Evaluation of topical formulations for wound healing properties using Genoskin ex-vivo human skin samples

Current wound care products use synthetic chemicals and antibiotics that are not acceptable to a growing number of eco-conscious consumers. We plan to utilize both the antibacterial and cell proliferation properties of certain bio-actives such as collagen in sea-food waste. Marine collagen is known to show higher biodegradability, biocompatibility, and lower immunogenicity compared to other collagens. Several studies have tested cell proliferation and wound healing properties of marine collagen in in vitro cell culture and small animal studies.

BLH Personalized Smart Wig Simulation and Health Monitoring

Wig is a wearable device that can be used to help with many aspects of our lives. Since it is in close contact with the human body, it makes it a great tool for human health monitoring. This can be done through the hidden sensors in wigs that keep collecting information about physical and mental health of users. Since different wigs match different people, considering the shape of their head, skin color and their own preferences, it is important for users to know how a certain wig changes their appearance.

Artificial Intelligence for Lung Scintigraphy and Pulmonary Embolism

Ventilation-perfusion (V/Q) scintigraphy has a major role to play in the diagnosis of pulmonary embolism (PE). Objective criteria exist for diagnosing PE on both V/Q planar and SPECT; however, reporting physicians ultimately incorporate their own subjective judgement into a final diagnosis. Therefore, this imaging modality is a promising candidate for standardizing and automating image interpretation with artificial intelligence (AI). Early studies from the 1990s and early 2000s with this aim report promising results but now rely on outdated machine learning techniques.

Securing an IIoT SaaS platform using blockchain and machine learning methods

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is a scalable platform that integrates devices over the internet and runs different services such as energy and facility management easier than SCADA and similar industrial control systems (ICS). These platforms shall be designed securely and manage devices in a safe environment. However, existing IIoT platforms are not secure by design. Edgecom Energy has developed an IIoT platform based on blockchain technology to address security concerns.

Technologies for Life Signs and Self-Harming Human Gestures, Actions and Behaviors Monitoring with Combined Physiological and Physical Indicators – Phase 2b

Suicide is one of the most important causes of deaths in the prison environment, both in Canada and internationally. Rates of attempts of suicide and self-harm have been on the rise in recent years. To address this problem, there is a real and immediate need for an automated, private, and effective monitoring system that can detect attempts of suicide and self-harm in real-time.

Peptide-based materials for rapid sutureless and scarless surgical repair

Every year in the United States alone, over 30 million surgical incisions are performed, and another 7 million wounds are causes by trauma. Most of those wounds will heal on their own, but nonetheless always lead to scarring no matter what kind of material is used to close the wound. There are a range of materials and techniques used to close wounds. All agree, however, that an ideal approach to wound closure should be easy to use, fast and painless, cost-effective and not create permanent scarring. Many advancements have significantly improved wound healing.

A smart multi-level heat stress management and monitoring platform

Heat stress is a deadly occupational hazard that is projected to increase in severity with global warming. While upper limits for heat stress designed to protect all workers have been recommended by occupational safety institutes for some time, heat stress continues to compromise health and productivity. The continuing detrimental effects of heat stress may be partly explained by the inability of existing guidelines to consider individual factors (e.g., age, sex, health status, work duration) that can modify an individual’s tolerance to a given heat stress.

Scheduling and Routing of Personal Support Workers at Nucleus Independent Living Co

This project aims to propose a decision support tool for Nucleus Independent Living that optimizes the scheduling of clients visits, the assignment of PSWs to clients, and the routing of the daily visits of each PSW while trying to minimize the traveling distances for the PSWs, the number of different PSWs visiting a client, and the inequality between the PSWs’ workload (in terms of the number of client visits assigned and the distance traveled).

Understanding molecular, cellular and tissue responses to low-dose / low-dose-rate ionizing radiation

The project will undertake independent and evidence-based research on the effects of exposure to low-dose radiation (LDR). It aims to obtain accurate and unbiased information on the biological responses resulting from exposures to LDR - a cell and tissue stressor. The project will undertake tasks that will identify changes in metabolic processes and physiological systems that could result in adverse or beneficial effects on the body. Gaps in knowledge on the effects of LDR on epigenetic memory, on the regulation of DNA stability and on homeostatic immune responses will be investigated.

Artificial Intelligence for Information Governance: A Semantic Model to Automate the Appraisal and Description of Data, Information & Knowledge

Faced with the exponential growth of information sources, the instability of new digital forms and the convergence of data, content and records management systems, organizations are faced with increasing requirements to adopt an effective approach to exploit their information assets. Through the qualitative study of information inventories produced by Information Management experts, as well as automatic classification experiments, the research will develop a semantic model and its associated algorithms for the automatic classification of business records.