Overshoot Voltage Mitigation in the Long-Cable Fed Induction Motor Drives using Modular Multilevel Converters (MMCs)

A major part of the generated electrical energy in the power systems is consumed by the electric machines to support the required mechanical energy for the clients in various applications such as pumps, oil and gas, household, electric vehicles, etc. In large scales, higher efficiency, reliability, and life time of the employed electric machines in the network results in less burnt fossil fuel in the generation stations. Accordingly, a lower amount of carbon dioxide emission is predicted in this case and less health problems related to the greenhouse gases emissions are expected.

Inclusionary Zoning as a Municipal Tool to Support Affordable Housing in Winnipeg

In 2011, 21% of Winnipeg residents (or 61,790 households) were living in unaffordable housing, as defined by Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC). Inclusionary Zoning (IZ) is a tool available to municipalities to respond to this issue by ensuring all new residential development includes a certain percentage affordable housing. Inclusionary Zoning is used successfully across the United States, Europe, and Australia to create affordable housing, but implemented differently by each city to respond to local need.

Evaluation of Alternative Battery Technologies for Adoption in Manitoba Hydro Substations

This project will investigate the applicability and merits of battery chemistries for use in a utility substation, where longevity, reliability, and security are prime considerations. The project aims to characterize the process of battery aging when batteries are used under representative utility substation loading profiles in order to determine how fast the batteries will age and what signatures may be used to determine how close the batteries are to the end of their life so that pro-active maintenance work may be initiated.

NMR analysis of the enzymatically produced propylene glycol mono- and di- esters of canola oil

Emulsifiers as multifunctional additives can develop low-caloric, high-quality foods. Beside the monoacylglycerols (MAGs), or mixtures with diacylglycerols (DAGs), propylene glycol (1,2-propanediol) esters (PGEs) are the commonly used emulsifiers in the food industry. Emulsifiers are currently produced using costly and environmentally unfriendly “enzyme in solvent” systems and also have some shortcomings in certain food applications.

Improvement of Operation Efficiency in WRHA Hemodialysis Units Using Simulation Modeling

Hemodialysis (HD) Units are the ambulatory care clinic for patients with the chronic kidney disease. There are 136 beds/chairs for over 400 patients per day at 3 HD facilities in Winnipeg. Inefficient workflows were identified from the previous study. This research will search solutions using methods of the system modeling and simulation to identify areas of improvement for the renal program workflows. Simulation modeling will be used as a cost-effective tool to examine HD operations, identify barriers to workflows, and test alternative solutions.

Development of a Co-Simulation Platform for Electrical Systems

The proposed research aims to develop better computer simulation tools for the study of large electrical power systems. The premise of the research is based upon the concept of co-simulation, wherein two specialized computer simulation tools, each with unique features and strengths, are used in conjunction to solve a large electrical system. In the particular case of the proposed research work, this will be achieved using an interface between an electromagnetic transient (EMT) simulator and a dynamic-phasor (DP) simulator.

Development of novel crop protection technologies using Canadian microbes

Development of new and improved plant biotimulants through the combination of soil-borne bacteria like Pseudomonas chlororaphis PA23 should provide new opportunities for crop improvement in the Canadian Agri-Food market. The proposed MITACS Accelerate project will support collaborative research and develop synergies between industry and scientists at the University of Manitoba to investigate the effect an an established plant growth promoting bacteria, PA23, in the presence and absence of one of Stoller Enterprises most well-known biostimulant product, BioForge.

Investigation of the microbial harbouring quality of stainless and galvanized steel, fibreglass and plastic drains and various drain designs in a food or beverage processing environment

Wastewater drains and drainage systems have been identified as a potential source of microbial contamination in animal, food and beverage processing facilities, which potentially lead to contamination of product and negative downstream public health and economic consequences. Of particular concern are well-known food borne pathogens Listeria monocytogenes and Salmonella, which form biofilms on surfaces that allow the organisms to be more resistant to washing and antimicrobials.

Determination of optimal conditions for the large-scale production of astaxanthin in algae

Astaxanthin is a high-value natural product that is produced by a number of strains of algae. Astaxanthin and related carotenoids such as leutein and zeaxanthin, all derived from beta-carotene, have been demonstrated to have positive health benefits when taken as a dietary supplement. The Myera Group, a Manitoba biotechnology start-up company, has as a primary goal the production of astaxanthin for the commercial market.

Wide Area Measurement Based Robust Damping Controllers for Power Systems with Embedded Power Electronic Devices - Year two

This research will investigate Wide Area Measurement based controllers for improving stability in systems with HVDC and FACTS devices embedded in AC networks. The approach will extend the candidate’s Ph.D. research which introduced a new method that is always able to guarantee improved damping of all modes in the face wide changes in the network. The approach will lead to controller designs which are robust against configuration or operating point changes, or communication loss.