"Recherche de traceurs chimiques dans l’huile isolante permettant de déterminer indirectement la vie résiduelle des transformateurs de puissance *Renewal, previous title ""Recherche de traceurs chimiques dans l’huile isolante permettant de déterminer ind

Un problème réel dans l'industrie des transformateurs de puissance est le manque d'outils et de méthodes précises pour déterminer l’état et la durée de vie de l’isolation principale. Ces appareils onéreux, composés d’enroulement de cuivre isolés par du papier et le tout baignant dans une huile isolante, représentent le coeur de tous réseaux électriques. Le but de ces stages est de déterminer des traceurs chimiques, capables de prédire le niveau de dégradation/vieillissement de l’isolation solide des transformateurs de puissance.

A New Method of Designing a Clock Multiplier

This project aims to develop a new method to design clock frequency multipliers. This game-changing technology can overcome the limitations of conventional clock frequency multipliers and can potentially introduce a new paradigm in high-speed circuit design. Such novel technology will position ESS Technology as the leading semiconductor company specializing in the design of future-generation high-speed electronic devices. ESS Technology is currently expanding its R&D activities, and plans to build a strong design team based in Kelowna.

Minimizing potential induced degradation in crystalline-silicon based photovoltaic solar modules

The demand for photovoltaic solar modules has increased tremendously in recent years. Unfortunately, photovoltaic solar modules are prone to potential induced degradation, i.e., a decrease in the power delivered from such modules arising as a consequence of them operating continuously under high applied voltages. This project aims to design a protocol for the accelerated testing of solar modules; we want to speed-up or accelerate the aging of these solar modules in order to identify what materials and configurations in a solar module are less prone to potential induced degradation.

Numerical investigations of arctic pipeline leaks and its fate

Leak detection and location identification of leakage of arctic pipelines in a timely manner is very important because the economic impact of an oil spill to its stakeholders can be huge. It could have an adverse impact on life, the environment, the economy and corporate reputation. In this study a numerical investigations will be employed using CFD packages for simulating pipeline leaks using various test fluids. The simulation will show the influence of small leaks on local pressure and temperature gradients, and the acoustic signature contours around the leak source.


This project aims at designing and implementing new interface systems for large-area multitouch displays. The activity will start with building a behavioural model for the analog front-end circuits of a single panel. Then the model will be scaled to simulate multiple touches and complex gestures. At this point, the model will be implemented on an FPGA platform and the higher-level control software and the interfaces with standard operating systems will be developed.

Localisation optimale de produits à l’entrepôt de Thomas & Betts à Bromont

Le projet de recherche consiste à développer un outil d’aide à la décision qui permettra à Thomas & Betts d’optimiser l’emplacement des produits dans deux zones à taux de roulement élevé de son centre de distribution de Bromont. L’outil permettra de minimiser les temps de prélèvement des vagues sur une période donnée ou encore d’optimiser une autre mesure de performance privilégiée. Le stage a pour but de produire une solution qui permettra, entre autres, d’intégrer les produits de ABB, nouvellement distribués depuis novembre 2013.

Knowledge Assisted Optimization for Production Scheduling Based on Simulation and Metamodeling

In industries, chemical processes involve different plants running in parallel with different production rates under the strict constraints on available resources. Therefore, events like shutdown of one or more plants, operating plants with different production grades with flexible run length time, different equipment utilization rates of plants are vital to be studied, scheduled, and optimized. CADSIM Plus is a software tool, which simulates different chemical processes in industries and thus ensures an effective production in practice.

Oil Dispersant System for Fixed Wing Aerial Platform

The proposed project is related to analysis and optimization of a system of potential interest to oil and gas industry in terms of oil-spill remediation. A fixed wing aircraft can be retrofitted with an oil dispersant system suitable for fast response in case of large oil-spills. This oil dispersant system is to satisfy certain requirements from the safety and efficiency perspectives. In other words, the forces developed on the dispersant system while deployed in flight are required to have minimal effect on the airframe of the aircraft.

Marine Icing Models and Sensors for Arctic Exploration Vessels

Marine icing problems pose significant risk to both marine vessel stability and human safety during harsh weather operations. The project will address a need for better physical understanding of marine icing phenomena and the development of appropriate sensors for detecting marine icing conditions. Current technologies have proven inadequate for marine conditions due to the complex nature of marine structures and the conditions leading to icing, as many are developed for fresh water environments or atmospheric icing conditions for aeronautical and/or land based structures.

Test Automation with TTCN-3

Development of an Avionics system test methodology, based on the Test and Test Control Notation (TTCN-3). This will include (1) a gap analysis between TTCN-3 and current avionics test languages and environments and (2) a large scale case study. Of particular interest, will be the ability to model and verify both continuous control and discrete event aspects of avionics systems. This project will be used to improve verification and validation of CMC Electronics' innovative new avionics designs.