Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) in Canadian high performance athletes: Prevalence, health and performance implications - Year two

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S) was first characterized by the International Olympic Committee in 2014 and characterizes a range of negative health (endocrine function, bone health) and performance outcomes that result from chronically low energy availability. Despite recognition of its significance for health and performance, and a prevalence rate of 3-60% in athletes, our ability to correctly assess and diagnose RED-S remains poor.

Evaluating the impacts and acceptability of a fresh food prescription program on health, food security, and social connectivity in Guelph, Ontario: A quasi-experimental study

Food security is a serious public health concern in the Guelph region, with prevalence of food insecurity surpassing the provincial and national averages. There is a need for community-based interventions to support individuals and families struggling with food insecurity and related poor nutrition and health. The proposed research aims to evaluate the impacts and acceptability of a fresh food prescription program, in which healthcare providers ‘prescribe’ fresh food to participants and provide them vouchers redeemable for fresh fruits and vegetables through an online delivery service.

Visualizing information in situ with 3D photorealistic environments

Advances in computer graphics and display technology have brought new opportunities to create stunning visual effects and interactive experiences.Industry concerned with data visualization is seeking to incorporate these advances into their visualization pipelines. For example, our industrial partner LlamaZOO Interactive Inc. attempts to present abstract data situated in 3D realistic scenes. However, most research in information visualization assumes that the environment is a simple, abstract, monochromatic 2D plane.

Synthesis and Applications of Graphane

Chemists at the University of Victoria, in collaboration with Epic Ventures Inc., have developed a new process for manufacturing a novel 2-dimensional nanomaterial that stands to make a significant contribution to the development of new devices for hydrogen storage, advanced electronics, transistors, electron–phonon superconductors, and highly-sensitive nanosensors. Although highly hydrogenated graphite (also know as “graphane”) is known to have exceptional electronic, chemical, optical, magnetic, and thermal properties, it has always been difficult to manufacture and store.

Who’s at the Top? How racialized female newcomers ascend to top management teams

our overall objective is to explain the process by which FRNs move beyond attaining starter
jobs to advancing into senior leadership positions. Employment within a top management team means
newcomers are likely to make a strategic impact on business. We focus on the Greater Vancouver area
to leverage earlier research conducted in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), allowing for cross-provincial
comparisons of quantitative data (Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council, 2019). The project
will focus on two research questions to further our overall objective:


Intern works to simplify detection of arsenic in drinking water

With the goal of reducing the risk of arsenic contamination in drinking water, American chemical engineering student Andrea Green is helping a University of Victoria (UVic) lab create a rapid, low-cost, and reliable detection test using a cellphone — all from the comfort of her home in Atlanta, Georgia.

3D foot motion Kinetyx Sensor Validation

For this project, the intern will be assessing the ability of the Kinetyx Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) to measure 3-dimensional foot orientation and running gait metrics in real time. Measurements will be collected both in and outside of the laboratory setting, in order to establish measurement validity for a variety practical applications. The insole imbedded IMUs will be validated against the Vicon optical motion capture system as well as the Bertec force plate treadmill system within the laboratory.

AR Marine Visualization System

A sailor needs to obtain real-time information about the status of the sailboat and also derive an accurate approximation of the behaviour of the surrounding environment, in order to safely and successfully sail a boat. We also aim to investigate how providing vital knowledge using an immersive approach will affect the cognitive load on the sailor, thus potentially enhancing efficiency and safety at sea.

Developing secure platforms for sharing First Nations owned information

The development and advancement of web mapping technologies is opening the doors to new mapping platforms that are accessible, interactive and engaging. In a conservation and resource co-management setting, there is a large potential for these web mapping platforms to be used to empower local communities by supporting local monitoring, planning and management decisions. However, there remains a disconnect between these technological advances and their capacity to address community needs and promote meaningful co-management.

SmartBody, SmartMind: Exploring the effectiveness of an online interoceptive training program on physical and emotional well-being.

SmartBody, SmartMind (SBSM) is a 12-week online intervention combining elements of movement, mindfulness, education, and psychologically-informed coping strategies. SBSM’s philosophy is that there are physical, emotional, and psychological dimensions to all disorders. Accordingly, SBSM offers a variety of therapeutic techniques through a variety of modalities, so that each individual may tailor their own healing. While SBSM’s approach aligns closely with leading edge research on trauma, chronic pain, and other conditions, it has never been formally evaluated.