Cultural Diversity and the Persistence of the BIPOC Community in the Chemical Sciences

The representation of the Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) community decreases at higher levels of education/academia. This phenomenon is proverbially referred to as the ‘leaky pipeline’ and has been studied extensively with various populations in multiple disciplines.

Investigation of enhanced superplastic forming behaviour of Ti-6Al-4V alloy sheets for aerospace applications

Titanium alloys are used to manufacture aerospace components that require high strength at high operating temperatures such fan blades, heat shields and jet engine exhaust cones. Parts that have complex geometries are commonly formed at high temperature (around 900°C) so as to achieve maximum ductility during the forming process. By applying a small oscillating load during the forming process, the titanium alloy is expected to deform more uniformly and to a greater extent than during conventional superplastic forming.

Advancing Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) Through 3D Printing Construction

A new process to create greenhouse glazing using 3D Printing is prototyped and tested. Using the principle of layer height fusion of plastic, new glazing will be created to provide shading and diffused light. The 3D Printed glazing will also be changed through the 3D Printer to change the amount of shading and diffused light, a benefit in hot climates.

Temporary Migrant Farmworkers in Essex County: Building Community Inclusion in a Post-COVID-19 Context

Temporary migrant farm workers make essential contributions to our national food supplies as evidenced during COVID-19. Their exclusion from rights to labour mobility, family unity and the absence of systemic supports, however, undermines workers’ wellbeing and belonging, and the inclusions to which migrant workers are entitled. There is less attention to how communities support their access to service and enhance their inclusion and wellbeing.

Eco-efficiency Evaluation of Cybersecurity Solutions

Industries around the world have been leaning towards cleaner solutions to mitigate their environmental footprint. IT is one industry that has been rapidly growing during the recent past. Hence, it is important to enhance the environmental performance of IT solutions through a life cycle thinking lens. Eco-efficiency evaluation enables analyzing the environmental and economic performance of a product in focus and has been a popular ratio for comparing alternative products. This research performs eco-efficiency assessment for cybersecurity solutions.

Greenland shark bycatch mortality and mitigation in Canadian Arctic fisheries

Accidental fisheries catch ? or bycatch ? is a critical issue for conservation and fisheries management. Greenland sharks are a common bycatch in northern fisheries and are of concern because they are long-lived and may be vulnerable to overfishing.

Numerical simulations of cavitation in oil pump and bearings for automotive applications

The hydraulic circuit, including pumps and bearings, has important application in automotive industry. The hydraulic circuits inside the engine block are often affected by the cavitation phenomenon. Cavitation can cause pressure fluctuation inside the fluid circuit and considerably affect the engine workability, durability, and efficiency. This proposal will address the cavitation by modeling the oil flow in vane pumps and bearings and analyze the cavitation using 3D CFD software PumpLinx? (by Simerics Inc.) and 1D GT Suite.

Modeling the Grid Impact of Long Haul Electric Vehicles (LHEVs) in Ontario

Electric Long Haul (LH) Transport Trucks may feature batteries that are 10 or more times the capacity of passenger electric vehicle (EV) batteries. Charging these enormous Trucks could put a major strain on our electric grid. Conversely, these massive batteries could offer valuable services and put power back onto grid at strategic times and places. A study will examine the potential grid impacts of LHEVs on the Ontario grid. Archetypal long-haul routes of existing transport patterns across Ontario will provide a foundation for the analysis.

Bio Window Knowledge: Personalizing Most Relevant Content from Big Data

Peer publications in the healthcare are many and held in silos. For researchers, the accessibility and utility of such publications can be problematic for a variety of reasons. Open access publication has addressed some of the issues, but the silos remain an issue. Electric Effect will provide a technology platform that breaks down the silo barrier, truly opening efficient access for all researchers.

Fault Diagnosis for Gas Turbine Engine Systems Using Model-Based Techniques

The ability to find fault in engine systems and proactively monitor their progression to remedy the root-cause before it fails is of paramount importance in today's industry safety. An effecting change in current engine monitoring methods will require insight and understanding of the level of robustness and engineering rigour required to maintain safety and airworthiness standards. A model-based fault detection method compares the engine's output data to that of a model running simultaneously.