Wild bee microbiomes and pollinator health - Year Two

The holobiont view of organism microbiomes suggests that microbial communities influence and are influenced by animal behaviour. While many microbes are beneficial and necessary for digestion and homeostasis, others can be detrimental, including pathogens leading to compromised immunity and disease states. Recent studies suggest microbiomes covary with landscape floral and fungal diversity, yet fine scale data does not exist examining consistent hubs for beneficial and pathogenic microbes outside of select few crop and flower species.

Geoid determination using an innovative, robust, and efficient algorithm - Year two

In a geographical information system, latitude, longitude, and height are commonly used to represent the location of a point on or near the Earth's surface. The first two, called horizontal coordinates, refer to reference ellipsoid and are known as geodetic latitude (?) and longitude (?). The third coordinate, i.e. height of a point is referenced to the Geoid which is an equipotential surface (level surface) of the Earth closely approximating the mean sea level. The geoid is used as a reference surface for heights (height datum) and can be determined globally and regionally.

Achieving Circular Wastewater Management with Machine Learning

Effective wastewater treatment is essential to the health of the environment. When operating wastewater treatment plants, utilities must ensure that the treated water meets environmental regulations, while balancing competing needs to minimize the cost of running the plant against the maximizing resource recovery. Additionally, most wastewater treatment plants include a combination of physical, chemical, and biological processes, all of which are complex and which can change rapidly in response to changing conditions.

Advanced method development to convert pulp and paper waste into renewable natural gas

The project involves the conversion of pulp and paper waste into renewable natural gas (RNG) using anaerobic digestion. It is the process in which microorganism converts the organics content into methane, hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide in the absence of oxygen. However, these microorganism are highly sensitive to change in pH, sulphates, organic load and temperature. Hence, the optimization of operating conditions are the crucial aspect of RNG production and treating pulp and paper sludge.

ParticipACTION’s physical activity promotion standards: Enhancing inclusion and accessibility among equity-deserving groups

ParticipACTION is Canada’s leading physical activity promotion brand with a mission to support all Canadians to be more active. The goal of this research is to enhance the organization’s physical activity promotion practices for individuals who experience health inequities by identifying inclusive physical activity promotion strategies that currently exist, evaluating perceptions of ParticipACTION as a brand, and developing standards that can be used within physical activity promotion organizations to improve their inclusion and accessibility.

Manufacturing and Assessment of High-Performance Bicycle Frames

High performance bicycle frames are commonly manufactured using carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP). CFRP bicycle frames are commonly manufactured using a hand-layup process. Due to the manual nature of this manufacture method, defects such as voids, fiber misalignment, or resin rich/resin poor regions can occur. Micro-computed tomography is an X-ray based measurement method that is ideally suited for the inspection and assessment of high-performance CFRP components. This work will involve a collaboration between Bridge Bike Works and York University.

Discovering new insight on pathogenic mechanisms to identify new therapeutic opportunities in thalassemia

We are well aware of the impact heart disease has in thalassemia patients. This impacts upon patients quality of life, and ultimately that death due to heart failure is an all too common event. We now understand much about the complexity of the heart, its structure and how it functions. This has also allowed researchers to identify things which change in the heart that cause failure of the heart.Exactly WHY heart failure develops in people with thalassemia has still to be fully understood.

Leveraging AI to enhance the lives of Toronto Zoo residents

As more and more species are placed at serious risk of extinction, wildlife conservation’s critical importance is growing. The study of animal behaviour is essential in helping us create optimal species-specific environments where animals, especially those that are endangered, can live happy and healthy lives while also shedding a light on human behaviour. As zoos and other conservation spaces work to create habitats that enrich animal welfare, monitoring the health and well-being of their animal residents is imperative in being able to achieve this.  

SARIT micromobility vehicle

The interns in this project will use their skills in researching parts and products that can be used to achieve the subprojects that we set out to create on the micro-mobility car. In some areas the students may use the machine shop and equipment found in the engineering building on York University campus to create parts. Lastly, the car will have to be tested for insurance and the received data collected to find an insurance suited for the car.

An Information Representation Framework for the Performing Arts

As much of the performing arts activity has moved to the virtual space over the past eighteen months, an effective online presence, as well as an efficient way to reach potential audiences has become essential for arts organizations everywhere. Information that can be machine processed effectively is key to a successful online presence.