Human Rights, Drug-related Violence and Democracy in Mexico

This project will examine forced disappearances in Mexico in the context of electoral democracy and militarization. According to the United Nations Convention Against Torture, forced or enforced disappearance refers to the involvement of state authorities in the arrest, detention, abduction of people in the form of authorization, support or acquiescence.

A visual way to understand and analyze large quantities of scientific data

Envenio’s proprietary software EXN/Aero takes advantage of compact supercomputing equipment to speed up CFD solutions, and as a result, it generates output data at a high rate. Prior to the Accelerate internship, EXN/Aero could not process or display the streaming output data in a useful, dynamic manner.

Ethics in Long Term Care

In order to understand how public policy promotes and/or hinders the development of an ethical culture in LTC, facilities must explore the interaction between public policy, organizational policies and procedures, and frontline staff ethical decisions and actions. LTC organizations want to provide high quality of care, and quality of life, to the older adult population they serve, and want the organizational policies and procedures to facilitate such quality care.

Improvement in paper tissue production: Wet strength and stock preparation

Irving Tissue is a leading manufacturer of household tissue products and provides the premium tissue products for its customers throughout North America. The objective of this project is to improve the process b y1) optimizing the wet- strength additive chemistry, and the associated curing process, 2) optimize the stock preparation, in particular, in light of the new capital investment of Irving Pulp and Paper and its impact on the pulp properties.

Mitigating Hydrogen Production in the End Shield Cooling System of CANDU Reactors

Radiolysis of water produces hydrogen, oxygen and hydrogen peroxide, which can be deleterious to system components. The radiolytic production of these species can be mitigated through appropriate chemical dosing with small amounts of dissolved hydrogen or oxygen-scavenging chemicals such as hydrazine. Corrosion of carbon steel components in the End Shield Cooling system of a CANDU reactor consumes oxygen, which can also keep the system in a state of net radiolytic suppression.

Enzyme-aided Hydrogen Peroxide Bleaching of Mechanical Pulp

Irving Paper Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers in the world in making value-added specialty paper (SC) from mechanical pulp which is conventionally used for newsprint. SC paper requires not only more refining (energy) in fibre preparation but also higher brightness of the produced pulp, which adds more to the pulp production costs. Dr. U's group at the University of New Brunswick has been collaborating with Irving on improving refining energy efficiency through applying biotechnologies (enzymes) in the mechanical refining process.

Researching the cutting-edge of Canadian technology for the home

Working under the supervision of Dr. Janet Light and PhD student Ali Reza Manashty at the University of New Brunswick Saint John, Umang is helping to develop the components of a comprehensive remote healthcare system designed for senior citizens and physically disabled individuals.

Optimization of a Dermoskeleton for Human Performance in Clinical and Occupational Applications

Physical disability in Canadian adults is largely due to painful mobility impairments, with the most common cause being diseases of, and injuries to, the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues (MSK disorders). MSK disorders are generally associated with natural aging, but are also caused by occupational injuries as well as brain or spinal cord injury or disease. The cost of these conditions to the Canadian Health Care system is in the tens of billions per year.

Shear-stress measurements on an impulsively started cylinder

Envenio is a Canadian company that specializes in advanced analysis of fluid dynamics and fluid structure interaction in the technological and environment settings. Envenio is also a software development company that owns an advanced Computational Fluid Dynamics solver, EXN/Aero, that uses many core technology in the parallel computation of unsteady and fully turbulent flows. Envenio seeks experimental data to validate their unsteady separation codes. To this end, an intern in Dr.

Improved Tactile Sensors for Biomedical Applications

The Institute of Biomedical Engineering at UNB is at the frontier of myoelectric signal acquisition and interpretation in patients with prosthetic devices. A particular challenge is understanding the effect of surface contact pressure on voltage measurements at the skin-electrode interface. Smart Skin Technologies (SST) is a New Brunswick company developing multi-touch pressure sensors aimed at several markets including smart-phones, sports training and industrial quality assurance.