Accumulation by Dispossession or Dispossessing Strategies of Accumulation in the Indian Periphery?

The proposed project will investigate the rise of grassroots resistance to industrial development in rural India. Research centres around a memorandum of understanding (MOU) negotiated in 2005 between the Government of Odisha (a coastal state in north-east India) and Pohang Steel Company of South Korea (POSCO) to construct the largest integrated steel plant in South Asia. Valued at $US 12 billion, it remains the largest single foreign direct investment (FDI) contract in India's history. Despite the promise of growth and development for one of India's most

University International Collaborations as a Vehicle for Social Change and Public Diplomacy

This project aims to address two emerging challenges or opportunities facing universities in the new context of global geo-politics. First, universities have often been regarded as key agents in processes of social change and development. The explicit role they have been allocated is the production of human capital and knowledge output to meet perceived social and economic needs.

Field Robotics

The work here will investigate the use of quad rotors for pipeline inspection. Using simple quad rotors, the students will build software to have robots fly along pipeline infrastructure to build a visual model of the pipeline. The work will involve writing software (using ROS - Robot Operating System and Python).

Data Analytics and Visualization for Social Media

The exponential increase in social media textual data creates enormous challenges to read and interpret text.
Twitter has grown from delivering 65 million tweets per day to over 200 million in 1 year. Facebook has 800
million users (each with ~130 friends). Over half the users visit Facebook daily. Of active Internet users, 77%
read blogs. These rapidly growing forms of communication have society struggling to understand and exploit.
Online social media (Twitter, Facebook ...) allow readers to express thought/opinions on content.

Implementing Solar PV Charging Stations for Electric Vehicles

In this project we will monitor the technical performance of a solar photovoltaic (PV) charging station for electric vehicles that is currently under implementation at York University. The goal of the project is to use that performance data to analyze the replication potential of this renewable energy solution in additional locations in Canada and in other countries.

Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership

The project objective is to enhance the economic and social resiliency of cities in Southeast Asia, recognizing the important connections between urbanization, the effects of climate change, public awareness, and societal well-being. The Urban Climate Resilience in Southeast Asia Partnership, involving Canadian and Southeast Asia-based researchers, supports dialogue to create greater social justice and enhance opportunities for economic growth in the context of climate uncertainties.

Dynamics and Control of Smart Structures for Space Application

Satellites on orbit experience many internal and external disturbances, which make high-resolution observation on orbit difficulty. One solution is to isolate the payload from the disturbances by means of isolation platforms. This project is to develop a smart actuator-based micro-vibration isolation platform for high-resolution space applications such as mapping. The platform is required to be light-weight, less power-consumption and high-resolution. We will conduct dynamics modeling and control system design for the platform.

Electronic System Design of 2-D Imaging Spectrometer for Balloon Flight Test

The applicant recently was awarded a grant by the Canadian Space Agency to develop a 2-D image spectrometer together with a local company. This spectrometer will be validated through a high-altitude balloon flight within 3 years. In order to make this project successful, high-performance electronic circuits will have to be designed to acquire imaging, control mechanism, act as power supply and amplifiers, etc. FPGA technologies will be used. The successful interns will work with my graduate students to design, build and test electronic circuits.

Attentional Mechanisms

Using psychophysics, we will investigate how selection mechanisms overcome the limited capacity in visual processing. Awaiting more information from the professor. Please check back soon. Do not contact Globalink Research Internships.

Crosstalk between the two visual streams

We will vary the strength of a feature in one stream and measure perception (discrimination task), processing time, and action (eye movements) of a feature in the other stream.
Prior relevant research:
Tchernikov & Fallah (2010)
Perry & Fallah (2012) Awaiting more information from the professor. Please check back soon. Do not contact Globalink Research Internships.