Implementation and Evaluation of an Integrated Chiropractic Service for Musculoskeletal Conditions into the Canadian Forces Health Service

Low back pain is a leading cause of disability worldwide. The Canadian Armed Forces (CF) has a greater incidence of LBP than the general population. LBP is responsible for a large proportion of medical releases in the CF with many cases resulting in lifelong pain and disability. Improved early access to evidence-based care could help prevent chronicity and recurrences, and reduce health care costs. The purpose of this project is to implement and evaluate a new inter-disciplinary, patient-centred health care service that includes chiropractic services for the management of LBP in the CF.

Accelerating Roll-out of Electric Vehicles in the GTA

In Canada, the transport sector contributes to almost a quarter of all greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which are already having a dramatic effect on planetary climate systems. In the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) the share of transport sector emissions increases to over half of all GHG emissions. To help reduce greenhouse emissions from this sector, a number of new technologies (e.g. battery electric vehicles (EV) and buses, natural gas fueled buses) and community services (e.g. ridesharing) are proposed and being tested.

Thermo-economic assessment and experimental investigation of renewable energy based NH3 production options for clean energy communities

Production and utilization of ammonia in the transportation and power generation sector brings numerous advantages by introducing environmentally friendly, sustainable and efficient systems. Ammonia (NH3) is the only carbon-free chemical energy carrier together with hydrogen suitable for use as a transportation fuel. In this project, renewable energy based NH3 production methods are investigated for power generation, transportation and energy utilities. Specifically, concentrated solar energy based electrochemical ammonia synthesis is experimentally investigated.

Improving Process and Product Performance through Innovative and cost effective solutions

EHC Global - our industry partner, is a worldwide industry leader in design and manufacture of escalator handrails and many other products for the lift industry. They mainly deal with thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPUs), which are versatile engineering polymers with a wide range of applications, however processing of TPUs is a complicated and challenging task. The complications arise from the relatively high melting temperature of crystalline hard blocks and the degradation and crosslinking that take place at temperatures slightly above melting temperatures.

Automatic Resizing Framework for Time-Varying Non-Space Filling Visualizations

"We propose the development of an automatic resizing framework for time-varying visualizations. This framework would support easy deployment of visualizations on a multitude of devices with varying display sizes. The second objective of the project is to address issues of data  is interpretation that could arise as a result of visualization resizing through the use of visual cues as well as interaction techniques. The developed resizing algorithms will be instantiated in the form of prototype applications of visualizations such as, dynamic networks and scatter plots.

Video Analytics to Rescue: Privacy Preserving Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is ubiquitous, which has severe implications for an individual's privacy and personal freedom. Consequently there is an increasing interest to design video surveillance systems with built-in privacy protections. This is part of the larger "privacy by design" initiative led by the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario. This project specifically focuses on event-driven video encryption and decryption. The encrypted footage can only be decrypted and viewed with proper legal authorization.

Augmented Reality (AR) Toys Computing Management

A toy is a product that is intended for use by a child in learning or play. The toy industry is comprised of establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing dolls, toys and games. Referring to the Toy Industry Association in the United States, the sales volume of toys worldwide was $78.1B in 2007, growing by 7% over five years to reach $84.1B in 2012. The world’s leading toy manufacturers include Hasbro, Mattel, JAKKS Pacific, LEGO and Namco Bandai, and their combined revenue amounted to approximately $20B in 2011.

Model Development and Experimental Investigation of Photocatalytic and Photoelectrochemical Materials for H2 Production and Scale-up Design Considerations.

Hydrogen (H2) is produced from renewable energy using a solar-driven hybrid photoelectrochemical (PEC) reactor. This project aims to develop the theoretical model of a scale-up process for practical applications requiring higher H2 yields. The basis for the scaleup
system design is an experimental reactor comprising PEC and chloralkali electrolysis processes that has been designed, built, and is presently being tested in the Clean Energy Research Lab (CERL) at UOIT under the supervision of Dr. Ibrahim Dincer.

Synthesis, Characterization, and Experimental Investigation of New Photoactive Materials for Photoelectrochemical Hydrogen Production

The aim of this project is to use solar energy to produce hydrogen in a hybrid photoelectrochemical (PEC) reactor to increase the solar spectrum utilization and H2 production yield as well as converting the byproducts into commercially valuable commodities. For this purpose, a system consisting of semiconductors, electrocatalysts, and ion selective membranes to carry out a PEC combined with a chloralkali electrolysis process has been developed and tested at Clean Energy Research Laboratory (CERL) at UOIT.

A Security and Privacy Model for M-Services in Toy Computing

The research project aims to develop a systematic methodology to link safety policy in terms of security and privacy considerations to the realization of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), which encourages users to use their own mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablet PCs, to access various services to support a workflow in a Cloud infrastructure.