Why Galaxies Spin

Our galaxy the Milky Way and our orbiting companion Andromeda are the dominant members of a small collection of galaxies, the Local Group, which is about 3 million light years across. Recently, it was recognized that the Local Group is simply a mass concentration in a thin "Local Sheet" of galaxies spanning 35 million light years. Furthermore, the largest members of the Sheet encircle us. This unusual environment may have played a role in guiding the evolution of the Local Group, and the Local Group may have influenced the evolution of the Local Sheet.

Flocking behavior research

Flocking behavior is the behavior exhibited when a group of birds, called a flock, are foraging or in flight. There are parallels with the shoaling behavior of fish, the swarming behavior of insects, and herd behavior of land animals. What we want to do is to build the mathematics models and use these models to describe the flocking phenomenon. Many mathematics scientists have made great contribution to study the flocking phenomenon. We will use the knowledge of the differential dynamical system to study it.

Economic capital and capital allocaton modeling

The International Association of Insurance Supervisors, of which Canada is a member, has recently introduced the notions of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and Own Risk and Solvency Assessment (ORSA), as two key components of its regulatory reform. Loosely speaking, the ERM identifies, measures and monitors insurer risks while the ORSA manages them.

Biomolecular Structure Analysis to Accelerate Development of New Vaccines and Monoclonal Antibodies

Manufacturing of consistently high quality products is the commitment of pharmaceutical industry. To achieve this, new products must be thoroughly tested and the results meet government-approved product specifications. Improving existing and adopting improved analytical technologies for product testing ensure the production of safe and effective products. This is particularly critical for the manufacturing of biologic products which, relative to small molecular drugs, have a larger size, are more complex in structure and are thus more difficult to characterize.

Renewable Energy Mobility (REM)

The proposed REM project aims at developing and installing a highly iconographic solar charging station that will help inspire and foster the expansion of local infrastructure for electric vehicles at York University. This effort is part of a plan to use this innovative solar charging station to offset the electrical needs of EVs and most importantly to attract autosharing companies to the campus so EVs can become highly accessible to everyone at the university.

Economic Capital Modeling by Using Copulas

Sun Life Financial is carrying out its ERM and ORSA analysis. The company seeks to develop sophisticated and mathematically sound internal models that would serve as company's own risk measurement tools for EC evaluations, provide continuing insights into the appropriate risk management routes, as well as be a benchmark against the RC required by the OSFI.

Capturing Learning in the Classroom (CLIC)

CLIC (Capturing Learning in the Classroom) is a Canadian-developed web-application designed to allow teachers to document observations of children’s learning experiences in the classroom. It streamlines the documentation process and automatically generates summaries for planning and communication of learning. CLIC enables teachers to link their observations to the expectations set out in the standardized curriculum document.

Impact of early vaccination during influenza outbreaks

Vaccination is an important preventive measure against influenza infection during both seasonal epidemics and pandemic outbreaks. This research aims to understand the effect of early vaccination during influenza outbreaks. The objectives are to measure the effectiveness of early vaccination in terms of reducing disease burden (e.g., infection, hospitalization). We apply an important methodology, namely mathematical and computational techniques, to achieve our objectives.

Design and Analysis of a Platform to Connect Patients, Providers, and their Social Networks

The healthcare system in Canada and world-wide is suffering increased pressure due to an aging population and increased rates of chronic disease. Research shows that self-management and social networks are key indicators for reducing utilization and cost and improving outcomes of healthcare systems. Lifeguard Health Solutions Inc. has developed a mobile health application that uses technology to connect patients with their providers, their trusted support network, and their peers to improve self-management and social network strength.

Evolution of digital access modes in Employee and Family Assistance Programs

Shepell·fgi is a leading provider of Employee and Family Assistance Programs (EFAPs) for domestic and global clients. As digital technology and online social networks became increasingly important, Shepell·fgi added new digital services (First Chat, Video Counselling, Online Access, and other online programs) other than the traditional delivery channels (telephone and in-person appointments). Many recent studies focus on analyzing the clinical and monetary effectiveness of these online programs, however, rarely do they focus on user demographics.