In-Class Testing of in Postsecondary Settings

Our research will focus on ways can meet the increasing demand for online access to Canadian independent film and video for use in educational contexts. The purpose is twofold; first, in-class testing of our new private page online streaming functions and secondly, to gather feedback from the instructors on their online class processes and platform user experiences. This research will help guide our future development and give us insight into what educators and students need from a service like ours.

Proof of Concept Electrical and Colorimetric Detection of Bacteria and Bacteriophages using Molecularly Imprinted Polymers in Microfluidic Sensors

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the whole world by the spread of a new respiratory virus (SARS-CoV-2), posing a significant burden on the society and the health system. Rapid and selective detection of pathogens, like SARS-CoV-2 virus, in clinical samples, food, water and the environment at large is crucial in diagnosis and breakout prevention. Conventional lab-based biodetection methods lack sensitivity and are expensive, time-consuming, and non-specific in comparison to the newly developed portable biosensors.

Exploring the Utility of TVISFD with MLSE LaunchPad in Moss Park

MLSE LaunchPad is a sport for development (SFD) organization in Moss Park, Toronto that uses sport and physical activity to build healthy communities. A trauma- and violence- informed approach is a treatment practice used to provide safe and inclusive spaces for traumatized youth, however, it is rarely incorporated in SFD programs. In collaboration with MLSE Launchpad, this research will explore how trauma- and violence- informed approaches are used in SFD to prevent gender-based violence and intersecting health inequities.

Development of a new bioassay for adiponectin agonist action

This project will pair together a academic Canadian research group with a pharmaceutical company who have developed a novel therapeutic (ALY688) to the stage that it will soon begin phase 1 clinical trials for the treatment of metabolic disease, such as diabetes. Since the success, and safety, of clinical trials requires accurate dosing of the new drug there is a need to develop a way to monitor the amount required to safely induce beneficial effects on the body. At the moment there is no assay which easily allows analysis of ALY688 action.

Health equity, road safety and the built environment (BE): Examining barriers and facilitators to BE change decision-making, the impact of Vision Zero, and COVID-19

The goal of this proposed project is to increase the safety of vulnerable road users (pedestrians & cyclists) by examining factors that help or hinder the process of making changes to the built environment (BE) for this purpose. By examining data collected from municipal, transportation, police services, public health, NGOs, and schoolboard sectors in the Cities of Calgary and Toronto the deliverables of this project aim to inform policy and decision-makers so that more resources and tools are allocated to BE changes that increase vulnerable road user safety.

Technological advancements for data collection in animal research

The proposed research project is to program artificial intelligence, as produced by technology company EAIGLE, to monitor animals’ behaviour at the Toronto Zoo. The program will be capable of distinguishing where animals are in their enclosures, between individual animals, and which behaviours they are producing under different contexts. This technology will allow zoos, conservation areas, and researchers to monitor how animals interact with their enclosures and throughout the day, allowing for improved habitats and improved data collection for future experiments. Dr.

Bioinspired Unconventional Decontamination (BUD®)

Canada is the third largest exporter and the fourth largest producer of oil in the world. Thus, oil is a very important part of the Canadian economy. Oil is a cleaner fuel than coal, but it still has many disadvantages. For example, oil spills that occurs during transport and drilling can cause great environmental damage. Oil spills into oceans are harmful to marine mammals and birds as well as shellfish and fish.

Energy and emissions reduction through local municipal planning tools in Ontario’s Greater Golden Horseshoe

Municipalities across Canada have declared climate emergencies but are they able to deliver solutions and make change in their communities? What is the role of municipal land use planning tools, such as zoning, green performance standards, and urban design guidelines? Which tools are poised to have the highest impact? Climate change policies related to energy and emissions reductions are now included in virtually all comprehensive municipal plans. The purpose of this research is to understand how policies set out in community climate action plans are going to be implemented.

Parking Occupancy Inference With LiDAR Sensors

Parking is a cumbersome part of auto travel in urban areas, primarily due to lack of information on the location of available spots. Sensors can be deployed to detect occupancy, but they often fail due to their high costs and detection inefficiencies in outdoor spaces. This project pursues a feasibility study of using LIDAR sensors, which overcome some deficiencies, for parking detection. LIDARs have a wide field of view, are robust to outdoor disturbances, and can be provided at cost given the recent advancements in the autonomous vehicle industry.

Portrait des organisations économiques privées offrant des services de soins au Québec et impacts socioéconomiques de leurs transformations - Year two

Le projet porte sur trois types d’organisations économiques offrant des services de soins privés au Québec et dont la main-d’œuvre est largement féminisée: 1) les agences privées d’aide à domicile; 2) les chaînes de résidences privées pour aînés; 3) les groupes de médecine de famille. Il vise d’abord à dresser leur portrait économique : structure de propriété et de gouvernance, stratégies d'affaire, part de marché, rendements/taux de profit et valeur boursière/immobilière.