Novel and efficient approaches of converting volatile fatty acids (VFAs) topolyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs)

Genecis Bioindustries makes bacteria that enables production of premium materials cost-competitively. Their first product line is a biodegradable plastic resin (PHAs) used for high-end applications, like 3D printing filaments and personal care products. Genecis can reduce production costs by 40% by using organic waste as the feedstock, lowering the barrier for plastic manufacturers to create healthy and affordable products.

Exploration and Development of an Active Assisted Living Data Sharing Infrastructure Aimed at Supporting the Development of Standards, Guidelines, and Certification Programs – Blockchain for Consent Management

The Ubiquitous Health Technology Lab (UbiLab) will explore the development of a data integration framework and recommendation for associated standards that aims at combining data from (1) smart home systems, (2) AAL or IoT for health technology, (3) mHealth, and (4) wearables. Important areas of data management will be explored, as for example security and encryption (blockchain) for consent management and data management.

Thermally Stable Bonding Materials for Flexible Displays

As technology continues to make smaller and more flexible devices possible manufacturers of these devices need ways to hold them together. Normal methods of bonding two thin pieces of metal together no longer meet all the depends placed on them by the relatively small size of the devices. In order to meet this challenge this research project will make a glue that is stable to high temperatures and can glue two thin metal pieces together, while remaining flexible and allowing electricity to pass through it.

As-built 4D Feedback Control For Fabrication and Assembly

This proposal aims to develop a new fabrication model where the geometric compliance of components is not only controlled by the original design information but also accounts for the deviations (within tolerance) of the previously built components and calculated deviation on the component being built. The developed model allows for in-progress checking of fabricated components and tracking the termination points with respect to a periodically updated termination point on the design or target location.

Self-sovereign identity data of persons living with dementia at risk of getting lost: how can personal data be protected, owned by individuals, and used to keep dementia clients safe, and inform research and policy?

Three out of five Canadians with dementia wander, raising concern as to how it can be managed. Current information describing best practices to find missing persons living with dementia however, is inconsistent and can cause police difficulty in choosing search and rescue strategies for this population. The purpose of this project is to develop and promote the exchange of best practices to quickly find a lost person with dementia through the development of a guideline. It will involve a literature review and surveys with police across Ontario.

Enzyme-instructed siRNA release and functional self-assembly of peptide-based delivery system

RNA interference mediated gene silencing provides one of the most effective treatments for many genetic diseases such as cancer and viral infection. However, due to the many difficulties siRNAs would face during systemic pathway, a delivery system is needed to protect it from degradation and endosomal entrapment, and also to facilitate the unloading of the cargo. In such case, the main objective of this project is to produce a phosphorylation-mediated peptide-based siRNA delivery system.

Quantifying the spatial distribution of soil nutrient movement at the field scale

Our proposed research is to measure soil erosion and runoff in the field and use it to calibrate water runoff models. The approach is twofold: a) Use of field data for to determine runoff rates and nutrient loading and b) use high resolution non-destructive methods to monitor water runoff after a precipitation event through unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). In this way, data will help to adjust current runoff simulation models, and predict real-life scenarios. These models will accurately portray the effect of conventional agricultural practices in soil architecture and runoff water quality.

Delegation of Trust to Consumer Devices in Banking Applications

Trust lies at the very foundations of computer and information security, and is the basis for real-world schemes that require security properties, such as those that underlie consumer banking. Under this research project, we will investigate models for delegation of trust that meet desirable properties, for example, that guarantee that no security compromises occur unless certain trust assumptions are violated.

Creative Housing Options for Adults with Developmental Disabilities and High Complex Needs

A crisis is looming for many Ontario citizens with developmental disability and other challenges that make their support needs especially complex. In recent decades a process of deinstitutionalization moved the Province away from a morally problematic "warehousing" model towards one where people had an opportunity at meaningful lives in their communities. However, many are living lives that depend on family members who are stressed, aging, and in declining health, and there is no plan in place for what happens when these families can no longer carry that load.

Electrical Material Characterization and Non-Destructive Diagnostics on Power Cable Dielectric Materials subjected to Thermal Aging – Phase II

Electric power is almost entirely transmitted through polymer insulated cables or wires in every home, factory, plant, or apparatus. If the temperature of a cable increases, it would be an indication that some accidents or malfunctions such as inflow of excess electric current occur in the cable. The generated heat, indeed, degrades the polymer insulations in cable, thus, making it unsuitable and unsafe for extra service. Therefore, it would be markedly valuable if the thermally-degraded portion in the cable can be located accurately without destroying the cable.