Evaluation of NanoDendrixTM stability; phytoglycogen resilience in simulated oral cavity conditions

NanoDendrix™ is a completely natural form of glycogen, sourced and produced from plants by a patented green process developed in Guelph, Ontario. Recent studies have revealed many valuable properties and performance characteristics of NanoDendrix, such as its antimicrobial effects, which have wide-ranging implications for clinical use. The proposed internship will evaluate NanoDendrix for use in combating periodontal disease. First, the intern will evaluate the stability and functional performance of PhyoSpherix in conditions that mimic those of the oral cavity.

Fostering a Culture of Sustainability in Organizations

Current approaches to engaging employees in sustainability are ineffective as they focus on increasing one simple behaviour (such as the amount of paper recycled). Research is now moving away from promoting individual behaviours of employees towards fostering a more sustainable corporate culture. However, little research is known about how organizations can foster a Culture of Sustainability. This research will develop a model that fosters a Culture of Sustainability within organizations based on current research.

Assessing the Impact of Older Adults’ Casino Recreational Bus Trips

The Assessing the Impact of Older Adults Casino Recreational Bus Trips study will assist the Older Adult Centres' Association of Ontario (OACAO) in supporting their member organizations who offer casino bus trips. The OACAO is comprised of Older Adult Centres throughout Ontario, many of which offer recreational bus trips to their clients. However, it is not clear if casino bus trips are an overall benefit to older adults or if the harm that is sometimes associated with these trips outweighs the positive impacts.

Evaluation of EAAA Train the Trainer Workshop and Study of Recruitment Strategies

The intern will analyze pre- and post-training survey and interview data from the SARE Centre’s EAAA Train the Trainer workshops in order to improve the quality of this training. These surveys/interviews assess trainees’ previous experience, skills, knowledge, and confidence in relevant areas as indicators of the workshop’s effectiveness.

Assessing the impacts of permafrost thaw driven changes to water resources in Canada’s sub-Arctic using remote sensing and hydrological modelling

Unprecedented climate warming and human disturbance in the border region of the Northwest Territories and northeastern British Columbia (NEBC) has led to widespread permafrost thaw and land cover change that has disrupted the hydrological cycle and the industrial activities that depend upon it.

Mapping and spatial modelling of bamboo in the Brazilian Amazon

Due to anthropogenic alterations such as forest harvesting, fragmentation and forest degradation has occurred enabling the invasion of native bamboo species which are contributing to habitat degradation and reduction of tree species in the remaining forested areas of Brazil. Currently, the primary method of monitoring forests dominated by bamboos is based on field observations.

Research at Wilfrid Laurier University explores migrant women’s challenges

As luck would have it, Denisse got an email from her university’s international office, sharing the opportunity to come to Canada for a Globalink Research Internship. Denisse — curious about the country after taking a class in North American culture — applied to several projects with a gender studies component, and was matched with Dr. Jenna Hennebry, Director of Wilfrid Laurier University’s International Migration Research Centre in Waterloo, Ontario.

Geo+Social Analytics for Healthy Urban Environments

We will develop new computational tools that will mine and classify social media for statements that represent varying types and degrees of emotional stress. These tools will allow us to apply geospatial analysis methods to define dynamic stress landscapes, or stresscapes, that will help us to understand how stress varies from place-to-place and from time-to-time within urban centres. This will lead to new insights into how emotional stress is related to particular conditions (e.g. traffic congestion), place types and designs (e.g.

Combinatorics and Algorithms for Video-on-Demand

The project involves constructing and evaluating mathematical algorithms for scheduling media content (TV shows, sports games, movies) in video-on-demand systems, typically on virtual machines in the cloud. Although the problem is stated as a real-world problem, it is, at heart, a mathematical one—an understanding of the real-world issues is easy enough to acquire if the student already is keen on and knowledgeable in mathematics.

Cultural Capital and Return Migration to Turkey

This research project studies Turkish university professors who have spent significant periods of time living in the United States or Canada but have decided to move back to Turkey. I want to understand why these professors choose to move back to Turkey after spending so much time in North America, and what factors cause them to leave. This project will take place in Istanbul, Turkey with possible trips to Ankara and other cities to meet my subjects. The research will include interviews with twenty-five professors from various backgrounds.