Quantum Annealing Techniques for Efficient Graph Analysis

This research investigation aims to assess a set of well known NP-Hard problems that are currently only solvable with an approximation, and prototype implementations of a general solution to their class of problem previously developed by 1QBit. This requires a series literature and prior art reviews, prior to the development of new algorithms and code which will deploy an analog optimization process as part of their solution.

Detection of Coalition Attacks for Online Advertising

As the Internet has become part of people’s daily life, online advertising has also been more and more popular for its instant global communications. Of a number of factors on the cost of the advertising, a major consideration is the number of views of the ads, clicks to the ads, and conversion generated by the ads. Publisher fraud is the action that generates invalid traffic to the ads by inflating the number of views, clicks and conversions.

Visual History for Scheduling Behaviour

Actenum produces scheduling software (Actenum DSO) that computes project schedules based on user defined criteria, constraints and desired KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). The software represents schedules using Gantt charts. A user of Actenum DSO enters activities and the constraints between them and then runs an optimization algorithm to produce a schedule. Actenum has found that their customers have challenges understanding what their schedule optimization algorithm is doing.

Genetic control of Reproductive Longevity in Mouse and Validation of a genetic marker panel to predict Fertility and Longevity traits in Holstein Dairy Cattle

Reproductive Longevity (RL) is a complex biological trait under the control of many genes. In Cattle, RL is a key productivity factor, especially for dairy cows. The proposed research aims to identify RL-controlling genes in mammals using: 1) a unique model system, selectively-bred mouse lines that reproduce twice as long and have twice as many litters as matched control lines and 2) cattle (bulls) with High or Low genetic merit for Longevity. The project Partner, Performance Genomics Inc.

Development and testing of an on-line video game to teach second languages

Copernicus Studios Inc. (CSI; Halifax, NS) is developing LANGA – disruptive LANguage GAming software to help people learn new languages. LANGA uses advanced speech recognition and high-end animation to create a unique and engaging gaming experience. However, LANGA is more than just flash – it has been developed in partnership with the NeuroCognitive Imaging Lab (NCIL) at Dalhousie University. This industrial-academic partnership was forged to ensure that the training programs are informed by research in second language learning, and that LANGA’s effectiveness has been validated in the lab.

Employing Network Analysis and Mining for Effective Crowdsourcing Market Research and Reporting

The main aim of the project is to develop the characteristics of a Prosumer, i.e. a consumer that interacts on-line with a company providing useful and insightful comments on its products. Data from consumer interaction databases are will be analyzed using the tools of data mining in order to accomplish the goals of the project.

Confection des horaires des pilotes du St-Laurent central

Le projet consiste à développer une méthodologie novatrice, de type heuristique, de construction d’horaires annuels des pilotes de la Corporation des Pilotes du St-Laurent central. L’algorithme de construction d’horaires doit tenir compte de plusieurs contraintes tant au sein de la Corporation des Pilotes du Saint-Laurent central que celles imposées par l’Administration de Pilotage des Laurentides (APL).

GOWL-Edit, un assistant logiciel pour l’édition graphique d’ontologies OWL 2, de requêtes SPARQL et de règles SWRL (Semantic Web Rules Language) dans la syntaxe G-OWL étendue

L’Institut de Recherche en Électricité du Québec (IREQ), qui est le centre de recherche d’Hydro-Québec, a pris le virage des technologies du web sémantique depuis quelques années. L’IREQ doit gérer une quantité énorme d’informations provenant de ses équipements réparties dans tous le Québec. Les chercheurs de l’IREQ ont notamment choisis les technologies du web sémantique afin de faciliter la cueillette et la gestion des informations. Au coeur des technologies de web sémantique réside une pile langagière qui permet de textuellement coder les informations et la sémantique qui s’y rattache.

Fine-Grain MPI Year Two

The demand for computing power has been rapidly growing over the last decade. The ability to efficiently utilize computing resources and improve the productivity of applications is necessary for the competitiveness of any industry and it will become more critical as the demand for computational resources increases. The computer hardware sector has seen rapid advances with the introduction of multicore and many-core processors and has introduced many challenges for the software development community to efficiently utilize the new architectures.

Collocation-focused Writing Assistance for Adult Non-Native Writers Year Two

The project will research software for providing writing assistance to adult non-native writers in post-secondary education and corporate settings. Of particular interest is encouraging writers to employ a wider range of linguistic constructions, while avoiding repetitive, dull choices or language that is inappropriate to the local context or the genre of the text in question.