‘Lone wolf’ terrorism could face extinction thanks to new computer software

Karthik, an undergraduate student at National Institute of Technology in Hamirpur in India, has joined Associate Professor Andrew Park this summer for a 12-week Mitacs Globalink research internship. He’s helping to develop an algorithm that can accurately and precisely identify the most likely location of a potential sniper attack on a public gathering.

Brain Drain got you down? Try Brain Retain

With one in four recent Canadian STEM graduates leaving the country, citing better job opportunities abroad*, talent migration affects us all. A shortage of talent in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and math constrains Canada’s potential for economic diversity, development, and innovation.

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) may have found a solution to Canadian brain drain. Its research and development unit, Borealis AI, supports innovation through scientific study and exploration in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Translation of a Personalized Genetic Medicine Vector Production System

Mediphage Bioceuticals aims to leverage its DNA ministring platform for personalized genetic medicine. Mediphage Bioceuticals Inc. greatly appreciate Mitacs Accelerate program in providing support to (1) validate msDNA for gene delivery by carrying out a two-phase study, (2) develop and validate phage display libraries for the specific targeting and delivery to target host cells, and (3) determine potential targets for gene therapy in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease with examination of potential negative effects of bacteriophage vector platforms.

Accessible data platform for dynamic experience study of lifestyle underwriting

We seek to replace or enhance the traditional underwriting approach (namely identification of insureds via a pre-defined fixed set of risk criteria) with one based on a set of dynamic protocols that are responsive to human behavioral factors for continual health improvement. We seek to provide a live and interactive in-market research dataset that can be used to explore the benefit of and improve data-driven approaches (namely artificial intelligence or AI) for immediate use in life & health insurance product development and actuarial risk assessment.

Optimizing modern day vinyl presses

Viryl technologies currently manufactures one of the worlds only modern day vinyl record presses. The recent vinyl renaissance has taken the marketplace by storm. The quality of a record pressing is determined by the characteristic of the vinyl used, its temperature, the force used to stamp the record, the final thickness of the pressing, the cycle time of the press, the efficacy of the flash cooling incorporated in the press, and possibly other factors. It is the aim of this research to study the effects of such parameters on the final quality of the pressed discs.

Volumetric Collision Course Modelling for Road Safety Analysis

Proactive road safety analysis allows for the pre-emptive diagnosis of road safety issues without direct observation of traffic accidents by observing traffic-conflict-like events, and this is made possible with large quantities of high-resolution road user trajectory data acquired from video data. However, several practical challenges exist in relation to the nature of this data for use in large-scale automated road safety analyses applications of this nature.

A New High-Speed Warehousing Cable Robot: Prototyping, Evaluation and Commercialization

As consumer preferences shift from shopping at brick and mortar stores to on-line shopping, there is an increased need for warehouses to use automated systems that fill orders quickly and accurately. This research project will design a warehouse robot that is adaptable to different platform systems and shelving configurations, providing a lighter, faster, and more cost-effective warehousing system.

Improving Powder Performance by Development and Optimization of Industrial Lubricants and Mixing Technology for Powder Metallurgy - Year two

Ideal flow, high-volume Powder Metallurgy (PM) manufacturing can achieve uniform, consistent filling of die cavities, leading to high productivity, low rejection rates, improved part integrity and consistent part dimensions. The type and amount of lubricant, size and shape of lubricant particles, mixing parameters and certain environmental conditions all significantly influence the flow characteristics and apparent density (AD) of powder mixtures.

Vanadium oxide coated with conductive polymers for zinc-ion battery cathode

Rechargeable aqueous zinc ion batteries (RAZBs) have been used extensively because of their safety and low-cost. As an available cathode material for ZIBs, layered vanadium oxide (V2O5) has been considered due to its high specific discharge capacity. Because V2O5 is slightly soluble in water, it is suitable for modifying V2O5 with conductive polymers to stabilize its crystalline structure and decrease the solubility of V2O5 in aqueous electrolyte systems. In-situ polymerization will be used to coat polymers on the V2O5 surface.

Gelatin modified separator for dendrite free metal anode

In commercial batteries, metal anode-based batteries, mainly using zinc or lithium as the anode, provide higher battery capacity than traditional metal ion batteries. Lithium metal anodes have a theoretical specific capacity 10 times higher than commercial lithium ion batteries with graphite as the anode. Zinc anodes are excellent anodes for use in aqueous batteries, because they offer the highest energy density of all aqueous battery systems and low cost.