Bio Window Knowledge: Personalizing Most Relevant Content from Big Data

Peer publications in the healthcare are many and held in silos. For researchers, the accessibility and utility of such publications can be problematic for a variety of reasons. Open access publication has addressed some of the issues, but the silos remain an issue. Electric Effect will provide a technology platform that breaks down the silo barrier, truly opening efficient access for all researchers.

Fault Diagnosis for Gas Turbine Engine Systems Using Model-Based Techniques

The ability to find fault in engine systems and proactively monitor their progression to remedy the root-cause before it fails is of paramount importance in today's industry safety. An effecting change in current engine monitoring methods will require insight and understanding of the level of robustness and engineering rigour required to maintain safety and airworthiness standards. A model-based fault detection method compares the engine's output data to that of a model running simultaneously.

What does the extant literature and needs assessment determine is the most effective mentorship model for low SES Black children?

The purpose of this project is to support the effective planning, design, development, implementation, and maintenance of a new mentorship program through the YCMA of Greater Toronto serving Black youth in priority neighbourhoods in Toronto’s east end, namely the Galloway, Malvern and Dorset Park neighbourhoods in Scarborough.

AI-based Platform for Population-level Social Isolation Detection and Prediction

Social isolation is a serious public health issue which has many negative effects on quality of life and well-being of individuals. This research project aims to develop and test a Minimally Viable technology platform (MVP) to tackle population-level social isolation. This platform is designed to collect and analyze surveys from the users and detect socially isolated people and identify individuals at risk of isolation in a community using AI and social network analysis techniques.

Examining the effectiveness of interactive digital media on children’s self-regulation through game-play and movement.

The proposed project plans to assist in the development of software that is designed to accompany traditional fitness equipment like stationary bicycles. By utilizing game-design elements in the software, in conjunction with the spin bike, our goal is to show improvements in physical exercise, self-regulation, and learning in children. We also plan to take a closer look at the impacts and implications that COVID has had on physical and mental health outcomes and seek to examine the barriers and opportunities that currently exist in today's shifting education sector.

Assessing the Validity and Reliability of a Client Risk Profile Assessment Method

Client risk is one of the major decisions in wealth management. Many of the client risk assessment methods that are used in wealth management are in-house developed on an ad-hoc basis. The objective of this research is to assess the validity and reliability of the risk assessments methods developed by RiskMetrics. This study will be performed by analyzing the validity of the questionnaire and the reliability of the risk assessment result. The questionnaire will be assessed based on expert opinion and published literature.

Assessment of Prototype Scour Data

As the adverse effects of climate change continue to mount in natural fluvial environments, the balance of river channel characteristics (e.g. ecosystem health and biodiversity, water quality, flow turbulence and riverbed geomorphology) becomes increasingly vulnerable. In fluvial environments, erosion and deposition of bed material can pose a significant risk to channel bank stability, riverbed degradation and stability of hydraulic structures. As a result, sediment-related processes in river channels are an area of significant interest to the hydraulic engineer.

Assessment of freshwater mussel species at risk translocations due to river infrastructure works: A case study of Argyll Bridge and the Grand River

This project seeks to understand the impact of translocation on freshwater mussel communities due to river infrastructure works in the Grand River, Ontario, Canada. We will determine the recovery of mussel communities post-translocation, and place them into context with similar translocations from across the region. The work will involve new empirical data on mussel recovery from the initial relocation in 2020 to 3 years post-relocation.

Development and Applications of Cement Composites Made of Various Forms of Basalt Fibre - Year two

The structural health and performance of existing infrastructure in Canada has a large impact on the Canadian economy and hence, it is imperative that this infrastructure is kept in good operational conditions. A significant portion of this infrastructure was built during the post world war period, which suggests much of this infrastructure has surpassed their service life. Additionally, Canada’s extreme cold weather conditions give rise to adverse loading conditions such as freeze and thaw cycles, which further leads to damage and making this infrastructure more susceptible to failure.

Quantifying Environmental and Anthropogenic Impacts on Coastline Instability at Point Pelee National Park (PPNP) and Peninsula

The focus of this project is to measure the historical and current rates of shoreline change around Point Pelee National Park (PPNP) and Peninsula. This information, combined with survey, climate, land use, and statistical data, will provide a better understanding on the primary causes, locations, and timings of significant shoreline change trends observed within the region.