Progress on Quantitative Analysis for OCT Angiography

The purpose of this project is to develop novel technology for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT), a technique for imaging the back of the eye. We propose to continue development of novel computer algorithms for visualizing and quantifying blood flow in the eye using OCT. The partner has expertise in the ocular vasculature, and has specialized test equipment for evaluating the performance of the OCT image processing algorithms.

Étude du potentiel des substances allélochimiques à être utilisées comme bioherbicide dans un contexte d’agriculture urbaine au Brésil

Dans la nature, certaines plantes peuvent relâcher des substances biochimiques ayant des effets positifs ou négatifs sur d’autres organismes végétaux. Elles sont appelées substances allélochimiques. L’étude de leurs effets sur les semences de mauvaises herbes et d’organisme ciblés, dans un contexte d’agriculture urbaine, pourrait mener au développement d’un bioherbicide de faible toxicité. Ce projet a donc été élaboré dans le but de développer une technique verte qui permettrait aux agriculteurs urbains de gérer leurs terres de façon intégrée.

Evaluation of Additive Manufacturing for Landing Gears

Additive Manufacturing (AM) shows great potential for reducing important production factors such as overall weight and Buy-to-Fly ratio. The objective of this project is to identify and apply AM to landing gear parts for weight reduction and improved sustainability. To reach this target, the most promising AM technology must first be identified, followed by validation of the post-processes applied to the parts and the requirements needed to achieve certification. The intern will identify the landing gear components most suitable for AM applications.

Étude de l’efficacité environnementale de différents systèmes de production dans les élevages de poules pondeuses

Aujourd’hui, l’élevage des poules pondeuses dans des cages conventionnelles est considéré comme un mode d’élevage ne répondant pas aux nouvelles aux exigences de bien être animal malgré que certaines études précédentes affirment son intérêt sur l’échelle environnementale. Deux autres modes d’agencement des cages ont été proposés pour remplacer les cages conventionnelles soient : les volières et les cages aménagées.

Fabricate Hydrogel Scaffold Encapsulating Living Cells for Myocardial Infarction Repair

To solve the issue of complementing cell loss or stimulating angiogenesis for repairing MI, scaffolds encapsulating living cells, which aim at inducing cell proliferation and differentiation, are designed and then synthesized based on biocompatible and biodegradable materials. The experiments are performed by applying them to 3D cultured MDSCs for cell proliferation and differentiation study via immunofluorescence and RT-PCR etc. Also experiments of injecting scaffolds into MI rats for analyzing recovery of heart function are carried out.

Learning representations of customer behavior to drive actionable insights in e-commerce

Rubikloud enables online businesses to turn their data into revenue by turning the focus from visualization and interpretation to driving smarter data-driven decisions. A key challenge to leveraging the advances in machine learning research and development is the nature of event-based data encountered in this domain: clicks, purchases, impressions, and conversions. Machine learning techniques typically operate on fixed-length vector representations of data, for example, collections of attributes, images, and word counts of text documents.

A Novel Torque Measurement Technique Based on Piezoelectric Sensors

In this project, a novel torque measurement technique based on piezoelectric sensors will be proposed to overcome the constraints posed by traditional methods such as strain gauges, magnetic pickups etc. Specially designed disks which are connected to the sensor will be mounted on the shaft. The proposed method will be used to compare relative twist in the shaft based on the phase difference between the disks. The angle of twist is then correlated to the torque applied. The proposed technique can be used as a low cost solution for torque measurement or rotating components.

In-building Ultra Wideband Pseudolite Localization and Tracking System

The goal of the proposed research project is to develop a suitable solution to realize high precision real-time navigation and positioning for in-building environments with different constraints. The research proposes the development of methods and technology road map of ultra wideband pseudo-satellite localization in various modes of applications. The project will help our industrial partner Pawaya Wireless Inc. develop inexpensive high-precision wireless positioning products.

Development of novel TiC based grain refiner for aluminum 319 alloy

The goal of this project is to develop a novel titanium carbide grain refiner for improving the strength of the lightweight aluminum 319 alloy. Enhanced use of lightweight alloys in automobiles, currently limited because of their strength, can enable auto industry to manufacture lighter and more fuel efficient vehicles. Titanium carbide, due to its ability to modify the structure of the casting during solidification, can significantly improve the strength of the 319 alloy. However the main challenge is to control the Ti:C ratio in the melt for effective modification.

Orbital Angular Momentum Modulated Free-space Optical Communication systems

The use of orbital angular momentum (OAM) for free-space optical (FSO) communications is almost unexplored. The proposed research will investigate the bit-error rate (BER) performance of FSO systems using OAM. The analysis will begin by considering the ideal case of separable OAM-modulated FSO system performance, to be followed by the individual and combined effects of shot noise, thermal noise, dark current and turbulence.