An Evaluation of Enrollment and Recruitment Practices of a Group Counseling Program

This research will evaluate the group programming offered by the non-profit counseling service, Gentle Path, which provides professional mental health services to everyone regardless of their financial means. The proposed study will involve recruiting participants from the organization and asking them about their reasons for expressing interest in counseling but not enrolling in it. The results of the study will inform recruitment processes and help identify barriers to accessing counseling services.

Demand Forecasting in Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transport Services (STS) project is a community-focused initiative aimed at providing an alternative means of road transportation that is environmentally and economically friendly across Atlantic Canada. The project is aimed at reducing the carbon footprints in our operating community, while providing affordable taxis services to students, newcomers, and other residents.

Biopolymer-integrated pultruded glass fiber-reinforced (FRP) composite materials for shoreline protection

As part of a larger proposal, the proposed research project aims to develop biopolymer-integrated, environmentally-resilient thermoplastic glass fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials with the goal to protect Atlantic shoreline from soil erosion due to accelerated climate change events.

Preserving Privacy at Edge Devices

The aim of this project is to develop an application that can proactively protect users from identity theft and create awareness around safe digital practices. For this, we will be developing novel ways of extracting utility out of data and helping users to maintain a least-risk profile score. Most of the computations will be done on edge devices and computations will be prioritized based on value extractions. This research will help to bridge the gap between the accuracy and efficiency of the models to preserve privacy.

Vibration Monitoring of the Mactaquac Dam

Mactaquac Generating Station, the largest hydroelectric power plant in the Maritime provinces, is located near the capital city of Fredericton, on the Saint John River. In the mid-1970s, concrete structures at Mactaquac began to show signs of distress due to Alkali-silica reaction (ASR), resulting in cracks and leakage. The goal of this research project is to develop a continuous ambient vibration monitoring and damage detection system for the intake structure of the Mactaquac dam.

Enhancing athletic performance through AI

Injuries and bad habits can derail an athlete’s career and quality of life. Pascal McCarthy learned this first-hand when his professional volleyball career was cut short due to recurring injuries. That’s when he saw the gaps in the medical system when it comes to treating sports injuries, including concussions, and decided to do something about it. 

Continued population assessment of Atlantic sturgeon (Acipenser oxyrhynchus oxyrhynchus) in the Restigouche River estuary, New Brunswick

There are Atlantic sturgeon in the Restigouche River estuary. This species is millions of years old and it is still found in our waters today. Fishers have reported their sightings every year in the last decade. Unfortunately, this species is now considered to be a species at risk of extinction. Because their numbers are so low, we do not see them that often in the area and therefore do not know a lot about them. Our project aims to answer community members’ questions about these fish in the area, such as “what can we do to help them?”.

Validating the Positive Workplace Framework to strengthen mental fitness, resiliency, and positive leadership practices

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to address workplace wellness. The Positive Workplace Framework (PWF) is used in many workplace settings to improve well-being, engagement, and productivity. This study will address the French version of the PWF and its two questionnaires, the Mental Fitness and Resiliency Inventory (MFRI) and the Positive Leadership Inventory (PLI). The PWF’s theoretical foundations validated, the psychometric properties of both questionnaires will be described, and the important role leadership competencies play in a workplace will be demonstrated.

Testing Bearing Capacity of Precast Hollow Core Slabs at Load Bearing Wall – Slab Joint

Precast concrete is used in many types of structures including those serving commercial, multi-unit residential, and industrial uses. Hollow core prestressed slabs (or planks) are one type of precast concrete that is used primarily for flooring systems. These planks have advantages of being able to span long distances while being relatively thin and light when compared with cast in place concrete solutions while being economically advantageous to manufactures and builders due to their ease of production.

Sub-habitat use by fish in restoring and established salt marshes in mega- and microtidal regimes

Salt marshes are coastal wetlands that provide many ecosystem services. Many fish species are known to use salt marshes as habitat at some point throughout their lives including those that hold commercial and recreational value. Depending on their location, salt marshes may experience varying degrees of tidal flooding, not only making more areas of the marsh accessible to fish but resulting in excess particulate and dissolved organic matter being drawn out with the ebbing tide.