Methods for Network Service Recovery in Large Scale Failure Scenarios

The objective of this research is to develop methods for protection and restoration of critical infrastructure and services in face of large scale failures resulting from natural or man-made disasters, multiple equipment failures, or security attacks.  The impact of such failures on Ontario’s ever-increasingly wired economy can be enormous, and the proposed solutions so far have been costly and inefficient. Therefore, exploring more efficient solutions could provide many benefits to critical service providers.

The review of the numerical analytical methods used in contamination monitoring

This project is mainly about the investigation of the reliability of the computer-aided calculations used in conjunctions with the electronic instruments employed to detect radioactive contamination that may be deposited on surfaces such as a human skin. The investigations will be carried out using scientific theories including mathematical and statistical techniques as well as experiments to determine the levels of energies emitted by the contaminant radioactive material.

Modeling of Hybrid Power Flow Controller

The utilization of power electronic converters will enhance the power flow in existing infra]structure assets of power transmission and distribution utilities. A recently proposed hybrid power flow controller offers the integration of existing reactive power elements with new converters. Before such devices are accepted by utilities, it is essential to demonstrate their functionality in well proven power system simulation tools such as PSS.

Smart Technologies for efficient power control in a distribution grid

Ontario is implementing smart grid technologies to its electrical grid. Smart meters have been installed and the utilities will be collecting data about electricity usage and providing time of use choices to enable peak load shaving. The implementation of distributed generation (DG) and electrical vehicles will cause new challenges such as islanded operation of micro]grids and the storage offered by PHEVs. The data communication between the utility and user will play a key role in the implementation of smart technologies.

Optimization of Plastic Scintillator Thicknesses for Beta Gamma Detection

Because radiation is so prevalent in modern technology it is important to have instruments that will measure radiation. Instruments that measure exposure rate or the intensity of radiation at a location are called radiation detectors. Most of the detectors used to measure ionizing radiation (such as alpha, beta, and gamma radiation) are based on the ability of the radiation to ionize materials or to excite atoms within materials. Most of the radiation detectors used in radiation measurements will measure only one type of radiation at a time (for example, only beta or only gamma radiation).

Security Awareness Planning and Development for Web 2.0 Toys

The rapid development of Web 2.0 for massive social network collaboration and gaming facilitates the rich presence services to expose information and knowledge gathered through online social network. A Web 2.0 toy refers to an autonomous unit of handheld console enhanced by rich presence services and social utilities in the context of Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) and Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG).