Estimation of Production Cost for Chicken Broiler Producers in Saskatchewan

The objective of this research is to estimate the total production cost and its components for chicken producers in Saskatchewan, with different technologies and size, using a survey analysis. The results of this research are expected to provide a ranking on efficiency of different technologies and scales of production (efficiency in terms of both total production cost as well as the cost of different factors like feed, medicine…). Thus, the results can indicate to what extent the chicken broiler industry in Saskatchewan is profitable and economically efficient.

Using measured erodibility values to assess scour below culverts

Culverts are used in our highway systems for two purposes:  drainage and as bridge structures.  There are thousands of culverts in every province in Canada.  The large-sized culverts used as bridge structures can be up to $6,000,000 to install.  As such, installation of a culvert can be a significant investment for our highway infrastructure.  Failure of such a structure not only results in an economic loss, but is also a danger to the public.

Non-human adenoviruses as vaccine delivery vehicles

Infectious diseases remain the major cause of death and economic losses in animals/humans. One way to reduce this is by vaccination. Unique and sophisticated biotechnology-based approaches are needed to produce safe, cost-effective, and highly efficacious vaccines. Potential benefits of these vaccines could include the induction of long lived immunity, ability to immunize newborns and induction of a broad spectrum of immune responses. One way to achieve this is to develop live viral vectored gene

Development of an Ultra High-performance Concrete

The overall objective of the proposed project is to develop an innovative ultra-high performanceconcrete (UHPC) material that would provide a unique combination of ductility, strength, durability, and aesthetic flexibility at a competitive cost using local materials. Besides their very high strength, theUHPC materials are known to be air and water-tight, thereby resulting in reduced environmental impactand reduced maintenance, often leading to the complete elimination of other protection technologies such as waterproofing membranes.

Economic Growth and Development in Saskatchewan: Re-examining and Updating Input/Output Measurements for the Changing Business Climate

The July 2009 issue of Maclean's magazine published an article pertaining to 'Canada's Best and Worst Managed Cities.' The City of Saskatoon received an overall C- ranking in terms of economic development, and failed to meet relative national average standards.Since the 2007 year however, the provincial economy has undergone substantial gains in economic growth and productivity, as commodity prices have surged in response to increased demand for local resources.

Masonry Wall Systems: The Strategic Placement of the Masonry Product and Design Decisions for Wall Systems in an Industry Evolving Towards Sustainability and Environmental Concern

This internship project will research how trends of environmental sustainability within the commercial construction industry may affect design decisions for building envelopes. To remain competitive in the global marketplace, commercial construction players are increasingly challenged to adapt their businesses within an industry evolving with new standards and regulation. The Saskatchewan Masonry Institute (SMI) has identified the need to determine the role of masonry products within these evolving trends.