The Empowerment of China’s Left-behind Women

Feminization of agriculture is occurring in China through the rural-urban migration of labor, predominantly men. This phenomenon raises the question: Does women’s increasing participation in farming affect their capacity and power in decision-making regarding agricultural production and their rural livelihood? While little research has been done to address this issue due to the measurement challenges, the Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) offers a way to correct this deficiency. This study is the first attempt to apply the WEAI in China.

Synergistic actions of nutraceuticals on pain and inflammation in experimental arthritis

Arthritis is among the most common chronic conditions in Canada in both children and adults. Arthritis is a potentially disabling disease causing joint inflammation and pain. Increasingly, people suffering from arthritis are using alternative therapies including nutraceuticals. This research aims to create new knowledge about the synergistic effects of gamma-linoleic acid (GLA), eicosapentanoic acid (EPA) and docosahexanoic acid (DHA) with and without boswellia serrate extract to improve pain and inflammation in models of juvenile and adult arthritis.

Mitacs Accelerate intern helps launch publishing app

Together with Ralph and Chris’ guidance, Suzanne put together an application for a Mitacs Accelerate grant which would afford Indie Ink access to a top-level graduate student for her tech idea. Suzanne wanted to develop a platform for a truly interactive and multi-dimensional experience for adult non-fiction book in her catalog: The New Rock Star Philosophy: A Guerilla Blueprint for Digitally Conscious Artists.

Antineoplastic evaluation of novel 3,5-bis(benzylidene)-4-piperidones

The principal objective of this proposal is to discover novel drugs to treat colon cancers. Currently colon cancer is a huge medical problem and there are many disadvantages to current drug therapies. These disadvantages include their ineffectiveness to completely eradicate cancers, causing toxic side effects and the development of multidrug resistance. A group of compounds discovered in the laboratory of the supervisor designated series 2 has significant potencies towards a number of human colon cancer cell lines.

Magnetic Compression and Stability of Spheromaks

The objective of a fusion device is to confine a plasma and heat it to a temperative high enough for its ions to gain sufficient energy to overcome their mutually repulsive force and fuse. Fusion neutrons will provide a heat souce that's used to generate electricity in a steam cycle. Fusion power is environmentally friendly and the fuel source is abundant. A spheromak is a toroidal plasma configuration that has internal currents to maintain the magnetic field that keeps it together. Several methods are used to compress spheromaks at General Fusion.

The Discourse of Decentralization: Understanding the Influence of Political Competitionand Development Outcomes In India

Lokpriy is studying decentralization policies in the developing world, with a primary focus on India. His research topic is “Three Essays on Discourse of Decentralization: Understanding the Influence of Political Competition and Development Outcomes in India”. His research focuses on, examining the global political and economic context for decentralization and how the different components of political competition and decentralization impact public policy outcomes in India.

Bunsen Reaction study as a key step of H2S Splitting cycle in Corning Advanced Flow Reactor

Currently, microreaction technology was applied to Bunsen reaction, a key step of H2S splitting cycle, to improve process capability by overcoming mass transfer limitations. This was achieved by using low-flow advanced reactor (LF-AFR) made by Corning Inc., the smallest model, in our research lab at University of Saskatchewan. Compared to normal scale reactors, microreactors provide an increase in surface to volume ratio, fast and reliable process development, lower environmental impact, and increased safety.

Technician Tracking Aid for customer task scheduling

This project will enable customers to be able to track their scheduled jobs with technicians on their mobile devices. The work will see the development of an application that can facilitate customers to view the locations of technicians on a map and scheduled appointments with them. The technicians can set their status as “available” and “not available” which can aid the customer to schedule appointment only with available technicians. There are lots of research components in this work from both technical and non-technical perspectives.

USask students harvest experience for Farm At Hand mobile app

Agriculture and farming in the 21st century is an increasingly complex operation that requires sound organization and planning, from seed inventories to tractor parts and harvest planning, among other tasks for the farmer. Farm At Hand, a start-up mobile application company, was built to help farmers address the complex needs of their operations “from seed to sale.”

The effect of bovine colostrum supplementation on fitness, muscle mass, inflammation and immune function during intense training in rugby players

Bovine colostrum is the milk produced by cows immediately after calving. It contains high levels of proteins that improve immune protection and may act to prevent colds. During intense training, athletes often have compromised immune function. This may be especially true in club-level rugby players who abruptly start high intensity training in the spring in preparation for their competitive season. Our study will assess the effects of supplementing these players with bovine colostrum during this intense training.