Filament quality control system for FFF 3D printing

Additive manufacturing, also referred to as 3D printing, gains increasing popularity in many industrial sectors. Fused filament fabrication is one 3D printing technology that is suitable for a variety of different applications in the field of aerospace, transportation and automotive. One major challenge in implementing this technology at an industrial scale is to guarantee consistent quality of the 3D printed product. Many printed parts have defects or fail during printing due to inconsistent material quality.

Atmospheric water generation with nanostructured material

Atmospheric water harvesting allows arid regions with low rainfall or unsustainable/expensive groundwater resources to collect fresh water from the air to meet their needs. Typical water harvesting methods rely on a simple principle: humid air is forced through a mesh net, where water condenses and droplets drain away through gravity. However, these traditional approaches face limitations with respect to the rate at which water can condense and drain away from the surface. AWN Nanotech Inc.

Teneurs en métaux dans les liquides de cigarettes électroniques et détermination de leur potentiel oxydatif

Les laboratoires Vaporus, une compagnie québécoise reconnue dans le marché des e-liquides et détentrice d’une certification ISO 9001 :2015, possède un strict contrôle de qualité sur les e-liquides qu’elle fabrique et commercialise. Cependant, la compagnie n’a aucun contrôle sur la fabrication des cigarettes électroniques qui se trouvent sur le marché et voudrait savoir si les atomiseurs de ces dernieres affectent la qualité des e-liquides.

Impact de l’utilisation d’un modèle périodique autorégressif et à moyenne mobile dans la gestion moyen-terme de la production hydroélectrique

Pour planifier à moyen-terme un système hydroélectrique, il est nécessaire de déterminer une politique de gestion de ses réservoirs, c’est-à-dire la quantité d’eau à utiliser à chaque semaine pour répondre à une demande électrique ou d’autres contraintes. Cette politique de gestion couvre un horizon allant jusqu’à 2 ans et doivent tenir compte de la principale source d’incertitude : le volume d’eau reçu par le système dans le futur.

Development of rheological methods to investigate the viscoelastic behavior and stability of paints

Paints are complex colloidal suspensions that usually contain binders (resins), solvents, pigments and rheological modifiers. From production to applications, these raw materials should remain uniformly mixed and stable during pumping processes and storage, as well as after application with brushes, rollers, spray guns, etc. It is very important to know how the paint behaves under different deformation. Rheology is the study of the deformation and flow of matter.

Need Definition and Need Mapping Methods for Innovation Projects

User needs analysis is a major concern in innovation projects and needs analysis methods differ in level of details, information overview, structure, interrelations, transparency, and ease of use. Depending on the project, the involved stakeholders, the required level of details, and time constraints, it is not clear which method should be used and why. The aim of this project is finding the best mapping method(s) and test them with the stakeholders. This project involves three phases.

Data fusion strategies for reducing the uncertainty of point cloud data

For decades, contact probes on coordinate measuring machine (CMM) have been widely used for data acquisition in coordinate metrology, mainly because of their high accuracy. However, the acquired data is a low-density set of points, because sampling using a contact probe is a slow process. Nowadays, optical 3D scanning technologies such as structured-light scanners or laser scanners are increasingly included in metrology applications for rapidly capturing high-density point clouds enabling holistic measurements of a manufactured part.

Metamorphic Testing of Deep Neural Networks

Nowadays, we are witnessing a wide adoption of Machine learning (ML) models in many software systems. They are even being tested in safety-critical systems, thanks to recent breakthroughs in deep learning and reinforcement learning. Bombardier, a world leader company in the domain of aerospace have started integrating deep learning models in its products, systems and processes design used for certification and homologation. Although these ML models can reach high accuracy within their training data distributions, recent studies have shown that they can be very brittle.

Toward Building a Technical Engineering Smart Search

Documentation is an integral part of any product development. Product and documentation should co-evolve; whenever the product is changed the documentation should be updated and vice versa. Yet, oftentimes, multiple documentation and product versions may exist; between and within the documentation of the product, relations and dependencies may or may not be explicit, documented, trustworthy or consistent. For example, dependencies may not be explicitly stated (or different terms may be used for the same concepts), obscure jargon and technical abbreviations may be used inconsistently.

Ciena OPn Innovation WP 1.1.6 - High Speed Low Power Transceiver

The intent of this project is to address the high-speed electronic portion of a silicon photonic transceiver solution that will explore new and innovative metro reach terabit optical modems. In total there are five projects that combine to create the solution.