Reducing high school dropout rates in Canada

Rogers Raising the Grade uses the appeal of technology and dedicated space provided in Tech Centres designed exclusively for participating clubs, quality online resources, alongside 1:1 mentoring to re-engage youth in learning and the commitment to finish high school. 

Manitoba Mathematics Action Research Project

Recently PLS has signed a contract with the Ministry of Education in Manitoba. The province has been experiencing declining math scores across the province in both international tests such as PISA and in their provincial standardized tests. Manitoba is deeply committed to improving students mathematical achievement and as a result has hired PLS to develop an evidence based professional learning model that will help deepen teachers understanding of math and pedagogy, and to measure the impact of this professional learning on student achievement.

Development of aptamer-based strip assay (Ara-Strip) and electrochemical sensor (Ara-Sens) for detection of the peanut allergens

Peanut products are known to contain allergens capable of causing severe and life threatening allergic reactions. Classically, Ara h 1, Ara h 2, and Ara h 3 are considered to be the major peanut allergens, whereas Ara h 9 is the most prevalent allergen in Mediterranean countries. Current detection methods of peanut allergens are expensive and require centralized laboratories and highly trained personnel. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop rapid, simple, economic, and reliable assays for the detection of peanut allergens.

Integrated polarization rotator with relaxed fabrication tolerances for mass production of photonic integrated circuits

The precise management of the state of polarization of the light that is generated and all-optically processed within a photonic integrated chip (PIC) is of utmost relevance towards the conception of polarization-independent photonic integrated systems. This proposal aims to conduct an assessment of various design options of polarization converters for the specific application mandated by the immediate needs of our industry partner: a polarization independent large-scale PIC.

Datalink Processing System (DLPS) - Research and Development - Naval to Air Force Replatforming

The IBM DLPS software is used to provide an intelligent interface system that enables a ship’s Command System to interface to Tactical Data Links for the exchange of information with other friendly units. The DLPS software integrates the ship's Command System data with the tactical networks of data links. IBM would like to expand and modernize the DLPS solution through the use of new technologies and improved software programming techniques. Our proposed research will develop a framework consisting of reverse engineering tools and methods to assist in the evolution of the DLPS software.

Creating AR computer vision applications for children's toys

The objective of this project is to explore the uses of Augmented Reality (AR), a technology that superimposes computer-generated animations, on a mobile user’s view of the real world, in the context of children’s gaming applications. These applications will allow children to experience a game as being directly tied to reality. Specifically, using for example an electronic tablet such as the iPad, children will interact with real world toys through the addition of virtual layers presenting various digital contents such as images or animations.

Knowledge, awareness, and uptake of new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines

Being physically active is associated with many health benefits. To help guide people on how much activity they need for optimal health, the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology developed new Canadian Physical Activity Guidelines for all age groups. Specifically, this work will look at assessment, awareness, and uptake of the new guidelines as it relates to Canadians, their families, and their health care providers.

Professional Sport Club Value: Competition Time

Four leagues, the NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB, dominate professional sport in North America. One of the disparities between all four leagues is the number of regular season games played, or for the purpose of this study competition time. There are also large differences between league revenues and thus the study will examine if there is a relationship between league revenue and competition time. A series of studies will be analyzed to determine if in fact there is a relationship between competition time and league.

Development of High Efficiency Compact Recuperators

Distributed Power Generation (DPG) offers a novel approach to reduce power losses. Micro-turbines (MT) are instrumental in the development of a high efficiency DPG system. The major drawback is the associated wasted heat. Increasing the viability of DPG is directly linked with the development of higher efficiency MTs. MTs equipped with a recuperator preheating the inlet gas using the heat recovered from the hot exhaust gases have the potential to reach over 50% thermal efficiency. To this end, a new method for producing recuperators has recently been developed by Brayton Energy Canada.

Award Winner Interview: Liang Feng

Can you tell us a bit about the research you did through Mitacs Globalink that led to you winning the Mitacs Award for Outstanding Innovation – Undergraduate?