Transitioning from Print to Interactive Digital Publishing

PUBLIC is an innovative print periodical with a 25 year history exploring the intersection between art, design, technology and contemporary culture. This Mitacs fellowship will develop the journal’s open access interactive web platform, PUBLIC:PORTAL, using information visualization and design to showcase the journal’s cutting-edge collaborative and cross-disciplinary work. This project designs and tests graphical user interfaces and information visualization strategies in order to investigate the ways that abstract and complex information can be conveyed through intuitive design.

Fruit Extract to Dyes - Elucidating the Mechanism of Dye Formation using Genipin to Unlock New Colours

Dyes which are either sourced directly or derived from naturally-occurring products are of growing interest in the cosmetics industry. Sourcing chemical dyes or their close precursors from natural products can significantly reduce the environmental impact of manufacture by reducing the number of derivatization and purification steps. The industrial partner, Inkbox Ink, currently uses genipin, a dye precursor derived primarily from extracts of the gardenia fruit, in their semi-permanent tattoo technologies.

Costing Educational Inequity: The Case for a "Social Determinants of Education"

While often imagined as "great equalizer," recent research affirms that students from mariginalized and racialized backgrounds are particularly affected by educational inequity. Nowhere is this more evident than Jane and Finch in northwest Toronto where Success Beyond Limits (SBL) has been working toward addressing these longstanding barriers. By employing the SBL Graduation Model - a combination of wrap around supports and mentoring throughout secondary school, SBL has worked toward addressing barriers marginalized students face in schooling.

Assessing Gaps and Opportunities: Industry Knowledge and Capacity for Large-Scale Heat Pump Uptake

This research is based on the recognition that heat pump technology has the potential to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and reliance on fossil fuels, while providing space heating, space cooling and domestic hot water. Both internationally and in the Ontario context, a lack of industry knowledge and capacity has been noted to be a barrier to the uptake of heat pump technologies.

The Opportunity Equation

The Opportunity Equation is a multi-year research project that explores trends, dynamics and causes of income inequality in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). The project aims to produce a comprehensive portrait of the changing income distribution and income gaps among key socio-demographic groups in the City of Toronto, York Region and the Region of Peel between 1980 and 2015. It looks beneath aggregated measures on inequality to investigate how much of an income gap exists among various socio-demographic groups and how these gaps change over time.

Diversity and Inclusion: Case studies of skilled migrants in Hamilton Canada

This project involves in depth interviews of HR/line managers as well as skilled migrant employees in 3 organizations. Our focus is on understanding current issues and challenges related to inclusion and integration of skilled migrants locally. Our goal is offer actionable practical suggestions in terms of how identified challenges may be addressed in the future. Specifically, we are interested in providing advice around better inclusion practices and in depth understanding of current issues from multiple perspectives.

Retirement income and wealth management analytics

The Research Group at CANNEX (formerly known as the QWeMA Group) develops solutions for the financial and insurance industry of North America. Our analytics play an important role in determining the value proposition of investment products. Our solutions help the financial community and public through their financial advisors to be able to make informed decisions. We work at the intersection of finance, mathematics, actuarial science, and computer science.

Effectiveness of Behavioural Science for Financial Decision-Making

Understanding the factors that influence the financial decisions that individuals make is particularly important in difficult economic times. The proposed research seeks to understand the factors that influence financial decision-making under economic stress, with a particular interest in the efficacy of interventions to influence decision-making and the role of financial literacy and related constructs.

Publishing Dis/ability and Public Access

This project will investigate the creation of an accessible digital platform that will serve as the basis for all future publications of PUBLIC as well as a model for similar organizations looking to make the transition from print to digital. Importnatly, this project centers dis/ability communities, methods, and methodologies. Not only will this research situate PUBLIC and Public Access as a leader in digital publishing, but they will be providing access to a larger audience and be better equipped to work with dis/ability communities in the organization’s operations.

Prediction models for pain volatility and engagement patterns of mobile pain app users

Pain is among the top 3 most common reasons for seeking medical help. ManagingLife has developed a mobile-based app, called Manage My Pain, to help chronic-pain patients by providing a simplistic, customizable and comprehensive interface to track pain symptoms and pain experience at a frequency chosen by the users. ManagingLife is interested in understanding the benefits of the app use on its 27,000 and constantly growing user base by identifying user cohorts that ultimately experience improvement in pain experience given self-disclosure tracking behaviours.