Satellite Monitoring and Surveillance of Habitat for Right Whales

The critically endangered North Atlantic Right Whale resides in waters with busy shipping lanes in the Bay of Fundy and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, where incidents of ship strikes have proven to be a primary cause of whale death, resulting in their numbers dwindling to less than 400. Though the implementation of speed limits for ships has been somewhat successful in reducing mortality should a collision occur, a lack of knowledge as to the whereabouts of the whales has prevented ships from being able to avoid collisions entirely.

Machine Learning-Enhanced Anomaly Detection and Performance Optimization for Enterprise WiFi Networks

solutions for large-scale WiFi deployments where the performance of the network changes dynamically. The industry partner has an enterprise WiFi solution that collects Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), logs and WiFi configuration parameters in the cloud. There is an immediate need for automation platforms that can use these data to detect anomalies such as sudden performance degradation, understand the reasons of such poor performance and change programmable configuration parameters to mitigate the problem.

The effect of probiotic supplementation on sleep, depression-like behavior, and central glucose and lactate metabolism in male and female pubertal mice exposed to chronic sleep disruption.

Depression is a common and dangerous mental disorder. Depression can develop during puberty after repeat exposure to stress. In our past studies, we found that both male and female pubertal mice will show depressive behaviour after experiencing repeated sleep disruptions. Interestingly, there is a substance called lactate that is produced in humans and mice that may also improve sleep and reduce depression. Certain probiotics, or healthy bacteria, make this lactate will living in the stomachs of humans and mice.

Quantum Proofs for Skeptical Verifiers

A verifier-prover — where a “prover” suggests an answer to a question, which is then checked by a “verifier” — is a powerful analytical tool in computer science. As an example, understanding the number of transactions required to answer a computational question in a prover-verifier setting offers insights into the difficulty of that computational problem. Problems that can be solved with few transactions between a quantum prover and classical verifier is said to have complexity “QMA”.

Development of a Sustainable Program Quality Improvement Framework using a Balanced Scorecard Methodology at Family Services Ottawa

FSO (Family Services Ottawa) is a not-for-profit social service agency whose mission is to assist individuals, to build on their strengths and to improve their mental health. FSO does so by providing counselling, education, and advocacy within a context of working to foster systemic change. Although their programs are increasingly monitored and evaluated at the program level, FSO does not currently have a tool to assess and monitor their organization as a whole.

Process study, simulation and optimization of direct conversion of biomass to ethyl evulinate

Increasing concerns about global warming related to greenhouse emission, and depletion of fossil fuel resources, bring biomass as a promising environmentally friendly and sustainable alternative to supply chemicals and fuels. One attractive option is the conversion of biomass obtained from recycling activities to high-value chemicals.

Adaptive techniques to predict the N2O emission in a corn field under different fertilizer management practices and external factors.

Global warming is one of the largest environmental issues these days and the increasing greenhouse gases(GHGs) emission such as CO2, CH4 and N2O is the leading reason for global warming. The main sources of CH4 emission are rice cultivating systems and cattle rearing, meanwhile, N2O mainly come from the application of fertilizers. Many factors in the fertilizer management practices, as well as environmental factors, could affect the N2O emission therefore the carbon foot print. In this research, external factors such as temperature, irrigation, soil texture, etc.

Multi-channel Fluidic Cartridges for Parallel Nanopore Sensing

Solid-state nanopores are tiny holes in thin membranes comparable to the size of individual biomolecules like protein or DNA. They are using as sensors to detect these molecules one at a time, and have the potential to revolutionize DNA sequencing, personalized medicine, point-of-care diagnostics, and next-generation information storage methods, but have not been able to so far due to the high cost and inability to scale of the methods traditional used to fabricate them. We recently developed a method that allows to inexpensive, scalable fabrication of nanopore sensors.

Artificial generation of optimum whitewater waves in rivers for kayaking

Recreational river waves are gaining more and more popularity, but there is not enough academic research to support them and very few companies around the world can artificially create them using adjustable structures in rivers. Surf Anywhere, the Calgary-based partner organization in this research, is one of those few companies that has completed and is working on many wave projects in Canada, USA and Europe.

Crystal Engineering of Energetic Materials: Co-crystals and Ionic Salts with Enhanced Performance and Improved Chemical and Thermal Stability

Materials that can store and release significant amounts of energy are a high priority in the modern world due to the reliance of today’s society on propellants, explosives, pyrotechnics, aerospace and mining. Although there has been a thrust in the development of high energy materials, this has only been at the academic level. Industry continues to use old fashioned energetic materials which are primarily composed of highly toxic substances. To bridge the gap between academic advancements and industrial use, knowledge transfer, safety, scalability and cost-effectiveness are critical.