"Optimizing a short-duration pulsed xenon UV (PX-UV) system for healthcare disinfection application *Renewal, previous title ""Multifunction system for measuring endothelial cell remodeling under laminar and turbulentpulsatile flow related to heart disea

Topnotch Building Maintenance Ltd. (TBM) has designed and developed an innovative pulsed UV disinfection system, which will be a more efficient and safer sterilization technique. The objective of this project is to optimize this portable and versatile device to be used for healthcare disinfection. Based on current prototype model, the PDF will develop a research plan to fully evaluate and optimize the system to be applied in hospital environment.

Nutrient Recovery of Spent Biomass and Lipid-Extraction from Wastewater in the Production of Thraustochytrids

This project aims to explore the novel concept of nutrient recycling within the production process of microalgae biomass for biofuels and bioproducts. After extraction of primary products, the remaining waste materials which contain potential nutritional value will be evaluated for potential recycling as feedstocks into the production of additional microalgae biomass. Completion of this project will provide extensive information regarding the physicochemical composition of the waste products, thereby shedding light on its potential value for multiple applications.

Field Tests of Seed Openers and Data Analysis

Openers are the major components of a seeder, and the performance of openers affects the performance of the seeding operation and crop yield. Atom-Jet Industries manufactures hoe type openers, the most popular openers in Western Canada. For the past 20 years, Atom-Jet has been continuously improving the performance of their openers to provide farmers with high precision and long lasting openers. In the proposed project, field tests will be conducted to evaluate the performance of Atom-Jet openers, and to compare the performance of Atom-Jet openers with other openers on the market.

Development of a simple and inexpensive method to quantify surface contamination on metals

Metallic parts are used in combination with oil or grease in many applicaitons, for example in car engines or hinges. To re-use them, the surface of the metal needs to be cleaned. Current technology makes use of solvents to remove the contamination. Although very effective, this method is polluting. Our industry partner (Walter Surface Technologies) has developed a new technology with very low environmental impact. They wish to test the effectiveness of their technology by measuring the amount of contaminant left on metal surfaces after cleaning with their products.

Full Scale Ice Impact Data Analysis

The main objective of this project is to conduct a comprehensive data analysis of the full scale ice impact measurement and temperature measurements taken on board an Arctic tanker and compare with existing data sets and analytical models. The results will be used in support of developing and improving ice class rules, design criteria, and guidance on modern large icebreaking merchant vessels to enhance safety of Polar Ships. The results may also be used to validate or calibrate ice transit simulation models.

Characterization of moisture transport in knit structures

Socks provide a barrier between the foot and shoe and have an important role in providing comfort for the foot. One function of socks is to draw moisture away from the skin and provide a feeling of dryness that can improve wearer comfort and minimize the possibility of blistering. Water transport through the sock material is highly dependent on the inherent fibre characteristics and structure of the sock material. This research project aims to optimize sock design to provide superior moisture transport properties.

IMMERSe – Supporting Awareness and Encouraging Collaboration in Bring-Your-Own-Device Classroom Environments

When students use mobile devices in a classroom, teachers cannot easily know if students are actively engaged in group activities or if they are distracted. For example, a student may be observing the activities of others rather than contributing to group workspace. Even though students are in close proximity, they can be too focused on their own work and fail to notice relevant work from other groups. The students may miss the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other.

Metallogeny of Rare Earth Element deposits in Quebec

The one-year project will investigate the geological, geochemical and geophysical properties of three Rare Earth Element (REE) deposits in Québec. Each of the selected deposit is representative of a class of REE mineral deposits. The project will provide new insights in the origin of the three types of REE mineral deposits. This new understanding of the formation of REE mineral deposits will be transferred to the industrial partners and will be used to improve the odds of discovering REE resources in Québec and Canada.

Stratégie de contrôle optimale de la production électrique dans un site isolé

Le but du projet est d’optimiser la production d’électricité en site isolé par l’étude de la stratégie de contrôle. Cette stratégie correspond à tout ce qui régit le choix des modes de production en tout temps. Elle repose sur des valeurs « seuils » guidant les choix des modes de production. L’objectif d’une stratégie de contrôle est de produire de façon optimale. Dans le cas de ce projet, il s’agit de réduire la consommation de diesel ainsi que le nombre d’arrêts et de démarrages des génératrices. Premièrement, le cas des génératrices seules sera abordé.

Conception et développement d’outils automatisées pourcaractériser, modéliser et quantifier la morphologie dessystèmes ostéo-articulaires en trois dimensions à l’aide deplusieurs vues radiographiques

Les problèmes de douleur chronique reliés à des troubles musculosquelettiques affectent une grande partie de la population et les coûts directs (visite médicale, traitements, médicaments) et indirects (absentéisme au travail, productivité réduite) sur le système de santé sont extrêmement élevés. Pour améliorer le diagnostic, la planification chirurgicale et le suivi des pathologies de la colonne vertébrale, de la hanche et du genou, il est essentiel de considérer et de visualiser les articulations et les paramètres cliniques qui leurs sont associés en trois dimensions.