A novel phishing detection approach using Fuzzy Logic and Deep Learning

People are switching from traditional shopping to internet commerce as Internet access increases quickly. So nowadays people are becoming more dependent on e-commerce-based websites. On the other hand, instead of robbing businesses like banks and stores, modern thieves now use the anonymous internet architecture to track down their victims online. Hackers are employing new strategies, such as phishing, to deceive their victims by creating fake websites to collect sensitive data, such as account numbers, usernames, and passwords.

Cyclic CO2-Based Solvent Injection in Post-CHOPS Reservoirs with Complex Wormhole Systems; From Reservoir-On-The-Chip to Field Scale Optimization: An Attempt Towards the Net-Zero Approach

The primary objective of this project is to provide Canadian petroleum companies with a set of reliable data derived from experiments conducted on reservoir-on-the-chip platforms that facilitate the visualization of pore-scale interactions between solvent and heavy oil during the CO2-based CSI process in the presence of complex wormhole systems in post-CHOPS reservoirs. The reservoir-on-the-chip is particularly effective in capturing the effects of the governing operational parameters on foamy oil stability and the overall performance of a CO2-based CSI process.

Development of a functionalized clay-biochar from agricultural waste for improving crop water-use efficiency

Climatic and soil conditions played a crucial role in crop productivity, and thus impacted the economic benefits of the entire industry, especially in Canada. Biochar is widely known as a sustainable material as soil amendment. However, conventional biochar lacks the ability to improve water-use efficiency. A new type of biochar is being developed by co-pyrolyzing locally sourced clay materials and native agricultural wastes to solve this problem while maintaining a low cost.

Controls on roof failure during potash mining in southern Saskatchewan: An investigation of the Shadowband Clay

The goal of this project is to determine the underlying physical properties that govern unexpected roof failures during mining operations in one of the largest potash deposit regions in the world. Collapses of any kind cause costly downtime and in more severe cases, may result in injuries and casualties for mining personal.

Low latency, robust and reliable multi-party interactive live video streaming

A multi-party live video communication, such as live tutorials and fitness classes, are an emerging application which involves a large number of users from different places with heterogeneous network conditions like 3G/4G/5G or Wi-Fi networks. Video Content/Service providers usually deploy their Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) over the public Internet to avoid expenses of dedicated connectivity. Thus, they often seek solutions to provide seamless services over the changing conditions of Internet that can introduce packet error, packet loss, or out-of-order packets.

Design and Development of a re-configurable Wheeled Robot and an on-board Laser-Optic-based Inspection unit for Identification, Classification, and Measurements of Pipe Surface Defects

This research project focuses on the design and development of a robotic system and an inspection unit carried by it for doing Identification, Classification, and Measurement (ICM) of defects in pipes. Images/videos of the defects will be collected by a pipe inspection system to be developed in this project. Furthermore, wewill investigate how economically beneficial the technology and its implementation would be. Automated digitalreporting on defects will be conducted in this project in a lab environment by using machine-learning-basedtechniques. Defects such as dent, cracks, pitting, etc.

A Feasibility and Usability Study of Virtual Reality Assessment for Paramedic Occupational Competency (VAPOC) in Saskatchewan

This goal of the project is compare tools that can be used to evaluate the job performance of paramedics in a fair, equitable and consistent way whether they live in Saskatchewan or somewhere else in the world. Individuals who have completed their paramedic training will be evaluated using a common real life situation that they will experience when working as a paramedic in our province. The situation will be experienced in an artificial environment or through the use of a mannequin doll.

Search Result Aggregation Approaches for Multi-Source Content

Scrawlr is a platform for unconstrained, global interaction with all internet content and users. Scrawlr allows for user evaluation and unconstrained classification of any Scrawlr-hosted or non-Scrawlr content.

Fostering Food Security through Local Cultures: Living Heritage Insights from Rural Indigenous and Non-Indigenous Communities

Current challenges, like climate change and the COVID-19 pandemic, have brought new awareness to how we consume, produce, and distribute food. In Saskatchewan, climate change is already impacting the quality and quantity of southern water supplies and strategies used for hunting, gathering, and fishing in northern areas. Amidst these challenges, this project examines whether local tradition and heritage can help revitalize food systems in the post-pandemic period.

Analysis of Canadian Western Red Spring Wheat Using Near Infrared Spectroscopy

The proposed research will develop a reliable analytical method for the quantitative analysis of grain grading factors for Canadian Western Red Spring wheat using near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS). Most commercially available near infrared spectrometers used in agricultural applications require significant expertise, a large footprint, a controlled environment, and are prohibitively expensive. The NIRS technology is effective for understanding grading factors, like protein content, and has demonstrated potential for other factors.