Development and evaluation of the OptiSolve Pathfinder optical assay for viral particle detection on surfaces in environmental monitoring

OptiSolve Pathfinder is a diagnostic tool that allows the easy identification of contamination on surfaces through imaging. Although viral and bacterial organisms are always a threat, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to easily identify and quantify viruses is of primary importance. The Pathfinder solution developed by OptiSolve will significantly improve quality of care, health, and safety of the global population through the detection of contaminated surfaces.

Development of an assay for personalized synergistic blockade immunotherapy treatment of COVD-19 patients using CytoFind™

The current COVID-19 pandemic has posed many challenges to healthcare professionals as they deal with managing the primary disease and it many complications. The proposal aims to develop, test, and validate an assay to detect quickly immune checkpoint targets in T cells in peripheral blood with high specificity and sensitivity using a diagnostic device, CytoFind, that can capture rare circulating cells in whole blood samples.

Going On-line with Cognitive Rehabilitation: Testing and Implementing Web-based Goal Management Training at Clinical and Commercial Levels - Year two

Goal Management Training® (GMT) is a Baycrest cognitive intervention that has been studied extensively, applied clinically, and manualized into kits for clinicians that have been commercially available since 2012. GMT targets executive functions, a collection of higher-level abilities involved in planning, organization, strategy, and inhibition. Executive impairment can be seen in normal aging as well as in numerous neurological conditions, including dementia and traumatic brain injury (TBI). GMT is the gold-standard treatment for executive impairment worldwide.

Development of bead-based detection of SARS-CoV-2 IgM/IgG in a multiplex POCT platform

COVID-19 is a highly infectious respiratory disease that is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. RT-qPCR is a nucleic acid testing that is widely adapted to confirm the infection. Point-of-care IgM/IgG testing strips have been adopted in some countries for screening and surveillance. However, these antibody testing strips are restricted to a positive/negative testing result.

Combined relational and BERT-ranking for multilingual ad hoc document retrieval

With increasing amounts of information available online on the web, it’s crucial for search engines to filter out the content they think is useful and rank that content in decreasing order of relevance to the user’s query so that the user can just focus on the top results. Traditional techniques in search ranking focused on presence of the user’s search terms in the documents being returned by the search engine.

Understanding the Mechanism of Probiotics for Oral & Respiratory Health

Dose has developed a new probiotic that targets several aspects of oral and respiratory health. This project aims to understand the exact mechanism of our probiotic's inhibitory properties against the pathogens associated with the above diseases. Dose is a new start-up in the probiotic/microbiome health sector, and this project will allow for improved technology and manufacturing processes for our probiotic line.

Machine learning and the COVID Black Box: Safe monitoring of COVID-19 ICU beds, assessment centres, and surgeries

The project aims to optimize healthcare provider and patient safety and monitor PPE use, to optimize resource utilization during the COVID-19 pandemic. Assessment of surgical data from an operating room is a complex process that may require significant resources such as expert input and advanced technology. Automation brings a considerable opportunity to greatly reducing these significant resource requirements - e.g., using computer vision software to detect clinically relevant actions during surgery.

The Development of Anti-gingivitis Probiotics Derived From the Human Oral Microbiome

The human oral cavity contains over 700 different bacterial species. In healthy people, these bacteria are living in harmony and not likely to cause diseases. However, sometimes this bacterial balance is disturbed as the oral pathogenic bacteria start to overgrow causing many oral implications such as halitosis, sore throat, dental caries and gingivitis. A promising solution to tackle this microbial population destabilization is the use of beneficial microbes called probiotics.

Development of Functional Calcium Imaging with Quartet®, for studying odor memory circuits

1 in 5 people suffer from a mental illness, such as depression, Alzheimer’s & Parkinon’s during their lifetime. Currently, there are no treatments for these diseases, because the underlying causes of these diseases is not known. Neurescence has developed a technology that is essential for understanding how local and long range neuronal circuits form to create healthy brain function, hence understand how these neuronal circuits are disrupted in each disease.

Infection and Immunity Screening

The COVID-19 crisis in Canada has transformed from one of containment to one of mitigation, as the disease has begun to spread through the community, slowed by "social distancing." An ideal mitigation strategy requires extensive testing to determine (i) who has COVID-19, (ii) who has recovered from it (presumably with immunity), and (iii) who has yet to contract it.