Improving Throughput of the LZ77 Compression and AES Algorithms Decryption

SPIELO is a Moncton, NB-based company which designs, manufactures and distributes high-tech gaming products. The intern’s project will focus on analyzing the LZ77 compression algorithm and the AES encryption algorithm from a mathematical standpoint in order to identify any potential performance bottlenecks. This analysis will enable changes to be made to existing implementations of AES and LZ77 in order to increase their real-world performance.

Separation Methods for Carbon Nanotubes and Amorphous Carbon

This internship project has been initiated to support an emerging technology for hydrogen production that is being developed by Atlantic Hydrogen, a Fredericton, NB-based company conducting research into a technology to produce hydrogen from natural gas without the generation of greenhouse gases. This emerging technology produces nanoscale carbon as a mixture of carbon nanotubes, Fullerenes and amorphous carbon. This research will develop methods to separate the highly valuable nanotubes and Fullerenes from the amorphous carbon.

Evaluating Forest Machine Operator Musculoskeletal Health

The intern will conduct a detailed cross-sectional study of ergonomic issues impacting operators of typical tree-harvesting machines used in Atlantic Canada. Operators from forest products companies will be recruited for this study. Data will be collected from structured interviews, field testing and simulated forest machine tasks.

Modelling of Hydrogen Storage Materials

This research involves the study and development of materials that can store large amounts of hydrogen for use as a fuel in the impending “Hydrogen Economy”. This project will establish a modelling program that will dovetail with, and augment, the company’s experimental work. Calculations will be carried out on a wide range of potential hydrogen storage systems and only the most promising of these will continue to the experimental stage.

The Role of Stream Fertilization in the Recovery of Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon Populations

This study will gather baseline information on limiting nutrients, current productivity levels and food web structure in two study systems within Fundy National Park as well as other comparative sites within the province, with the intention of applying this knowledge in a follow up study wherein nutrients are added to the stream. This, in turn, will show that fish productivity (i.e.

Modelling Game Strategies to Improve Performance

The objective of the project is to determine the impact of various game features on VLT game play. These features are based on the current strategies adopted by SPIELO for its North American market. This data will be collected from players in a real life setting, then analyzed, and used for player profiling and as an input for improving existing strategies and measure their effectiveness. The analyzed data, the derived player profiles and the inference from the study will be used in developing a software simulator of original gaming environment.

Mobile IP Infrastructure for Medical Data Transmission

Currently, EMS paramedics record patient information such as history, medical assessment, and treatments rendered onsite with pen and paper. They then convert this information to a paper-based call report and hand it over to the hospital along with the patient. This method is time-consuming and error prone. It causes delay for data analysis and lengthens paramedic turn-around time. This project will produce a data collection tool based on the mobile IP infrastructure which will reduce clerical errors, improve data analysis and medical care.

Transportation Optimization Model

The Day & Ross Transportation Group, one of the largest transportation firms in Canada, employs over 4100 people, maintains a fleet of over 3300 vehicles and trailers, and has over 80 terminals and other operations across Canada and the US. This project will focus on technical improvements and modifications to the company’s load optimizer, thus assisting with daily operational decisions.

A Mathematical Model Describing the Dissociation of Natural Gas Using Non-thermal Plasma at Atmospheric Pressure

Non-thermal atmospheric pressure plasmas have been studied for a variety of industrial applications such as pollution control, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) removal, car exhaust emission control and polymer surface treatment. For decades, non-thermal plasmas have been used to generate ozone for water purification. Non-thermal plasmas may be produced by a variety of electric discharges or electron beams. The basic feature of these technologies is that they produce plasmas in which the majority of the electrical energy goes into the production of energetic electrons.

RuleML FOAF: A Web Rule Language for Social Networking

NRC-IIT creates and commercializes software and systems technology to help Canada prosper in the knowledge economy. The institute in Fredericton has been working with rule systems, semantic web standards and social networking since its inception. Web-based Social Networking is emerging as a major application area for semantic web metadata. Most social networking sites are based on a centralized architecture: all user descriptions are stored in one database.