Cold Spray Coatings Qualification for Repair of Aerospace Parts

Many aerospace parts on Boeing aircrafts cannot currently be easily repaired when damaged during operation due to the lack of existing economical-practical repair technologies. For example, damaged aluminum coatings or chromium plating require that the coating/plating be completely removed and then reapplied, an extremely costly and time consuming process.

Development of an isobar separator for anions for accelerator mass spectrometry

Accelerator Mass Spectrometry is a highly sensitive technique for measuring the concentration of certain long-lived isotopes, such as carbon-14. Recently, the use of an ion-gas reaction cell before the accelerator has been shown to enhance this sensitivity, particularly for smaller accelerators, and to extend the application of this technique to more isotopes. Isobarex Corporation has been formed to develop a commercial instrument embodying this technology and is currently designing such an instrument.

Implementation & Effectiveness of the Youth in Transition Intensive Case Management

The proposed research will consist of an evaluation of both the implementation and effectiveness of the YouIT program for youth and young adults with mental health and addiction problems. An implementation evaluation will be conducted to document whether the program has been implemented as intended (based on best practices) and how the program is actually implemented. The outcome evaluation will examine the outcomes of clients over the course of their participation in the YouIT program.

Application Framework for Palliative Care Process Management

Performance management collects data to quantify and measure outcomes obtained by organizational processes in order to determine how well they achieve organizational goals. A significant challenge in implementing information systems support for process management of care processes is to understand the relationship between care processes and their performance measures.

Datalink Processing System - Research and Development - Naval to Air Force Replatforming

The IBM DLPS software is used to provide an intelligent interface system that enables a ship’s Command System to interface to Tactical Data Links for the exchange of information with other friendly units. The DLPS software integrates the ship's Command System data with the tactical networks of data links. IBM would like to expand and modernize the DLPS solution through the use of new technologies and improved software programming techniques. Our proposed research will develop a framework consisting of reverse engineering tools and methods to assist in the evolution of the DLPS software.

In-vitro simulation of fracture, wear, corrosion and distraction in total hip replacements

Reports of in vivo total hip replacement failures have raised concerns over their load bearing capacity, safety, reliability and service life particularly as hip arthroplasty is being extended to even younger patients. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure continual patient monitoring and develop proper testing standards. This study focuses on investigating retrievals and in vitro test samples with the objective of ensuring accurate simulation of in vivo conditions in a lab setting. Both currently used neck materials, Ti6Al4V and CoCrMo will be investigated.

Development of technologies to extract and stabilize DNA from a broad spectrum of microorganisms

We propose to continue our studies to develop, validate and optimize our novel approach to high-efficiency extraction of nucleic acids from bacteria. Once this work is completed, DNA Genotek Kits are expected to have the following properties: relatively simple to use; applicable to high-throughput environments; efficient release of DNA from a wide variety of microorganisms; stabilize the profile of species in a sample by (i) stabilizing the released DNA at room temperature for extended periods of time and (ii) preventing overgrowth of microorganisms in collected samples.

Validation of Giatec corrosion detection device on a small-scale reinforced concrete bridge deck

The project is designed to verify the performance of Giatec iCORTM hand-held device for non-destructive assessment of deteriorations in concrete structures caused by corrosion. Various laboratory experiments will be conducted using iCORTM at the University of Ottawa on a corroded concrete testing slab. The results will be validates against those obtained by accurate corrosion assessment methods which are destructive, time-consuming and expensive.

HT-HTO-OBT Conversions in Rhubarb Plants and Soil

Tritium, the only radioactive isotope of hydrogen, is routinely released to the air by nuclear industry. It can later be deposited in soils or taken up by plants, usually in the form of water. Though current levels are not inherently dangerous to humans, understanding how tritium evolves once emitted is critical to generating effective regulatory policies that ensure public safety and support industry.

Assessment of bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soils under cold climate

The main objective of this research is the feasibility assessment of bioremediation of petroleum contaminated soils for cold climate conditions. LLSRI as the industrial partner is interested to evaluate feasibility of conducting bioremediation through the cold season to extend its operation and generate more revenue.