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Mitacs builds partnerships between academia, industry, and the world – to create a more innovative Canada


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  • Working with Mitacs has given us a tremendous return on investment. At the end of the day, these students are getting important experience with meeting industrial demands while we’re able to tap into their expertise to advance our own objectives. — Caroline Cloutier, Mercedes-Benz Fuel Cell Division with Queen’s University
  • Working with Mitacs helped us get access to the facilities we need to commercialize our product, and the collaboration has been extremely helpful in guiding us through the research process. Without Mitacs’s support, the company wouldn’t have been able to get off the ground. — Natasha Dhayagude, Chinova Bioworks with the University of New Brunswick
  • Working with Mitacs has given us the opportunity to build relationships with some of the best talent in the field. In fact, we hired one of the students right after an internship with us last year. — Allison Stephens, Ford Canada with the University of Windsor
  • Mitacs has allowed us to fund the development of a prototype, backed by the expertise of a senior researcher and his team. Mitacs helped us bridge a gap by allowing us to develop a product that we can take to investors. And, eventually, we’ll have something we can put on the market. — Norman Silber, BioPierce Canada with University of Prince Edward Island
  • Anaconda Mining believes that innovation is a vital tool in achieving success in the mining industry. Our partnership with the academic community through Mitacs continues to help us solve challenges while achieving efficiencies. — Allan Cramm, VP Operations, Anaconda Mining with Memorial University of Newfoundland
  • This was a great opportunity for us, as a small Alberta company, to work with passionate, knowledgeable people who have tremendous expertise. Mitacs made this collaboration accessible. — Cam Cote, InteliRain with the University of Alberta
  • By connecting our business with student interns through Mitacs, we’re tapping into researchers at the top of their respective fields who are not afraid to tackle the impossible. — Chris Priebe, CEO, Two Hat Security with Simon Fraser University, University of British Columbia, and the University of Manitoba
  • Working with Mitacs has taken us beyond our original goal of creating products to expand into a new market. In fact, the knowledge we've gleaned has helped us to improve all of our core business services so we can better serve our clients. — Bruce Hardy, Function Four Software with the University of Manitoba