Spatial Listening, Hearing Loss, and Hearing Aids

Normal listeners have a remarkable ability to localize sounds because the brain can analyze the slight differences between the sound waves arriving at the two ears. These different cues are less important when the listener knows where a talker is located, but they are extremely important when speech comes from an unexpected location, as often happens in everyday situations.

Managing a New, Reduced Iron Steelmaking Process: Operations, Finance and the Risk of Patent Litigation

HATCH, an engineering consulting firm, owns the patent on a continuous steel processing technology that close-couples traditional steel processing with an innovative approach. Regression analysis will be conducted on a patent litigation data set to estimate the probability of patent litigation in the steel industry and forecast potential litigation costs.

Development of a Systematic and Objective Study to Improve the Diagnostic Accuracy of Malingering in Litigating Patients

This research relates to the development of a systematic and objective study to improve the diagnostic accuracy of malingering in litigating patients by way archival research. Research of this nature and quality is particularly pertinent to service providers who provide independent medical examinations to insurance companies for the purpose of claimant disability benefit entitlement, such as Evolve Assessments and Diagnostics.

Analytical Framework for Valuation of Commercial Leases

The objective of the project is to provide a foundation of an efficient commercial real estate market. This project first wants to derive the values of terms in commercial lease such that both landlord and tenants can have a better understanding on how each term can affect them and by how much. The second objective of the project is to introduce a new liquid real estate investment instrument to the market.

Runtime Monitoring of Web Service Conversations: Problems of Security, Data-Exchange and Liveness

Increasingly, global business relies on the exchange of information between web services. It is crucial that these services correctly exchange messages. A computer science student from the University of Toronto will work with IBM at their Toronto Centre for Advanced Studies on a research tool that monitors "conversations" between web services to ensure that the sets of messages exchanged are correct. The project will study the possibility of extending this tool to check security and data-dependant properties of these conversations.

Implementation of 3D Grid Movement Algorithms

This project involves the development and integration of mesh movement algorithms with the analysis software at Bombardier Aerospace. The algorithms are used to conform the volume mesh to the geometry as it evolves in an optimization cycle or in aero-elasticity analyses.

Improved Sizing of Defects Using Ultrasonic Phased Arrays

Olympus NDT is a world-leading manufacturer of innovative, nondestructive testing instruments that are used in industrial and research applications ranging from aerospace, energy and automotive to consumer products. The primary focus of this internship research is to sharpen images of cracks and imperfections that have developed in oil pipelines to within + 0.5mm using an ultrasonic phased array. Ultrasonic phased arrays are a relatively new technology for industrial testing and currently can size defects and cracks to within + 2mm.