3D Model-Integrated Automatic Change Detection

Earth is being imaged continuously using high-resolution (pixel-size

High Performance Clustered Secure Storage Solution

45 Drives—a Nova Scotia based company—offers a high-density, low-cost data storage solution called the Storinator. While this product has been very successful, clients have indicated they would like a clustered solution which offers similar performance and redundancy, without sacrificing security or drastically increasing the cost. Researchers at the University of New Brunswick have been identified as a good fit for creating a clustered software-architecture in tandem with 45 Drives’ hardware-architecture.

Phenotypic characterization of Martha cultivar and development of molecular markers for selection

The partner organizations (1812 Hemp) is a traditional hemp breeding company, looking to create high-CBD cultivars for industrial use. The organization is currently growing 3 varieties and looking to develop additional varieties for production in North America. However, the conventional breeding method requires numerous generation of crossings to fix the desired trait in the population. Furthermore, the open pollination and dioecious nature of hemp makes breeding cumbersome. As a result, developed hemp varieties are still heterogeneous.

Machine Learning for Breath-Based Cancer Diagnosis

Non-invasive breath analysis has substantial potential for monitoring of a wide range of medical conditions and observation of overall health status. Breath testing is easy and painless; it can be done quickly and inexpensively, and can be repeated as often as needed, making it an attractive approach for screening or clinical diagnosis. In this work, we aim to leverage machine-learning principles to improve and validate the performance of a novel breath-based cancer screening tool.

Understanding the contribution of ??-tetrahydrocanabinol and cannabidiol isomers and related compounds to the therapeutic effects and safety of cannabinoids using zebrafish larvae

Most of the medicines available today are either purified from plants or derived from compounds produced by plants. The Cannabis (marijuana) plant in particular produces an enormous variety of molecules that have valuable pharmaceutical potential – in addition to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary psychoactive molecule in the pant, the cannabis plant produces dozens of other molecules with poorly understood effects on animal cells.

Forestry Cloud App Project

Digital imaging has become a leading feature in cell phones, security camera and satellite images. In addition to a race for picture clarity, the opportunities for data analysis and artificial intelligence (AI) are among the key elements attracting attention. The emergence of image enhancement and AI is relatively new, although it has a number of players taking differing perspectives and positioning.

Developing Intelligent Strategies for Factories of the Future - New approaches for high performance control, modelling, and inspection

This project encompasses various sub-projects aimed at developing enhanced approaches that will facilitate higher performing machines, geared towards enabling the concept of factories of the future (FOF). While this concept is established, research on new approaches that facilitate FOF are still early.

Succeed and Stay

The Greater Saint John area struggles. Too many people are leaving, not enough people are moving in. If this continues, governments will have great trouble. It will be hard to pay for road repairs, keeping schools open and so on. Likewise, employers already struggle to find people for the positions that do open up. Locals either cannot or will not take the several hundred jobs that do exist. The region does attract some immigrants from outside Canada, but only about 25 out of 100 decide to stay here.

Spatial and temporal trends in nesting habitat use and availability for cavity nesting waterfowl in the lower Saint John River floodplain

Cavity-nesting ducks, including the wood duck, common goldeneye, and hooded merganser, are of interest in wildlife management programs due to their value to hunters and conservation groups. The lower Saint John River floodplain (New Brunswick, Canada) is a major breeding region for these species in Atlantic Canada that has experienced significant changes in recent decades. These ducks depend on natural cavities that form in trees to nest, but they will also use nest boxes when available.

Atlantic Salmon (Salmo salar) embryo development and population assessment in the Tobique River Basin: potential for impacts from industry activities

Atlantic Salmon populations are steadily declining in the Saint John River system, with environmental, physical, and biological factors likely acting cumulatively. The Tobique River catchment is a major spawning area for Atlantic Salmon in northwestern NB and features industrial land-use practices adjacent to rivers, including glyphosate-based herbicide spraying from silviculture operations and linear power-corridor maintenance.