Water quality of Lake St. Charles, Quebec; Numerical investigation of the governing factors of harmful algal blooms under current and future climate conditions

Release of nutrients from wastewater treatment and local houses into lake St Charles as the main source of drinking water to Quebec City has risen major concerns during the recent decade. As such, it is important to study the governing factors impacting the water quality of this strategic lake. For this purpose, in this project, we use an advanced numerical model to study the spatial and temporal pattern of algal bloom and quantify P and N and other nutrients in lake. We ultimately propose management scenarios to reduce the growth of harmful algae and nutrient release to the lake.

Technical viability of hydrogen gas storage in cased wells

The production of green hydrogen can alleviate the heavy burden of greenhouse gas emissions and allow the decarbonization of the industrial and transportation sectors. However, this energy carrier requires safe and economical storage solutions. An alternative and yet relatively underexplored solution is the storage of hydrogen gas (H2) in cased wells. For Quebec to become a leader in the field of hydrogen, Hydro-Quebec wishes to quickly implement a pilot project on its Varennes site to test this technology.

Sea and Coastal Ice Characterization Using Multi-Source/Multi-Temporal Earth Observations and Artificial Intelligence

In Canada and around the world, climate change and pollution are affecting the integrity of coastal and marine environments. These effects include the deterioration and loss of ecosystems, accelerated coastal erosion, reduced water quality, and the depletion of marine biodiversity. To reduce risks and mitigate impacts on ecosystems, stakeholders need a continually updated knowledge of coastal conditions and a detailed understanding of their vulnerability to human activity and natural disasters.

Development of Low-Cost Sensor and Flexible Electronics using a Versatile Roll-to-Roll Magnetron Sputtering System

The proposed project aims to construct a robust and versatile roll-to-roll (R2R) magnetron sputtering system for thin film deposition. That system will favor the production of thin films of different materials with tailored properties and functionality onto flexible substrates in a single step. This will be made through a system composed of different stations with different targets and masks inside the process chamber, without the need for any hand manipulation during the manufacturing or any post-processing deposition.

Démystifier les causes des fleurs d’eau observées sur trois lacs du parc des Grands-Jardins

Trois lacs du parc des Grands-Jardins montrent des fleurs d’eau (d’algues ou de cyanobactéries) récurrentesdepuis quelques années, signe d’une eutrophisation accélérée. L’eutrophisation et le réchauffement du climat, demême que l’intensification de l’activité des castors, pourraient agir de concert et menacer l’habitat du poisson parla hausse des températures et la réduction de la disponibilité en oxygène.

Adaptation aux Changements Climatiques et Villes Durables

La contamination des sols est une problématique qui touche la majorité des municipalités canadiennes. Plusieurs facteurs font en sorte que ces terrains peuvent rester vacants pendant plusieurs années avant qu’on ne leur trouve une seconde vocation. En plus des risques toxicologiques qui leur sont associés, certains sites sont pauvrement végétalisés et exacerbent les effets d’îlots de chaleur. Cette pratique va à l’encontre de plusieurs cibles collectives qui visent à augmenter l’indice de canopée urbain pour améliorer la résilience aux changements climatiques.

Development of Free-standing Air-Breathing Cathode for Next Generation Sustainable Zinc-Air Batteries

The project brings together Canadian industrial and academic partners who are members of the UNESCO chair “Materials and Technologies for Energy Conversion Saving and Storage)” established since 2014 by INRS. This project will allow Pi-Sol Technologies, our industrial partner to develop cost-effective free-standing hybrid nanostructured multifunctional catalysts with high performance and durability for sustainable energy applications, including Zin-Air batteries markets.

Collectif inclusive: accès sécuritaire pour tous

Les usagers du transport collectif sont tous piétons en se rendant à leur arrêt, lors des transferts, aux abords des pôles d’échanges, des stations et des terminus. Par contre, en s’attardant à la cohabitation des piétons, des automobilistes, des cyclistes et des véhicules de transport collectif, on réalise que c’est aux intersections et aux abords des arrêts d’autobus que la sécurité routière n’est pas assurée. On remarque aussi un manque d’études reliées à ces enjeux, tant en milieu urbain, périurbain que rural.

Optimized qudit-based computation schemes using optical neural networks

Since the onset of the digital age, the need to process tremendous amounts of data has become of critical importance for healthcare, financial, and government sectors. This has made information processing tasks increasingly complex, and thus far, there exists no realistic platform that can meet the stringent requirements of the computation industry, e.g., in terms of power and speed. A potential solution are systems that can enable parallel processing of data.

High-dimensional hyper-entangled photonic cluster states towards quantum information science applications

Quantum technologies (QTs) such as quantum computing, information processing, and sensing will characterize next generation lives. For this reason, many efforts have been spent to implement quantum platforms for integrated, affordable, and reproducible QTs. Quantum photonics provides an ideal framework to achieve this goal. In this project, we will deliver an integrated quantum photonic platform capable of generating complex entangled states based on few photons simultaneously entangled in high-dimensional time and frequency modes.