Investigation of an electrified chlorination process for extraction of critical rare metals from electronic waste

Electronic devices are an inseparable part of today's life, while these device’s lifetime is less than ten years in some cases like mobile phones. Accordingly, a huge amount of electronic waste (44.7 million tons in 2016) is generated, which causes serious health problems for human beings, and needs sustainable processing. NeoCtech is proposing an innovative electrified chlorination process to recover metals from E-waste via a sustainable and environmental-friendly process.

Development of Computational Fluid Dynamics Methodology to predict the two-phase flow in Aero-Engine Bearing Chamber

The primary role of the lubrication system of aero-engines is to remove the excess heat generated by the movement of the bearings, gears and shafts. As a part of the lubrication system, an aero-engine has bearing chambers whose principal function is containing oil and preventing oil leakages. Inside the bearing chamber is found a mixture of air-oil. The analysis of this air-oil mixture inside bearing chambers is of great interest to reduce the oil consumption, avoids oil leakages and overheating. The overheating of bearing chambers might be generated due to long oil residence time.

Optimization of fermentation and valorization of residual biomasses into enzymatic formulations for industrial cleaning products

The use of organic residual wastes as substrate to produce ingredients for cleaning formulations, such as enzymes, allows to decrease the carbon emission linked to the production of ingredients from fresh raw materials and to their transport. Furthermore, the Quebec policy for the management of residual wastes stipulates that in the year 2022 the landfilling of putrescible materials will be banned.

Shower Base Backing structure : Toward more Environmentally Friendly Materials and Manufacturing

More and more building construction are requesting eco-friendly materials. The governmental regulation is also tightening usage of hazardous materials in consumer products. Shower base backing is usually produced with foam and fiberglass among others. These materials are not eco-friendly to the environment and manufacturing employees.
To offer competitive products in the eco-friendly category, MAAX Bath, Inc.

Recycling Critical Rare Metals From Waste Magnets

Rare earth elements are critical metals in clean-tech and high-tech industries such as electric vehicles, wind turbines, solar panels, consumer electronic devices, and quantum computers/telecommunication. NeoCtech corp. has developed a clean and energy efficient process to produce rare earth metals from recycled waste magnets at a small scale. The proposed research project is about techno-economic evaluation of upscaling NeoCtech’s processes in order to pave the way towards building up a minimum viable prototype (MVP) that operates continuously.

On the design of a new electro-refining process for the recovery of magnesium from Used Beverage Can (UBC) aluminum alloys

There is actually a societal challenge here in north America regarding the end-of-life management of used beverage cans (UBCs). China is no longer accepting several of our recyclable waste streams like UBCs. UBCs are made of aluminum that contains some level of magnesium and manganese to modulate the properties of the body and the lid respectively. UBCs can potentially be seen as a great secondary feed for the production of pure magnesium used to manufacture for example critical components in the automotive industry.

Development of rheological methods to investigate the viscoelastic behavior and stability of paints

Paints are complex colloidal suspensions that usually contain binders (resins), solvents, pigments and rheological modifiers. From production to applications, these raw materials should remain uniformly mixed and stable during pumping processes and storage, as well as after application with brushes, rollers, spray guns, etc. It is very important to know how the paint behaves under different deformation. Rheology is the study of the deformation and flow of matter.

Viscoplastic Displacement Flows for Well Cementing Operations

This project considers displacement fluid flows that occur in the primary cementing process in the completion of oil & gas wells. In this process, cement slurry is pumped into the oil well to remove drilling mud, provide zonal isolation and hydraulically seal the well. The results of our research will help design an efficient primary cementing process, which is of crucial importance to the service companies in the oil & gas industry.

Les microplastiques et contaminants associés dans l’estuaire et le golfe du Saint-Laurent : caractérisation environnementale, sociale et bioaccumulation ou dépuration chez les bivalves

Ce projet propose de définir les enjeux socio-environnementaux et socio-économiques reliés à la présence de microplastiques (MP) marins dans l’estuaire et le golfe du Saint-Laurent, une région hydrologique complexe sous-étudiée vis-à-vis cette problématique. Ceci permettra d’orienter les décisions visant à protéger l’environnement tout en soutenant les secteurs maritimes, notamment ceux reliés aux ressources marines commerciales. Ainsi, ce projet intersectoriel, multipartenaire et innovant a pour but d’étudier :

Amélioration de la résistance à la corrosion de réfractaires par des alliages d’aluminium en fusion (partie 2)

Le contexte du projet est que les réfractaires sont des produits manufacturés qui bénéficient de plus en plus des résultats de recherche sur les nouveaux matériaux qui sont développés pour l’industrie aérospatiale. En effet, il y a de plus en plus de composites utilisés comme matériaux réfractaires et les protections de ces matériaux réclament des solutions qui actuellement sont de type trempage-séchage-cuisson. Ces solutions existantes ajoutent des coûts non négligeables à l’élaboration de refractaires.