Facilitating Institutional Investment in Emerging Markets Infrastructure Projects

Well-functioning infrastructure, broadly defined as the basic physical structures and facilities needed for a society to function efficiently (like roads, bridges, and power plants), is integral to the economic and social wellbeing of a nation and its citizens. Unfortunately, in the post-2008 world of austerity and increased global banking regulation, governments and banks have been unable to provide the necessary capital to keep up with the world’s infrastructure investment needs.

Evolutionary Significance of Hybrid Zones on Avian Biodiversity from the Neotropics

Tropical forests house an exceptionally high biological diversity and despite great interest in factors that might drive the formation of high species richness, little is understood about how this diversity arose. In the Neotropics, rivers appear to delimit the geographic ranges of closely related avian species, and are generally believed to have been important in in promoting species formation by acting as dispersal barriers to populations on either side.

Landscape Changes and Place Making in Santarém Region, Lower Amazon, Brazil. From Late Pre-Columbian until Contact Periods

Despite an increase in the number of archaeological field projects in the Amazon region, few studies have analyzed landscape in order to understand the intricacies of political life of a given complex-society in the Amazonian prehistory. This research will focus on landscape formation and changes to decipher the degree to which the Tapajó group were politically centralized and hierarchically structured. It will also to contribute to the ongoing debate on the degree of human impacts and modification of the Amazonian landscape, in particular the Santarém region in the Lower Amazon.

Game theoretic modeling of joint forest management in India

The project involves conducting of field experiments to derive social preferences and discount rates of the individuals in Indian villages. Government of India had launched the joint forest management (JFM) program in 1990, whereby local community is involved in the forest management. The program has not been uniformly successful across the country.

Genetic Algorithm for Optimal Aircraft Routing

Airlines take the extra effort required to figure out what is the best route that their aircrafts should take so as to minimize additional costs from non-revenue flights or idle time. One way to di this is to first generate large numbers of feasible routes and then assign flights to a subset of them so as to cover all flight legs. It is clear that the quality of the resulting solution depends highly on both the number of routes we generate anf also the diversity among the routes.

A Macroeconomic Structural Model for CommoditiesPrices

Over the past two decades, commodities have become mainstream financial instruments. With a flux of wealth invested in commodities markets, commodities price levels have increased beyond expectations. Moreover, the commodities markets have become more volatile than ever. Understanding the nature of price changes and market movements is essential to project and investment valuations. In this project, we aim at developing a structural storage model for commodities prices. This model will be based on supply/demand and inventory levels of commodities.

Effect of solar photovoltaics (PV) on green roof vegetation and performance

Green roofs contribute to numerous social, economic, and environmental benefits and as components of green infrastructure planning are becoming increasingly commonplace. Less is known though about how green roofs perform when integrated with other sustainable designs, such as photovoltaic (PV) panels that share the roof space, which could experience higher energy efficiency through increased cooling by the green roof vegetation. Vegetation cools green roofs through a process called evapotranspiration, a component of photosynthesis, which increases with exposure to sunlight.

Recommender Model Development

Popular content-driven websites like YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud receive a large amount of content annually and are visited by billions of users world-wide. However, the majority of the content on these sites has little to no structure. For example, many videos on YouTube are only found in the personal playlists and have virtually no user interaction or content data. Consequently, while many of these videos could be of high interest to the YouTubes community, a lack of reliable information makes it very difficult for recommender systems to surface them.

Cross Functional Team Efficiency in Growing Organizations

SmartSimple is experiencing tremendous growth and need to ensure our business operations can keep up with the demands on the organization. Given our multi-location operations and the collaborative nature of our workforce, we need to implement well-organized and strong operation processes to sustain the long term growth of the organization. During the internship, we will assign the candidate a business process redesign project, using the understanding of cross-functional team dynamics, information technology and knowledge integration.

Development of Neurofeedback Algorithms Supporting Concentration and Subjective Well-Being

We live in an age of distraction and mind-wandering, which has been broadly linked to greater levels of unhappiness, suggesting that many of us might benefit from mindfulness training that allows us to better control our attention. Interaxon Inc. has developed a potentially breakthrough solution to this problem in a device that measures brain activity to facilitate mindfulness attentional training at home. However, there still remain major barriers toward the popularization of this new technology.