Optical Variable Effects for Minting Applications

The appearance of polished gold and silver has always been attractive to the human eye. The high reflectivity of these surfaces naturally makes them strong candidates for optical designs that are based purely on reflective optics. When circular grooves are scribed into metal surfaces, some very interesting optical effects can be observed, and in some cases light beams will appear to come out of the surface. Other light beams will appear to go into the surface. Through clever design and orientation of these scribed regions, the appearance of interesting optical effects can be generated.

Genome sequencing and analysis of the Echinacea genome to unravel new natural products

Echinacea purpurea is a popular herbal medicine with a global market of ?$1 billion but there is tremendous variability yet limited distinction between the products on the market. Amway Canada is a leader in the production and distribution of Echinacea products, and now aims to leverage the company`s unique Echinacea resources by sequencing the plant`s genetic code and identifying new and improved traits related to both agriculture and natural health products.

The Acquisition of Music Reading Skills in Novice Students

Music reading is a very challenging and frustrating aspect of learning music that often leads to the cessation of lessons in the early stages of music learning. Despite this, there has been very little experimental research to understand the music reading process. To address this need, we will administer a group of cognitive and music reading tests to young novice piano students. The results of this project will form groundwork for a much-needed understanding of the music reading process, which in turn will enhance our understanding the most effective approaches in teaching this skill.

Trade promotion forecasting and optimization

This project addresses two specific challenges related to promotional planning in the consumer-packaged goods sector. The first output will be to develop and evaluate models that statistically predict the impact of Unilever promotions on category and product share across different retailers. This effort will lead to the creation of trade promotion optimization techniques that enables planning of promotional activities.

The impacts of agricultural insecticides and new regulatory schemes on the health of wild and managed bees

Agricultural pesticides are one of several stressors contributing to the global decline of insect pollinators. More specifically, there is strong evidence of harm from neonicotinoid insecticides. Many jurisdictions are implementing new rules to restrict use of these common pesticides. While regulators have largely focused on reducing pollinator exposure to neonicotinoids, other insecticides also have the potential to harm pollinators.

Blockchain Enabled Land Registry: Towards Improving Transparency, Accountability & Compliance

The current land registry system in Ontario lacks efficiency and transparency; and is susceptible to information quality problems due to lack of a uniform and integrated system to record and share real-time data about land property transactions across stakeholder organizations. To overcome such issues, many countries are turning to blockchain technology to enable land registration transactions.

Private Secure Blockchain Transactions

IDENTOS and the University of Ottawa will collaborate in the research and development of cryptographic techniques for secure and privacy-respecting blockchain transactions. This project has research, design and implementation aspects. The project builds on the strengths of IDENTOS and The University of Ottawa in the areas of Mobile Security Privacy and Blockchain. The students will receive valuable experience in applied cryptography on a leading edge enterprise solution. IDENTOS will gain access to specialized skillsets of the students and their Supervisor.

Canadian Communities of Practice in Global Health: meeting the SDG challenge - Year two

Canada’s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) has implications for both domestic and foreign policy in a complex, shifting, and interdependent global health system crowded with multiple actors and stakeholders. The array of activities involved with global public health practice necessitates engagement with health policy and systems research (HPSR), and Knowledge Translation (KT) is critical to bridging the gap between knowledge generated through research and the knowledge that is used to inform policy, practice, and programs.

Greener Routes to Value-Added Fluorocarbons by Metal-Catalyzed Reactions

The current production methods for new generation refrigerants (HFO-1234yf) used in cars, refrigerators, air-conditioners, etc. require energy intensive and sometimes corrosive conditions. The current project seeks to reduce or eliminate these two caveats. We propose, by using readily available feedstock or by-products from Teflon manufacturing, we could use our process to easily manufacture HFO-1234yf. Using our less energy intensive, heating to only 50 °C, and mild conditions could lead to significant cost reductions in plant equipment and energy demands.

Assessment of Myocardial Perfusion Enhancement Associated with Current Treatments for Ischemic Heart Disease Using Positron Emission Tomography

Efficient pumping function of heart depends on receiving oxygen and nutrients through heart’s specific blood vessels called coronaries. In case of coronary stenosis (e.g. plaques formation on their inner walls), the heart muscle cannot function normally and may be permanently damaged. Three treatment strategies are broadly available that include medications, coronary stent placement and coronary bypass graft surgery. However, the efficacy of either treatment in restoring blood perfusion to the heart muscle is not clearly quantified.