Evaluation of mechanical performance and in-situ health monitoring using destructive and non-destructive testing of cellulosic fiber reinforced cement composites

Today, construction activities have resulted in the depletion of vast amounts of non-renewable resources that cause climate change which is one of the most pressing environmental challenges of our day. The construction industry is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions globally. Sustainable construction is now mainstream, necessitating the investigation of environmentally friendly construction materials like cellulosic fibers. One of the potential applications of cellulose fibers is in development of cement-based composites.

Modelling land-based mitigation technologies (LMTs) with ALCES Flow: A participatory modelling platform for landscape simulation and ecosystem carbon emission analyses

Wildfire incurs major environmental and economic losses in many areas of the world. Although climate change is playing an important role in changing fire frequency and magnitude, human management strategies can play an arguably comparable role. Managers must choose from a range of strategies to ensure viability of forest stands, but research supporting efficacy of different approaches is not always available. In Venezuela, forests regions are threatened by wildfires originating in adjacent Savannas.

Decision-making for Sustainable Buildings

To contribute to society’s decarbonization goals, the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry must rapidly transition to low-carbon buildings. Low carbon construction materials and other building technologies are contributing to this decarbonization, but the rate of change for this transition remains low.

Data and Visual Analytics for Prediction of Health Care Utilization Involving Musculoskeletal Disorders in BC

This study will establish the utilization rates of musculoskeletal services, for example, low-back pain, across healthcare systems in BC. To capture the utilization rates of musculoskeletal services, we can detect and establish the current frequency of these services related to the most recent healthcare expenditures. Knowing the utilization and expenditures would allow BC Chiropractor Association to update their allocation of funding with BC Ministry of Health to improve services while mitigating costs during the pandemic.

Behaviour and Design of Direct-Formed Hollow Structural Sections

This research will focus on direct-formed square and rectangular hollow sections (collectively referred to as RHS hereinafter) under combined compression and bending. The effects of the novel direct-forming approach on the beam-column behaviour of RHS will be quantified via experimental testing. The beam-column testing program will include RHS with material nominal yield strengths of 350 and 690 MPa. A finite element (FE) study will be performed with models developed using the measured residual stresses, strength properties and geometric imperfections in direct-formed RHS.

Assessment of Physiological Vibration Acceleration (Phybrata) Sensor in Diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis - Year two

Globally, Canada has the highest prevalence of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Diagnosis relies on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to monitor lesion development over time in the brain, spinal cord, and optic nerve. Despite its wide utility, MRI is not easily accessible. MRI requires a designated medical facility and expertise? is expensive, and needs to be done repeatedly to diagnose MS. Early diagnosis and intervention are crucial to minimize the progression and severity of impairments in MS patients.

Evaluating the efficacy of a 91-day self-talk mental health self-care journal

Self-talk describes our inner monologue, or “inner voice”, that we are often conscious of. This self-talk can be important and helpful, such as when it is encouraging us, calming our fears, or giving us confidence. However, often this self-talk is negative, and can make us feel sad, upset, or worthless. There has been a recent surge in the popularity of health-promotive self-care products, or products aimed at providing individuals with “the knowledge, skills, and attitudes required to achieve and maintain good health”.

Influence of group health and prey sharing in the evolution of a killer whale social system

Off the coast of British Columbia, Resident Killer Whales are considered at-risk and increasing evidence points to a lack of food (salmon) as one of their main threats. Resident Killer Whales have a complex social structure, where family groups are stable, matriarchal, and form associations with other family groups. The family groups or “matrilines” forage for fish together, often sharing prey. Matrilines are made of varying ages and composition of males and females, with some family members acting as primary foragers and providing the majority of prey sharing between group members.

Greener Extraction and Optimization of Properties of Alginate-based Bioplastics and Hydrogels for 3D Printing

Seaweeds naturally produce polymers that hold great potential as a building block for bioplastics, which has been piloted globally but still nascent in Canada. This project establishes a partnership between Bioform Solutions Inc. and the University of Victoria Green Safe Water Lab, to develop a seeds-to-solution protocol for converting kelp into higher value bioplastics. The key molecule, alginate, varies in composition depending on the species of kelp.

Industry-coached STEM experiential learning for social and environmental sustainability

Creating an inclusive environment where different innovators can feel welcome and exploit their talents is an ethical imperative no company can ignore. The scientific literature also provides clear evidence that diverse teams are more creative and high-performing, and that the engineering industry has a diversity problem. The general objective of this proposal is to research methodologies, outcomes and best practices for STEM experiential-learning environments that engage student teams in community-driven projects that address societal-impactful, sustainability problems.