A Model for Measuring Prevalence of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder in Canada

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) is the leading cause of developmental disabilities in Canada and is an umbrella term describing the range of effects associated with alcohol use during pregnancy. Currently, we do not know exactly how many Canadians are living with FASD, but we estimate 350,000 and that 3,000-4,000 babies with FASD are born every year. The costs for health, mental health, social services, education, and productivity losses are estimated to be a staggering $5.3 billion per year.

Improving Efficiency of Operations in Paint Shop and Pre-flight Processes at Bombardier Aerospace Company

The principles of lean engineering design are well documented for the automotive industry – where they have served to revolutionize the efficiencies of North American manufacturing operations. Lean engineering has subsequently been transferred into other sectors – where it continues to generate impressive results. The aerospace industry is faced with demands for efficiency of operations, and the throughput of existing plant operations are being challenged to meet increased needs for aircraft to support the growth of emerging markets, and the need for more fuel efficient aircraft.

Book Recommendation: Improving Collaborative Filtering with Content Information

Collaborative filtering is a product recommendation technique for making automated product suggestions to a user based on the preference information from similar users. Traditional recommendation algorithms drive personalized recommendations using the data from user purchases and ratings. For e-book retailers, besides user purchases and ratings, product features such as book content and metadata also provide valuable information that can be used 'to improve the recommendation precision and recall.

CFD Analysis of the Microsys Cold Gas Inflation System

Microsys is a Mississauga company that designs and sells specialized test equipment to airbag manufacturers worldwide. The Cold Gas Inflation System (CGS) allows these manufacturers to test the inflation characteristics of airbag systems in a simple, safe, and inexpensive manner. The CGS involves the rapid discharge of a compressed gas, which the company would like to better understand, in order to further develop this system.

Optimization of Mont-Wright open pit mine planning and design using an integrated Geostatistical-Geomechanical approach

This research project aims to develop an integrated geostatistical-geomechanical approach to address the spatial distribution of rock mass mechanical properties, for use in optimization of Mont- Wright open pit mine planning and design. This approach allows a better understanding of rock mass conditions based on limited sampling locations.

Techniques and Instruments of Value Production and Translation in Canadian Wild Food Harvesting

Commercial sourcing of wild foods, such as chanterelle mushrooms or wild blueberries, often requires accessing forests with competing uses. They might also be timberlands for conventional forestry, or parks for recreation or conservation. The conflicts that result illustrate how nature and natural resources are valued in different ways in different worlds: by forest managers or forest users, and by wild food consumers, concerned about conservation, or wild food harvesters, concerned about production.

Economic model of Ulipristal Acetate in the long term, intermittent treatment of uterine fibroids -- a Canadian setting

Health economic evaluation compares the associated costs and the clinical outcomes of multiple treatment alternatives and is presently used by payers as one of the many types of evidence to inform which drugs to fund. Given existing health-care budgetary constraints, payers are increasingly interested in knowing whether a new health technology will provide value (i.e. are the incremental costs justifiable with improved outcomes). Economic evidence can therefore impact whether a health technology will be successful in gaining market access.

Mapping Building Conditions – perhaps a bit more – for what purpose

Despite advancement in asbestos education and knowledge, there remains a shortcoming in area of management of asbestos exposure, which results in human health impact. This shortcoming was documented in a study carried out in Minneapolis, Minnesota (Alexander et al 2012). Alexander and colleagues examined the population exposed to asbestos and looked into evidence of lung changes consistent with asbestos exposure. Their investigation demonstrated a strong relation between asbestos exposure due to poor detection and management practices, and measurable human lung modifications.

Techna Guided Therapeutics Cluster

The Guided Therapeutics (GTx) Core of the Techna Institute is developing innovative imaging technology and therapeutic approaches, and translating those advances to commercial and clinical applications. Working with our industrial partners Precision X-Ray and Elekta, the Mitacs-supported interns will develop new capabilities and tools for preclinical image-guided radiation therapy devices and radiosurgical techniques. With Precision X-Ray, the interns will work on developing the ability to use optical imaging to undertake unique preclinical studies in radiation therapy.

Building Equity and Inclusion through the Arts

Teaching through the arts has often been heralded as an effective way to engage marginalized students. As such, it would seem that an arts-infused approach to learning may promote equity and inclusion in schools. This research project endeavours to engage students as co-researchers to investigate how exactly the arts and creativity allow moments of equity to arise in the classroom.