Increasing Marketing Campaign Performance Using Influential Users in Social Networks

Social networks have become an important information hub with a huge customer base. Hence businesses are trying to leverage social networks in their advertising and marketing campaigns. One of the advantages of social networks is that users can influence their community and friends. Detecting influential users provides multiple benefits for businesses such as more effective advertisement and better user involvement. Many techniques, focusing on network centrality metrics, have been developed to detect influential users.

Physiological monitoring and field verification of exposure limits in older miners exposed to high heat stress conditions

Underground miners traditionally work in harsh environments containing dust and noxious gases. Recently, there is concern that the increasing risk of heat exposure may compound the deleterious effects of these conditions and further subject the workers to increased risk of heat stress. A new and growing challenge to the industry is that the Ontario mining workforce is rapidly aging. Older workers are at a greater risk of developing a heat related injury, which is further exacerbated by poor physical fitness and disease states.

D-Cubed: Driver Drowsiness Detection

The U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has indicated that driving while drowsy is the cause of 22 to 24 percent of car crashes, and results in a four- to six-times higher crash/crash risk compared to driving while alert.

Religion at Work: Impressions & experiences of young adults of immigrant background in Canada

Working from an existent database of focus groups and interviews conducted in Canadian cities, this project investigates how young adults from established immigrant populations view religious diversity in the workplace.