Improving government performance through pay-for-success and pay-for-performance approaches

Governments around the globe are trying new approaches to solving complex social problems. They are increasingly moving away from the direct provision of social services towards more collaborative partnerships with the private sector. Pay-for-success, also known as pay-for-performance or Social Impact Bonds, is a method for engaging the private sector that has been gaining attention and support for their ability to raise non-government funds to finance social programs and increase collaboration between the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

A Quality Assurance Framework for Care Process Management

Online business processes are different from traditional web applications and typical healthcare applications. Online business processes involve the collaboration of multiple user roles interacting with multiple services in parallel.

Prototype Behavior Based Integrity Verification (BBIV)

Web computing, in which the world-wide web is itself employed as a distributed computing platform, is entering a stage of rapid expansion with the advent of Open Web Platform so that programs that once worked only a native environment on desktop, tablets or phones can now work from within a browser itself. There is therefore a need for a new form of protection for apps.

Investigation of cohesive-bed erodibility and water quality in semi-alluvial rivers

Rivers in much of eastern Canada flow through regions comprised of cohesive glacial sediments, including glaciomarine clays and glacial tills. Given the glacial history of Canada, many if not most of its rivers can be characterized as semi-alluvial.
Management of these rivers in terms of sediment load is a difficult challenge, because relatively little is known about their stable channel geometry.

Powder Morphology Effect Assessment on Cold Spray Process for Repair and Additive Manufacturing Applications

Cold Spray is a coating additive manufacturing process relying on the particle kinetic, with particles plastically deforming upon impact with the substrate and adhering to it. While the production of thin aluminum/aluminum alloys coatings (below 1mm) by Cold Spray is fairly common, the production of thick coatings (> 1mm) and large net-shape parts has been more challenging. Equispheres patent-pending atomization technology produces free-flowing, uniform spherical metal powders, with narrow particle size distribution, excellent sphericity and flowability.

Understanding the Youth Volunteer Market: An Evaluation of Professional Skills Developed through Volunteering with World University Services of Canada

WUSC is a non-profit organization in international development that works to provide education, employment, empowerment opportunities, which includes providing enhanced leadership and life skills opportunities for youth in Canada and internationally. This project will evaluate how two key programs at WUSC (Students Without Borders and the Student Refugee Program) contribute to the professional development of students volunteering in international development and; to identify the impact of WUSC's programs on its campus-based youth volunteers.

Familiar Faces: Evaluating the Implementation and Effectiveness of a Diversion Support Program for People Who Are Heavy Users of Emergency Rooms and Hospitals

The research project will assist the Ottawa Branch of the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA-Ottawa) with the evaluation of new innovative mental health services intended to divert individuals from their overuse of emergency rooms and having further hospitalizations for mental health problems.

A Model-Driven Framework for Meta-Data Harmonization in Business Intelligence

Datasets obtained from different sources are often heterogeneous: they do not share a common internal structure, even though they are nominally about the same subject matter. This makes reporting against datasets difficult without laborious, manual efforts to clean and transform the data. This project will investigate the feasibility of an approach to abstract the harvesting of metadata from multiple content generated Business Intelligence (BI) reporting systems.

Reconstructing DoDAF (Department of Defense Architecture Framework) compliant high level views from information systems

Information systems are critical assets for enterprises and contain important knowledge acquired over the years. Over time, as these software systems grow in scope and complexity, they introduce greater variability in design at the level of individual software components. As a result, these systems deviate from their initial architecture. The latter can no longer be used as a medium to support various activities such as the analysis and the certification of these systems. To address these shortcomings, it is mandatory to reconstruct these systems’ current architecture.

Using Predictive Analytics to Improve Inside Sales Performance

Lately, predictive analytics as emerged as a vital area of study for both researchers and practitioners. This trend researches into large volumn of data for hidden patterns and relationships to gain data-driven insights and predict future outcomes. Predictive analytics can help the inside sales industry obtain optimum value from a large amount of data they have in their possession. In this research, we will leverage predictive analytics to help improve inside sales performance.