Storying Access: Reconciling the Effects of Betterment Discourses in Southern Ontario's Early 20th Century Domestic Science Education

Building on my recent archival research, my Mitacs project explores the ways early 20th century discourses of betterment and progress, such as eugenics, in southern Ontario were unevenly entwined within rural domestic science educational institutions and connected to cultural histories and legacies of colonialism that diminished and disappeared young women who did not fit the normative middle-class lives of white, able-bodied women who studied, taught, and led in the field of domestic science.

Driver behaviour in response to potential hazards in a simulated environment

Driver error is a contributing cause of most motor vehicle collisions. Consequently, accident rates are much higher in scenarios where safe transit requires increased reliance on driver ability and decision-making. Intersections, for example, are potential conflict zones, because unexpected hazards are common. For accident reconstructionists, like those at Kodsi Engineering, understanding hazard response enables comparison of ongoing assignments with typical driver behaviour.

Implementation of a Comprehensive Athlete Monitoring Program in Female and Male Varsity Ice Hockey Players

In order to improve athlete performance and maintain health, it is crucial to find a balance between training/competition demand, and the stress experienced by athletes. To improve performance, training and adaptation is necessary, but it is also crucial to consider how much training and competition an athlete can handle before it becomes harmful to their mental and physical health.

Integrated post-harvest wash systems for fruit and vegetable decontamination for reducing water usage and decrease emission of disinfectant byproducts in wastewater streams

The Canadian Food Guide has recommended an increase in fresh produce in the daily diet. Although the nutritional benefits of fresh produce are well established there are continuing food safety issues, high wastage and water consumption. To enhance safety and shelf-life it is common practice to pass produce through a post-harvest wash using chlorine as sanitizer. Chlorine is reactive and forms disinfection byproducts from constituents released from produce during washing. The byproducts are considered environmental pollutants but also has low antimicrobial activity.

Probiotics for Animal Health - neonatal and pre-weaned calf

This project aims to develop a novel collection of probiotics for animal health, specifically newborn and pre-weaned calves. Probiotics are a safe and sustainable way of ensuring the health of animals in the agricultural industry. The probiotics will be designed to decrease the morbidity and mortality rates in pre-weaned calves, and to increase the long-term health of the animal, which will directly affect production (both beef and dairy).

The effects of a step-wise exercise regime and dietary soluble fiber intake on behaviour and welfare, gut health, and metabolism in mid-distance training sled dogs

Regular exercise has also been associated with positive effects on the health and mood of dogs, although extreme exertion, such as that experienced by sporting dogs, can lead to activity-related injuries and a reduction in welfare. Sporting dogs commonly experience gastrointestinal upset, but trainers tend to not recognize the importance of dietary fiber to support gut health.

A new rapid method for clay, silt and sand-sized mineral particle size measurements of soils and soil products

Information on the proportions of clay, silt and sand-sized mineral particles in soils and in soil products used for construction is critical for understanding their physical and chemical properties and for their proper use and management. However, these soil mineral particles are usually glued together with inorganic cements (calcium carbonate, iron and aluminum oxides/hydroxides) and organic matter which can make measurements of the proportions of the individual mineral size separates using current methods problematic.

Engineering WD40 Domain-Mediated Protein-Protein Interactions in DNA Repair for Cancer Therapeutics

Current cancer therapies rely on toxic chemotherapeutic agents that lack the potency and selectivity of protein-based therapy. Consequently, new technologies to systematically target cancer signaling pathways at the protein level are urgently needed. Dr. Zhang has developed a platform that consistently and successfully produces quick and cost-effective protein-based therapies that are both highly-binding and specific to the disease target.

Evaluating Sustainable Governance for Non-Profit Organizations in Rural Canada

Non-profit organizations play an increasingly important role in rural regions. Yet, these organizations are chronically lacking in capacity, including being both understaffed and underfinanced, as well as having high turnover rates and loss of institutional memory as a result. This research project aims to explore how non-profit organizations and charities in rural communities deliver their mandate in light of these challenges, with a particular emphasis on human resources.

The Muskrat Hut

Also known as Wachusko weesti, the Muskrat Hut project aims to design a sustainable, locally sourced four-season prototype unit that comprises a composting toilet, shower/sauna, heat source, energy source (solar and wind), and a kitchen area.