Real-time Special Effects Visualization (RTFX)

Computer hardware and software have revolutionized the film production process and brought about a world of visually rich, immersive videogames. These days, computers are used both in the process of developing preliminary visualizations of cinematic sequences (known as previsualization) and on-set to preview computer-generated environments and visual effects (known as virtual production).

Statistical analysis of RNA electropherograms to understand the degree and nature of RNA disruption induced by anti-cancer drugs

In this project a molecular diagnostic test, named RNA Disruption Assay (RDA) will be developed. RDA measures an individual patient’s tumor response to chemotherapy and accurately predicts whether the drug regimen will lead to the elimination of the disease after the completion of the treatment. RDA is a measure of RNA structural integrity and is derived from RNA electropherograms.

Micro Power Generator


Intern will develop Qualitative System Characterization method in two ways. First, it will help to generalize the method such that it may be applied to a variety of systems spanning various fields. Second, it will help explore the possibility of a multi-dimensional Qualitative System Characterization. Beyond the MPG specific benefits, intern will provide Arjae Spectral Enterprises a generalized Qualitative System Characterization method which could be employed to various other projects.

Visualization of High Frequency Financial Data Proposed period of internship

Cyborg Trading Systems (CTS) was founded by a group of successful traders, and highly skilled programmers. The CTS team is committed to continuous innovation in order to create dynamic, cutting edge software to meet the current and future needs of customers. CTS is currently working on designing „Market Studio‟ as a new product for analyzing high frequency financial data.

How severe weather affects the auto insurance industry

In Canada, motorists are faced with a wide range of environmental conditions. Weather, in the form of rain, snow, other frozen precipitation, fog or strong winds, occurs 10 to 20 percent of the time, depending on the location and year. This project, which involves a three-way partnership between State Farm Insurance, the Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction and the University of Waterloo, explores weather-related driving risks in the Province of Ontario, Canada, in order to better understand how risk is increased during inclement conditions.

3D Reconstruction from Underwater Video

Robotic underwater inspection is a growing industry, as many submerged assets require inspection and maintenance in areas that are out of reach for divers. The state of the art is video inspection by a remotely operated vehicle. Because of poor visibility the result is often long, close-up videos that are difficult to interpret. 2G Robotics is pioneering an underwater inspection technology that will automatically build a full-colour CAD model of a submerged asset using only the inspection video.

Property Insurance Pricing Investigative Research

As the insurance industry embraces predictive analytics, the Gore Mutual Insurance Company (simply "the company" below) is interested in exploring data-driven and computer-intensive methods for risk evaluation and product pricing. Recently, the company ran a 6 month pilot study to investigate the use of a piece of predictive-analytic software called Talon (created by EagleEye Analytics), but in the end decided not to deploy it. By focusing on one or two specific business problems. we will first try to understand why the company found Talon inadequate.