Pursuing a Master’s degree through Mitacs Globalink

After completing his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering from the Beijing Institute of Technology, Wanyao knew he had to return to Canada. In the fall of 2013, he enrolled as an international Master’s student in Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at U of T.

Learning to organize and discover biomedical scientific literature

This project will investigate machine learning methods to organize and discover the vast literature on biomedical science. First, it will focus on named entity recognition--the task of finding and classifying entities in text documents--on large collections of abstracts and full-text of research papers and investigate semi-supervised learning methods to leverage large collections of unlabeled research papers.

Evaluation of National Physical Activity Initiatives

In 2007, ParticipACTION was relaunched in Canada with the goal of inspiring and supporting active living and sport participation for Canadians. The focus of ParticipACTION is on social marketing initiatives The objective of the proposed internship is to take advantage of data collected through internal evaluations commissioned by ParticipACTION of two national campaigns – Teen Challenge, and Sports Day in Canada, and address a number of knowledge gaps in the physical activity research field.

UranOS: a Cloud-based Resource Management Framework for High Dimensionality Search Optimization

Multidisciplinary automated design-optimization (MDO) is a rapidly growing field of interest in sectors as diverse as architecture, engineering, science, and more. Often the computational cost of doing such optimization can be staggeringly high, requiring hundreds of computers connected through high-performance networks with complex custom designed software to support it.

Development and Validation of the Next Generation Simulation Platform for High-Rise Buildings

Recent years have witnessed a boom in the construction of modern high-rise buildings in megacities around the world. Since many of these megacities are also located in seismically active regions, it is important to design a high-rise building that can effectively withstand both wind and earthquake loads. Nonetheless, in current practice, the design of high-rise buildings for wind and earthquakes is done independently. Hence, there is an urgent need to develop a set of integrated design guidelines for both wind and earthquake loads.

The role of remote ischemic preconditioning (RIPC) in preventing organ dysfunction following hemorrhagic shock: a translational study

Dysfunction of vital organs is one major reason why trauma victims die after sustaining a major injury, even though the organs themselves may not have been directly injured. One intervention proposed to prevent development of distant organ injury is called “Remote Ischemic Preconditioning” (RIPC), wherein application of intermittent occlusion and release of blood flow to a limb by sequentially inflating and deflating a blood pressure cuff.

Exploring the digital divide: The use of digital tools in Ontario public schools

Governments around the world are investing to bridge the “digital divide,” which refers to the gap among populations in terms of ability to access digital tools and the Internet. This effort is especially evident in public schools, because education has been identified as one contributing factor of the divide. Thus, it is of great public interest to investigate whether schools are providing enough opportunities for youth to engage with ICT as an effort to bridge the digital divide. This proposed research seeks to develop a deeper understanding of ICT use in Ontario’s public schools.

Evaluating the effectiveness of perturbation-based training programs on the development of postural responses to continuous multidirectional perturbations

Slips, trips, and falls (STFs) are a major concern in occupational environments, accounting for a significant portion of all reported work-related injuries in Newfoundland and Labrador’s offshore petroleum industry. Perturbation-based training has been shown as an effective measure in developing appropriate postural responses for young and older adults. This proposed research aims to address the industry’s STF concerns through the development of a perturbation-based training program that will help prepare new workers to better adapt to motion-induced stressors of their work environments.

Development of innovative solutions for analyzing biological samples in pharmaceutical research and development: Novel bioanalytical chemistry merges digital microfluidics and mass spectrometry

Diagnostic tests that currently direct patient therapy in cancer and other diseases are more typically performed at the genetic level, despite the fact that the beneficial response to drugs and the development of resistance are rooted in the proteins that comprise the cell’s signaling pathways. We argue that this is a major gap, as proteomics can be used to understand how cells respond to inhibitors, thereby identifying patients who are responding positively at the molecular level, as well as patients who are developing resistance through the reorganization of the cell’s signaling network.

Development of a non-destructive condensation sampler for airborne viruses

The proposed project is to develop a bioaerosol sampler which will have minimal impact on the infectivity of captured viruses. Airborne viruses are subjected to environmental conditions which could affect their potential of infectivity as well as their capacity to resist the shearing forces and desiccating conditions during sampling procedures with standard sampling apparatuses. This leads to the underestimation of infective viral loads in aerosols and could have a dramatic impact on the nature of the decisions taken for aerosol contamination control.