Designing State of the Art Web Applications to Support Music Education

This project will examine the potential of interactive, digital online resources to assist teachers in introducing, increasing and/or improving music instruction in their classrooms, particularly if they are not music specialists. The research will focus on how such tools can promote student-centered, teacher-facilitated learning models, examining their capacity to meaningfully engage students, meet curricular objectives, and provide teachers with confidence-building training opportunities. The web-based software resources in question have been created by Whacky Wizards Music Inc.

Auditory Artificial Intelligence for Seniors in Care

The proposed Mitacs Elevate project is to develop and test a bedside artificial intelligence system for seniors in care. The goal of the project is to investigate the best uses for AI in assisted-living facilities and aging-at-home scenarios. Artificial intelligence technologies offer two life-changing solutions to a looming crisis in care: first, if carefully developed and designed, they can interact with seniors directly - leading them through daily activities and providing immediate real-time interaction until a human caregiver can help.

Examining the gig economy in the moving industry, building an application to match movers and those who want to move

After analyzing the moving market in Canada, which is worth more than one billion dollars, and noting that more than 15 % of Canadians move every year, the conclusion is that the rates in the moving industry are quite expensive. More specifically, professional moving companies charging exorbitant fees while most customers rely on independent movers from Facebook and Kijiji who do not always respond at a timely manner, let alone the reliability issue. The study has surveyed potential customers in the Calgary area who recently moved, paved the way for a good start of the study.

Evaluation of Upland Rice Production in Southern Alberta

This project involves first steps needed to begin growing rice under irrigation in southern Alberta. Trials will use Seed Film Cultivation (SFC) technology to suppress weeds, increase soil temperature, and reduce evaporative moisture losses. Rice grown with SFC will be compared to direct seeded plots and transplanted rice seedlings. Irrigation will be provided by an overhead pivot system or by sub-surface drip irrigation. Plant growth parameters and yield will be assessed, and this work will inform future research required to establish a rice production industry in Alberta.

The Interplay of Remote Sensing Research and Technology with the Archaeological Record

Archaeology is important in understanding our past cultural heritage. Traditionally, this is accomplished through the excavation of, and the analysis of artifacts discovered at archaeological sites. Excavation, however, is an inherently destructive process, as once a site is excavated, the original state is lost. This has negative impacts on both the cultural significance of the site and the ability to conduct future. It is beneficial to look for additional ways to study sites that are less destructive, and to preserve the archaeological site when possible.

Social media with a purpose: Leveraging blockchain technology to create a new form of political communication amongst youth

How we communicate socially has greatly advanced in the past 100 years, and yet how we communicate politically remains virtually stagnant. Young adults are frustrated with casting a ballot once every four years and are instead resorting to venting their political frustrations on social media. However, both political communication methods do not create desired political change. To empower citizens with a new form of political communication and address the problem of passive political participation amongst youth, Veras Technologies Inc.

Improving honey bee queen health as the basis of integrated colony health

The University of Lethbridge and the Alberta Beekeepers Commission are working together to improve the health of Alberta’s honey bees. Beekeepers in Alberta face high levels of colony winter loss, and they have also had difficulty accessing quality imported queens. ‘Poor queens’ are one of the most common reasons for winter loss cited by beekeepers. We will examine the linkages between queen health and colony success, and the factors that mediate these relationships. Specifically, the proposed project will examine methods of requeening and storing locally bred queens.

Using Social Network Analysis in Marketing

Customers usually get confused buying an item online. Therefore, they consult with their friends, use their past experience, and survey reviews from other customers.

Anti-inflammatory effect of psilocybin and psychedelic mushrooms

In this project, we will test the hypothesis that the reduction of inflammation in the gut will reduce symptoms of depression in rat model of depression. We will use extracts of various psychedelic mushrooms and individual active ingredients such as psilocybin to first test anti-inflammatory properties using cell culture and tissue models. Then, we will select best combination of extracts and single ingredients and deploy them in the model of depression. Down the road, such formulations may be developed as effective therapy of depression in human.

Advancement of biosensor technologies for use in healthcare/cancer research and detection

The detection of specific carbohydrates is critical for several processes including biofuel production, textile finishing, food production and human health. These carbohydrates play roles in human health including stem cell differentiation, genetic diseases, and viral infection (i.e., COVID-19). Presently, the largest barrier to understanding the role carbohydrates play in human health is the lack of suitable tools to study them. Biosensors are devices that are used to detect and quantify the concentration of biomolecules or microorganisms.