Process to cost-effectively decontaminate soils onsite, instead of disposing them in a landfill. This innovative technology, based on the proven physics of electrokinetics, is effective even for fine-grained soils which are difficult to decontaminate with other technologies.

Optimizing the Digital Conveyancing Software

Specialized legal technology aims to improve productivity by speeding up routine tasks. Unfortunately, current legal software suffers from unstable performance, steep learning curves, and a lack of user-friendliness. Innobridge challenges these issues with Smart Estate, a no-frills but smart application for legal conveyancing. This is the processing of property transactions, which requires the completion of many forms. Smart Estate automates these forms and communications, saving time and efforts for lawyers, while keeping costs low.

Plasma-assisted ammonia and value-added hydrocarbons productions from CH4 and N2

Ammonia is crucial for life as a primary element for fertilizer production and it is also a foundational feedstock for pharmaceuticals, dyes, and chemical synthesis. Ammonia has also emerged as an energy carrier and transportation fuel. Plasma-based reactors are potentially operated by renewable electricity sources (wind and solar), offering lightweight, flexible, straightforward on/off switch, and safety operations, which highlight them as promising candidates decentralized ammonia and hydrocarbon production plants.

AI Global Manager for AV-Over-IP Network

As digital communication and big data needs increase in a variety of different fields including education, healthcare, business, public areas, and mission-critical operations, organizations need more efficient and effective ways to distribute and display content. Audio-Visual (AV) over Internet Protocol (IP) provides an innovative solution to provide users with enhanced content in real-time.

Optimal location of charging station, charging duration, and location of the time-points of an electric bus route

This study is focusing on using real demand (number of passengers in each station) and historical weather data to find the best (optimal) location of charging station and their charging duration for a bus route that deploys battery electric buses. In addition, this study tries to find the best arrangement of using holding points for the bus stops to increase the reliability of the service of the battery electric buses.

Developing Salt Tolerance in Brassica napus (Canola)

World population is increasing exponentially and to feed this growing population is the biggest challenge for farmers and scientific community. It is estimated that 20% of world’s cultivable land is affected by salinity. In Canada alone about 10 million acres of Canadian prairies are affected by salinity. Among the previously characterized salt-tolerance genes, NHX1 and SOS1 are the best candidates which are capable of alleviating cellular toxicity against salinity.

Designing novel antimicrobial wound dressing for controlling wound infection

Most of chronic wounds have delayed healing process due to infection. Silver is the most common available method for controlling topical infection. While the microorganisms are getting resistance against silver. To address this concern, we developed novel antimicrobial composition which is effective than silver and available common antibiotics (ciprofloxacin and gentamicin).

Prioritizing the Rights and Dignities of Mental Health Service Users: Applying the Radical Doula Model as an Innovative Framework of Support in Mental Health

This research project examines the development of a Radical Mental Health Doula (RMHD) framework as a novel, grassroots approach to mental health care that transcends service siloes and allows for people who are experiencing mental illness to have their needs understood and their voices heard.

Evaluation of CO2 Storage Potential in the Deep Mannville Coals - Phase 2: Horizontal Well Simulation and Use of Subsurface Coal for CO2-containing Mixed Gas Component Separation

To support blue hydrogen economy processes that generate CO2 as a by-product, and greenhouse gas (GHG) sequestration studies in general, the injection and storage of CO2 into deep (~1500m), un-minable coal seams hosted in the Mannville Formation of Alberta will be studied. Using the successful proof-of-concept field injection pilot results from the first phase of research, application of horizontal wells to ‘scale up’ CO2 injection to commercial levels will be explored herein.